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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Photos: Ray-Shaped Anomalies / Possible UFO Landing Artifacts

I just came across this incredible photo of what appears to be 2 flying ray-shaped objects. Are these biological, mechanical or bio-forms craft? Here's the description on MUFON CMS:

Las Cruces, NM - 3/8/2015: My kids and I were hiking on Picacho Peak in Las Cruces, New Mexico yesterday afternoon. we continually heard what sounded like fighter jets very high in the sky way above us and none of us were able to spot anything. we never saw these objects until this picture, but we heard sounds above us continually yesterday.

Are these similar to these sightings?:

Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Richmond, Indiana

Huge Flying Ray-Shaped Object Chased Fighter

Another Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid?

New Sighting: Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Virginia (Not Specific)

Witness: Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Atascocita, Texas

Witness: Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sighted - Laredo, Texas

Flying Translucent Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Hampton Bays, New York

Additional Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sightings in WV Ohio River Valley Revealed


Then I noticed this report:

Okanogan, WA - 3/7/2015: I was outside cutting a fire break on my property and found prints that should not be . My wife and I live 15 miles out of town at the end of a small dirt road . We have seen lights in the past that I would call a ufo. One that hovered up are valley and put out a beam of light on are place. The prints are covered now so not to disturb. I have never reported a UFO before but in my life I know I have had 4. I hope that you can tell me what I found. Thank you

Can anyone offer input on either of these reports? Lon

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