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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Strange Vacation at Navarre Beach -- The Hollywood Bombshell Who Invented WIFI -- Faceless Illuminated Being

Strange Vacation at Navarre Beach

During my Spring Break of 1977 my family and three other families from the neighborhood I grew up in traveled to a Holiday Inn in Navarre Beach. My mother had told me it was a newly opened hotel. It had an indoor pool, arcade, gift shop, deli, and small movie theatre. For its day it was considered to be a very nice place and my family went to this hotel three times. During our second visit in August of 1977 the film Jaws II was being filmed at Navarre and I even got to see the mechanical Jaws stored with other movie equipment and props in the eastern portion of the hotel parking lot.

During this spring break vacation around late March of 1977 there was a special showing of the film Bugsy Malone where only children were permitted to attend. It was during the film that I started to feel a bit disoriented. I heard some other children crying and I heard the sound of someone throwing up. At one point in the film I got up from my chair to leave, but I was quickly escorted back to my chair by an usher in a black suit and black hat. I saw one or maybe two more men in black suits at the back of the theatre. After the film was over I felt just fine and I never did complain to anyone about that experience.

One evening on this vacation I awoke and sat up in my bed. I looked across the room and could see a group of small figures in the dimly lit room. My brother was asleep to my right and my parents were asleep in the bed to my left. The feeling I felt was something I had felt before which I immediately recognized. It was a feeling I only have felt when the Greys were near. I thought “Its been a while.” And to a young boy about to turn 7 it had been over 2 years since his last encounter with the Greys. So it had felt like a long time. But then I could not move and one of the figures moved towards me very fast and the last thing I recalled were its big black eyes very close to my face and a wand like object being pointed at me. Then there was blackness. The next thing I recall was being in the sand dunes away from the hotel in a circle of children. I must have been one of the youngest because I was the shortest. But my attention was more on the blue object directly over us that had a glowing blue light all about it. The closest thing I’ve seen to this shade of blue would be that of the blue glow of Cherenkov radiation that I’ve only seen from photos. Then there was blackness. The next morning was a Saturday, and I was watching cartoons. It was not till I was watching TV that I then recalled that nights experience with the greys and of seeing the blue glowing sphere above me and the other children. I then told one of the other children that were traveling with us on this trip about my experience that night and she did not believe me. I also recall walking around the hotel later that day and then getting up the nerve to tell my older brother who also teased me. - MUFON CMS


Man finds python in his box of cornflakes

Australian Jarred Smith got the shock of his life when he ventured in to his kitchen to make some lunch.

The unsuspecting 22-year-old discovered that an enormous snake, which later turned out to be a two-meter long diamond python, had taken up residence inside a cardboard cereal box.

Despite the small size of the box the snake had somehow managed to curl up inside and was almost completely out of view.

Smith got such a shock when he saw the reptile that he dropped his meal on the floor and ran in terror for the kitchen door.

Having alerted his father, who happened to be home at the time, he promptly called up the local wildlife rescue service and asked them to come and remove the snake from the house.

"The python was over 2m long and I couldn’t believe it was jammed into this small cereal box," said animal expert Chris McGreal. "When I got there I actually had to tear the box to get it out, that’s how tightly squeezed in it was. It’s likely it was hiding in there to feel secure."

Fortunately diamond pythons are non-venomous but they can still leave a nasty bite. Read more at Snake in cereal: Man rattled by python found coiled up and hiding in his box of cornflakes


Meet the Hollywood Bombshell who invented the basis for Modern WIFI

If this beautiful Hollywood starlet looks a little bored or unimpressed while posing in her rather ridiculous glitzy get-up, it’s because she probably was; her mind elsewhere– for instance, oh say … masterminding the breakthrough technology that would bring us the basis for modern-day WiFi and Bluetooth.

Hedy Lamarr was voted the most desirable pin-up girl during World War II, she was scandalously known as the first movie star to simulate a female orgasm on screen, but Hedy had a hidden intellectual talent and a blueprint for success that went far beyond Hollywood…

Her own story does play out a little bit like a Hollywood script however, and before we get into the details of exactly what she invented, the more burning question is inevitably going to be how this bombshell actress, surrounded by the superficial glitz and glamour of Hollywood, was able to nurture a secret talent in the scientific field. Read more at Meet the Hollywood Bombshell who invented the basis for Modern WIFI


Faceless Illuminated Being

Two weeks ago my husband was awakened out of my sleep in the early morning hours and saw a small red laser light that traveled across the ceiling and down the northwest corner of the bedroom wall. I reported the incident to the local police department. Our first thought was that someone was playing a prank with either a laser pointer or worst case scenario a gun sight. I did however; have a problem with my husband’s laser theory because his bedroom window has heavy bamboo blinds that are pulled more than halfway down. It would be difficult for anything to penetrate the thick bamboo blinds. As far as I was aware that was the only incident that occurred that night. This morning he called me into his bedroom and told me that he had seen a being in his bedroom around 6:00 AM. He said that it appeared to be self illuminating. “Very bright” He said it was about my height, which is approximately 5 foot five inches and that it glowed and it had no face.He said it's head was a little larger than human. He said when he saw it; the being was near the bedroom door, apparently when it realized my husband was watching it, the being looked slightly over its shoulder at my husband and very quickly exited the bedroom. My husband said it had no discernible features, it had no face. It was then he told me that the night he’s seen the laser, he’d had also seen an approx 3 foot by 3 foot square shape projected on the mirror of his closet doors. He said it looked like a large picture frame and that there was a very bright light illuminating from within it, with strange black symbols that resembled hieroglyphic‘s inside of what he described as small boxes they were also illuminated. He said he’s never seen anything like them before. I asked him why he hadn't mentioned this before. He told me that he couldn't understand how there was this large imagine in his mirror, because there are no windows on the west wall of his bedroom, so it couldn't have been a reflection. He wasn't going to mention it until he saw the being this morning. He told me he’s very unnerved about these sightings, since they are becoming repetitive. I'm concerned because my husband is not one to make-up stories. He's very practical down to earth kind of person. If he said he saw something, he did. But he wouldn't file this report however, he did give me permission to file on his behalf. And that he will relate the story if asked about it. I found some pictures on the internet and asked if any were similar to what he saw in projected on the mirror. He choose this picture, as it was very close to what he saw. - MUFON CMS


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