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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bear Creek Beast

I received the following report and Google Maps screenshot on Tuesday afternoon:

Driving towards Prattville, Alabama on Sunday (March 8th) and saw a large hairy beast standing on the east bank of Bear Creek.

I live outside Autaugaville and was on Selma Highway about 2 miles from home. The time was around 4:15 PM and it was clear. I got a good look at it. I was probably 100 ft or so from it. Thick dark hair all over the body and standing on two legs. Very tall, say 7 ft.

I know the creek and swamp areas fairly well and have heard stories about a bigfoot. I suppose this may be what I saw but I can't be certain. It was shaped like a human.

I immediately pulled off onto the shoulder. But when I looked back it was gone from sight.

Do you know any bigfoot groups in my area? LD

I sent an email to LD and received the following information last evening:

There was traffic on the highway at the same time but I don't know if anyone saw the bigfoot. I didn't tell anyone about this except my brother. He saw a tall hairy beast up near Talladega a few years back while hunting deer. He told me that people have seen weird stuff on Bear Creek.

I thank you for the names of the bigfoot groups. I do recall people talking about a gorilla roaming Hale County a few years back but haven't heard anything lately. I'm sure this was not a gorilla. LD

LD seemed sincere and wanted to talk to someone in his area. I believe he may have contacted BF groups on Facebook. About a month ago I posted an odd article in reference to a macabre collection of dolls found in Bear Creek Swamp. Maybe Bigfoot has a thing for dolls...Lon

The witness forwarded this Google Map screenshot of the area where he witnessed
the Bigfoot. He said it was standing on the east bank...I assumed that would
be the right side of the creek in this image.

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