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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Personal Conflict With A Reptilian

I received the following account today. I didn't have time to follow-up with the witness...so I'm offering to you as is:

I encountered a reptilian hybrid a few years ago while attending college in Oregon. This individual was extremely manipulative with words and dangerous with it's deeds. Once I told him that he was a cold-blooded bastard after he humiliated a friend. He became very angry, staring at me with a hideous glare. He said I would suffer "for my disrespect."

That night while studying in my dorm room I was alarmed by a shadowy figure starting to manifest. I am sensitive to energy, so I immediately started to raised the vibration in the room. It quickly dissipated. That startled me, so I was at full alert.

Later that night at approximately 2 am I awoke from what I thought was a dream, but alarmed by a grotesque reptilian form on top of my body attempting to choke me. It screeched and wailed, like it was taking great delight in my fear and pain.

I struggled and finally threw the fiend off me. As it cowered on the floor glaring at me I immediately knew it was the individual I had insulted earlier. It thrust itself at me. I reached for my pants on my desk chair in order to retrieve my pocket knife. It was choking me as I pulled the weapon from my pants pocket and toiled to open the blade. I was able to push it off, long enough to slash it across it's left arm and upper chest. With a howl of rage it ran to the wall and disappeared through it. I turned the light on to fully illuminate the room and noticed blood on the knife, bed sheets and floor. I checked myself to make sure it wasn't my blood. I was awake the rest of the night and ready to strike if I needed to defend myself.

I was exhausted in the morning, but made my way to class. I noticed the individual coming out of his dorm room. He had a bandage on his left arm in the same spot where I had cut the reptilian. He noticed me and walked directly to me nose-to-nose. He glared at me with those evil reptilian eyes. "Watch your back, because this isn't over" he murmured. I walked past him and made my way to class.

Later that day, the dorm staff and housing administrators wanted to talk to me. While I talked to one of the dorm staff regarding this individual, the administrator blurted out "don't provoke him. It's important that you not cause trouble for him". The dorm staff was obviously terrified of this guy and behaved like his minions. This was startling.

That same night I felt wary of a presence watching me. That sense of dread continued for several weeks until I moved off campus to avoid this hostile individual. However, I often noticed him and his acquaintances blatantly watching me when I'm on campus and in town. I know that I wasn't the only person affected by this guy, but no one ever dared to discuss it. Many strange things happened as well, including the sudden death of two students in that same dorm. No details of those deaths were ever disclosed, just that they died because of medical reasons.

I know others are out there who are aware of the reptilians and that there are ways that humanity can use to defend itself against them. I have been fortunate to meet several people who safeguarded themselves and family. These terrible beings are a scourge that we will continue to confront. Be safe - Mason

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