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Monday, March 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Small Entities With Light Sticks -- 'Salem' Set Haunted -- Sports Teams Still Staying at Ghostly Hotels

Small Entities With Light Sticks

Miami, FL - 5/2008: This is what happened...I took Tylenol PM went to sleep, I couldn't tell you exactly the time maybe around 3:15am and some kind of movement inside the bedroom made me open my eyes, I saw a small figure, light grey color around 3 ft tall and very skinny, he was holding a light not a candle more like a long stick with a small flame and he was running out of bedroom to the hall next to the bathroom, I couldn't believe it so I closed and open my eyes several times and got to the conclusion that I was dreaming or maybe the effect of the PM Tylennol and decided to sleep again.

Around 15 minutes later or maybe 25 minutes I heard some voices out in the living room, voices in echo like when you go to a funeral and everybody talks whispering to each other but loud enough that if you are sleeping the only thing you can hear is their voices without understanding any word they are saying, after this voices I went to sleep again thinking it was a nightmare. minutes later some movement inside the closet made me open my eyes again, I saw 2 little people like I described above, they were both playing with the fire stick and they seemed to enjoy whatever game they were playing, I felt very scared and tried not open my eyes so much just in case they noticed I was watching them, but again I felt it was a nightmare because my body felt wet from sweat and paralized.

At 5:45AM my boyfriend left the house for work and before he left I remembered I asked him to leave the light in the hallway on. I was scared but had no time to tell him about the crazy dreams.

After work came home and took a shower I was looking all over my body for some clues but found nothing I even told my boyfriend to check my right ear because was hurting a little he said I had something like a pimple but that was it.

Two days later came from work around 5PM and the TV was off, when I noticed the TV screen inmediately asked my boyfriend if he was playing with my head because until this day I think I'm crazy just by think something so different and unknown can happen to me, but he told me no, I do believe his word. Then we took the picture.

Margaret believe me, until this day I got to the conclusion that I was dreaming but how can I explain the TV screen? I told Bruce I have no reason to lie and if the rest of the world thinks I'm making this up, that's fine with me, I believe in myself and have no reason to lie.

I hope I did not bored you with my story, maybe one day we can meet and hopefully I can explained myself better.




Despite activity, professional teams still stay at haunted hotels

Lou Williams didn’t stay with the Raptors in Oklahoma City during their recent three-game road swing.

When the team charter arrived at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel last weekend, he jumped in a cab and headed to a different place to stay the night.

No, it wasn’t a case of not wanting to associate with his teammates.

The veteran NBA guard just has a preference when it comes to hotels. He prefers one that isn’t haunted.

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City has that reputation in NBA circles. So, too, does the Pfister in Milwaukee.

Both are older hotels. The Skirvin was built in 1911. The Pfister predates even that, opening its doors in 1893.

The Skirvin is believed to be spooked by a former maid who had an affair with the hotel’s owner and became pregnant. As the story goes, in order to keep the affair a secret, the owner imprisoned her in a 10th-floor room, where she eventually gave birth and fell into a depression when, even after the birth, she was still denied her freedom.

As legend goes, the maid jumped to her death one day, taking the baby with her.

There have been multiple accounts over the years of men claiming to have been joined in the shower by a naked female or propositioned by a female voice while alone in their rooms.

The Raptors still use the Skirvin in OKC, and did so last Saturday night. It could have been a two-night stay, but the Raps stayed overnight in Charlotte after a game there Friday, practised there on Saturday and then flew to OKC for the Sunday game.

They have used the Pfister in Milwaukee, although this year they moved over to the InterContinental. Whether they return is anyone’s guess, but Williams will find his own lodgings if they do.

Williams has been doing so since 2009 when he had his first and only experience with, what he can only surmise were, ghosts.

He was playing with the Philadelphia 76ers and checked into the Pfister, which bills itself as “the premiere hotel in downtown Milwaukee.”

With the team charter arriving late, Williams went right to his room and, as he always does, locked and chained the door.

As is also customary, team staff left the next morning’s practice sweats hanging on a loop on the outside door handle of each player’s room.

“I remember hearing my practice loop hitting the door but, in hotels, I make it a habit to put my latch on and lock the door,” Williams said. “I got up at 3 or 4 in the morning to use the bathroom and my practice loop was on the inside of my door.”

That’s the last time Williams has stayed in either hotel.

“I never really paid any attention to the stories before that,” he said. “I knew it was supposed to be haunted, but I thought it was funny. Then that happens and it’s not so funny anymore.”

Williams won’t admit to being afraid of ghosts, but he has kept his distance ever since.

“I’m still not scared of ghosts,” Williams said Thursday after recounting his story. “I just don’t want it to happen again, but it definitely freaked me out, for sure.”

Raptors head coach Dwane Casey wasn’t even aware thata Williams was making his own plans this past weekend, but he’s certainly heard the stories of the two hotels being haunted.

He even believes there are a few teams in the league that avoid those hotels all together because of he stories.

The New York Knicks, famously, once blamed a loss on a rough night at the Skirvin.

It was early January of 2010 and the Knicks had a two-night stay in Oklahoma City. Eddy Curry, who stands seven feet tall and weighed almost 300 pounds when he was in the NBA, claimed to have slept only two hours in total he was so worried about the ghosts roaming the hotel. One story had him spending most of the night in teammate Nate Robinson’s room.

The Pfister has a more extensive haunted history with Major League Baseball teams than basketball teams, Williams’ story notwithstanding.

But like Williams, both Pablo Sandoval, then with the San Francisco Giants and then teammate Edgar Renteria refused to stay at the hotel in 2010 after both had an unexplainable experience the year before. Both packed up and checked into another hotel down the block.

DeMar DeRozan said the Raptors are aware of Williams’ experience and not much gets said about it.

Asked if he believed the story when he first heard it, DeRozan was initially skeptical but quickly added: “I don’t argue with my teammate. If he says it happened, then I believe him. Me, personally? I’ve never seen anything.”

Williams says he’s heard of other players in the NBA who, like him, avoid those two hotels and find their own accommodation but he doesn’t offer names.

And as for taking any grief from his own teammates, he says there hasn’t been a hint of it.

“No, not at all,” Williams said. “They understand. Some of them probably want to do the same thing but they don’t want to say it. Others have their wives or kids on the road with them so they have company. I don’t have company so I’ve got to stay somewhere else.”

It’s not like he can’t afford it.

“I just pay for my own room somewhere else,” he said. “I pay $150 or $200 for some peace of mind.” - Toronto Sun


'Salem' Set Haunted

SHREVEPORT, La. - A major TV show about witches called Salem has been shooting in the Shreveport Metro area for the past year and they are at it again for season 2. We heard the set of Salem is haunted so we went for a visit. The show features witches from the infamous Salem witch trials from the 1800's in Salem, MA.

Salem's cast includes leading actor and Louisiana native Shane West and actress Ashley Madekwe and actress Janet Montgomery who plays the secret leader of witches. There is also fresh face to the mix. Lucy Lawless will play a powerful witch in season 2. You might remember Lawless from the TV show Zena the Warrior Princess and Starz's Sparticus.

The set of Salem has some elaborate indoor stages in downtown Shreveport's Stageworks building. The outside village set is located not too far from Shreveport in the town of Grand Cane. They built an entire village in the middle of the woods. Most of the outside scenes are shot on the Grand Cane set where we have been told the unexplained has happened.

"There was like a few disasters like I had appendicitis, Iddo (Goldberg/Actor) broke his wrist. There was like this big thing that fell over out at the location. I can't remember what it was maybe like a gate or something ridiculous and they were talking about getting a shaman to come out and bless the land.. which I was like wow!," said actress Janet Montgomery.

Set workers and even extras have said ghostly things have happened on this set like weird noises and doors opening and closing.

One set worker also pointed out that ironically most of the people who have gotten the scrapes and bruises are the actors and actresses with British accents. We spoke to just about all of the actors and actresses and show creators and found skeptics and believers in things that haunt.

Co-creator Adam Simon has such a respect for the super-natural that when they are filming he has put down some ground rules. In other words Simon says, "When we are doing incantations or raising the devil or drawing the kinds of symbols that they would use...we want them to be very real, but I tell all the writers and even actors never do it exactly the way it was." - KTBS


Have you seen the Musconetcong Mantis Man?

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ — Do you believe in the paranormal? The warning reads "Hunting these monsters can result in your death. Don't attempt it... What you are about to see is a reenactment."

Season three of "Monsters and Mysteries in America," is coming to Warren County with the tale of the Musconetcong Mantis Man, a bug-like alien creature believed to roam near the water at night time.

Described as "humanoid" and more than 6-feet tall, a supposed eye witness said told his account to paranormal investigator Lon Strickler.

"I am chest-high in the river. The first thing I see was the grasshopper thigh, but bending forward like a human. Then the whole form. He is looking at me over his shoulder, moving up the bank, astonished, amazed," the witness wrote. He claims the sighting occurred in Hackettstown while he was fly fishing.

A similar sighting was also reported near Stephen's State Park while two men were fishing around dusk. The pair described the creature as a gray and black, 6 to 7 foot "praying-mantis-looking-man."

While there are many skeptics, the Destination America show will air on Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. featuring witness accounts of "fishermen face off with a gigantic bug."

"Monsters and Mysteries in America" takes a trip across the U.S. to reveal the most cryptic, frightening and brow-furrowing stories. Each hourlong episode focuses on a specific region and the lore of residents who claim to have encountered legendary monsters, ancient spirits or alien beings.

Checkout the episode on the Jersey Devil and tell us what you think of these urban legends in the comments. - Have you seen the Musconetcong Mantis Man?



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