Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Entity at the Door -- Man Still Nagged by Wife's Ghost -- NASA Vet Claims Alien Being Rode on Space Shuttle

Entity at the Door

Eau Claire, WI - 3/1/2013: I used to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to take a bath and then go on the enclosed porch where I could watch the news and have coffee before I give it up for day shift. While I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, drinking my coffee, the TV glitched and a slight wind picked up. It was kind of a balmy morning so I had the main door open with the screen door closed and the bottom of the screen door to ventilate the porch. Something drew my attention to the door and when I looked on the glass portion of the window I saw some type of entity. It looked like I had big eyes and a hand. I quickly took a photograph and it disappeared in about a minute. After that incident I was always nervous to sit on the porch. One morning it was raining out and I had the door open and I looked up and somebody's dog came and picked his head in the door. Scared the heck out of me. I was a military policeman in the United States Army. I have been a police officer for almost 15 years. So I'm hesitant I'm reporting this, but maybe you guys can shed some light on it. - MUFON CMS


Man Still Nagged by Wife's Ghost

A nagging wife has returned from the grave to ensure her husband uses fabric conditioner and reprimand him for wearing her slippers.

She recently hissed, ‘Stop sniffing!’ at husband Ted Wiseman as he lay in bed.

Fond husband Ted, 79 said, ‘She always used to complain about my habits in bed.

‘Some people might be upset about being nagged by their wife, but it’s quite comforting to me.’

Ted, a former lollipop man, from Halesowen, West Mids, said: ‘Yvonne was the gaffer so I’m not surprised she’s still bossing me around now.

‘Last month I left a tea towel on the side, and when I turned around it had been put back in its rightful place.

Ted contacted a medium after the nagging spectre moved plates around in an Indian restaurant.

During her visit, he received a very stern telling off from his late wife through the clairvoyant demanding he take her slippers off.

Since then, Ted claims Yvonne has moved a dirty soap dispenser off the kitchen worktop and even helped with the laundry.

Ted said: ‘I had just put a load in the washing machine and had put some condition on the top.

‘When I turned around to grab the powder and start the wash, the conditioner had gone.

‘I checked the drawer and it was already in there.’ - Ghost of nagging wife pesters husband from beyond the grave


The Atco Ghost

Rumors started to circulate that the boy's ghost comes back to play in the same street that he was killed on. Growing up in Atco, I spent many nights drinking beer with friends at the end of this street and waiting for the ghost. We never seemed to find him whenever we gathered there. The only time I ever had a different experience there was when I actually followed the instructions on how to see the ghost. The night was rather misty and it was raining a little bit. My friend and I drove to the end of the road where the factory is located and turned around. We drove up to the second streetlight and stopped the car. I turned off the ignition and we sat in silence for a while.

Nothing was happening, so we decided to leave. The moment I touched the keys, a sudden wind swirled the mist on the road, and a shadowy shape appeared at the side of the road. It wasn't a shape really, but a break in the low-lying fog that resembled the outline of a small child. We decided to get out of there. As I was racing down the street, I could see the fog swirling faster and faster. We came to the stop sign, which I ignored, and I turned left onto the main street. –Zachary W. - Weird NJ


NASA Veteran Claims Slender Alien Hitches A Ride On The Space Shuttle

A former NASA employee claims he spotted an alien, standing approximately 9 feet tall, hitched a ride on the space shuttle. He further saw the strange creature having a quiet chat with astronauts.

Many believe that this is a conclusive evidence of the extensive, global conspiracy where nations’ leaders are in contact with aliens.

Others, however, are less sure.

In a video released on a news site, Clark C. McClelland makes the claim about the tall alien. McClelland says that he has worked for 35 years at NASA and become part of the Apollo missions. As of this writing, no one has ever disputed his claim.

A picture of him on the Space Shuttle also circulated online, which is conclusive enough to some people.

McClelland says that he unexpectedly saw an alien that he describes as gangly and slender. He explains that he was monitoring a Space Shuttle mission during that time. To his surprise, he saw something different with two astronauts in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle.

Interestingly, he claims to have seen an alien ship parked nearby. Many people have ridiculed McClelland, saying he is nuts. Others, including UFO fans, believe that those who poke fun at him only want to spread disinformation like the work of the Men in Black.

McClelland says he knows ET and alien aircraft and can identify any of the two when he see them. He believes that aliens have been on Earth and walking among humans. He suspects that these aliens may have been implanted into different governments on Earth. - NASA Veteran Claims Slender Alien Hitches A Ride On The Space Shuttle



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