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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saurian Humanoids & Demons...Is There A Connection?

Not long ago, a reader asked me if it is possible that Reptilian humanoids could be shapeshifting demons. I suppose anything is possible...but, for the most part, I use the anecdotal evidence provided by experiencers and abductees. Many of those incidents included a Saurian humanoid.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued by the I pulled a few eyewitness reports that my apply:


For 8 years it was my misfortune to be married to a woman who I discovered, not long after our marriage, to be a shapeshifting negative entity in human form. (I actually saw her shape-shift on several occasions.) From our union sprang three daughters, two of whom are of like nature to their mother. During the years of our marriage my then-wife engaged in Satanic rituals and similar practises, for the purpose of invoking and evoking negative entities of her own kind. A "side-effect" of these practises was that she drew into manifestation many entities who were eventually able to appear whenever they wished to, without having to be drawn by rituals. For me, this nightmare didn't end until we divorced in 1985.

Unable to get rid of the unwanted "visitors", I frequently spoke to them in order to determine who they were and what they wanted. These entities were cold, ruthless and without any compassion. Without exception, they all loathed and despised humans, and often spoke of a long-term agenda for taking over the planet for themselves. I found this self-declared agenda highly disturbing and worrying, but was not sure if they were telling the truth or simply winding me up out of malice. They often spoke of places such as Draco and Orion, and on several occasions I suffered encounters with an entity whom they referred to as their 'Leader'. He was without doubt the most terrible entity with whom I have ever had contact, and he declared on one occasion that he is the one whom religious people would call Satan, the Devil.

Amongst many other things, the entities told me that they were not the only alien life-forms on this planet (many of whom, they declared, have incarnated in human form throughout the millenia in order to carry out their long-term goal.) I was told that various other aliens have incarnated here, but for other purposes.

Although full of hatred, contempt and loathing for human beings, the negative entities were surprisingly civil to me. When I once asked why this was so, I was told - much to my surprise - that it was because I am not human. "Your body is human, but your soul is not," I was told by a number of the entities. They told me that I was not one of their kind, and had nothing in common with them, but was as alien on this planet as they themselves are. I eventually discovered this to be entirely true, when I once discovered my spiritual origin.

Many of the experiences I have had, and many things which I was told by the alien entities, make perfect sense, and are now comprehensible to me. - From Witness - Cumbria, UK - 4-23-01



I became truly involved in spirituality in 1990. I always knew that I believed in many things, but it wasn't until then I really began to delve deeper. And let me tell you, it has been an interesting 10 years!

Well, in 1994, I met this guy named Shawn. As an aside, I have noticed that ever since I undertook a pledge to learn as much as I could spiritually and to empower myself and become the best being I could, certain people have been "sent" my way.

Anyhow, Shawn is my first experience with the 'lizard race'. Shawn was odd, to say the least. But frankly, that's why I liked him.

He had a very dark side to him that he claimed was in the past, and as he always attested, he was moving toward the Light. However, our friendship fell away because that was not Truth! He said he was drawn to me because he wanted to be of the Light.

I used to stand outside at night in the country and look up at the stars, basically at the starships, and call to the Lighted Beings to communicate with me. My deep interest in extraterrestials was exceeded by Shawn's own. Then he told me something that shocked me, and I had never, at that time, heard of anything quite like it! He said that he had been abducted many times, but was on a friendly basis with the reptilian race. Now let me tell you, Shawn had amazing artistic skill and he drew them for skin crawls thinking about it.

But what was even more odd were Shawn's eyes! My mother noted it as well: his pupils were not round all the time. Quite often, they appeared like that of a cat's eye. And, excuse this bluntness, but his penis had 2 openings, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen.

He swore to having contact with 2 large reptilians as well as adamantly stating that he met with a female and male vampire. He told me that he was part vampire, and he even threatened me with harm by the vampires if I ever did anything to upset him.

Of course I was NOT afraid, because I am so very protected at all times.

But let's just say his true colors started coming through! But guess what? One night, (I dream very lucidly), I met this female vampire who attempted to attack me. The next day, Shawn called me and asked me if I had met anyone in my dream that night.

I wish I could remember the names he gave me, because he had names for all of them, the vampires and the reptilians. By the way, he actually took me to where in Pennsylvania he met the reptilians' ship!

My point in telling you all of this is that I am so flabbergasted. Actually, this all goes deeper than I ever imagined. Witness 'B' - 7/11/2000

These are two entirely different accounts, though both could be attributed to shapeshifting entities...or demons. So what exactly are shapshifting demons? I consider demons as non-human entities who possess malevolence towards humans...not in a Biblical sense as Satan's minions hell-bent on destroying mankind. Then again, you may consider these examples as one-in-the-same. I found an interesting post at - Reptilians Are Demons – Will Be Used As Scapegoats. Though I'm not a fan of David Icke, there are some parts in his rhetoric that do make you ponder. I'm interested in your thoughts. Lon

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