Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Multiple 'Lycanthrope' Sightings (Updated)

OK folks...I'm putting this 'out there' for comments. I received the information this morning. The witness worked as a parks & recreations officer in Mississippi, then relocated to several other locations between Mississippi and Tennessee. He states that he sighted a lycanthrope creature on (I believe) 5 different occasions. I know a few people in these areas, so I'm going to attempt to find out if any of this jives with them:

In the Summer of 1991 I was driving between Forest, Mississippi and Harper Valley on State Route 35, between 9:00-10:00pm. A wild eyed creature (which the witness labeled as a 'Lycandroid') between the height of 7-8 foot tall on four legs passed in front of my vehicle. I was driving a 1987 Honda Accord Four Door and my height was 6'4" wt 295. At the time of sighting, I was employee of Ms Dept of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks division of Parks and Recreation, stationed at Golden Memorial State Park in Leake and Scott County on Hwy 492 as Assistant Park Manager. After my departure I relocated to Hardin County, Tennessee to 195 Goodman Street Ext Savannah, Tn 38372 from 3-92-2-06 and after my divorce relocated to 295 Windy Pines Lane in Counce, Tn 38326, 2-06 to present date. I again saw this creature in 1995 on Ms State Route 25 between Elk Landing and Goat Island Road. Creature came out between Red brick house and railroad tracks and ran in front of my car into a kudzu bank in broad daylite. I saw it run across the Hwy 128 in Hardin County, Tn between Sand Hill Holiness Church and Stagg Lane. It crossed in front of my 1992 Cadillac Seville moving at a fast pace. That was in Fall of 2006. I also saw it at 4 way stop sign on Pyburn Road at Bruton Branch convenience store in Winter of 2008? The last sighting was on Pickwick Dam Levee State Route 128 just above 4 way stop sign with State Route 57 at State Park Golf Course. This was Dec 2010. DC

I later received a response from the witness:

Lon, I am a former State Certified Law Enforcement Officer and Academy Trained in Tn and Ms. Without question this creature is the real thing. I ceased driving at night and ceased going out into the woods. I live on 43,000 acre Pickwick Lake surrounded by Forested National and State Wildlife Refuges in three states of Ms, Al and Tn. Sir I have no reason to lie or fabricate a story. All these sightings, on two of them, I had eyewitnesses in the vehicle with me. The Ms Hwy 25 sighting by railroad overpass bridge in Tishomingo County Ms was the same creature I saw on the Leveee on State Route 128 in Dec 2010. Apparently these creatures travel in swampy or drainage ditch areas close to roadways, or in forested areas with thick tree lines near pastures!

NOTE: It report seems a bit hard to believe...but then again, the witness may actually have seen a cryptid and may subsequently be creating a zooform manifestation. Multiple sightings of similar phenomena in different locations is rare...and usually the result of shock and anxiety from an initial encounter. I'm not saying that this is the case here, but it does make one wonder. Your comments are welcomed...Lon

UPDATE: I just talked by telephone with a friend & colleague who lives in the area and is familiar with the locations noted by the witness. This friend had an odd sighting about 25 miles from the witness' initial sighting...namely, a large hairy being with a long snout. As well, he verifies that the area is known for strange phenomena. If I receive any further information, I will update here. Lon

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  1. No pix....

    Maybe if he starts carrying a camera or keeping his phonecam ready he'll stop seeing them!

    Canines often have a habit of not performing when everyone is watching...

    As do many other paranormal phenomena.

    There are pix,even good ones,
    of various phenomena but the "lycandroids"
    are certainly lacking in evidence,
    much like Bigfoot.

    Never any scat?

    If they are physical they certainly have excellent hygiene-
    unless they are machines.

    Lack of scat is further indication that they are holographic,extradimensional or some other form of being-
    if they actually be.

  2. There are numerous sightings from around the U.S. of such creatures. I would point the witness to Linda Godfrey's books as a starting point for trying to understand what he saw.

    As for the question of why there are no pictures from these accounts, unless the witness had a dash camera, it would be unlikely that he would've been quick enough to grab his camera and take a picture. From what I've read, they can move incredibly quickly.

    Regarding scat, I certainly wouldn't have gone back to the area to look for any. Unless I'm wrong, I think there have been collections of scat where these kinds of sightings have happened, but you'd have to ask the researcher(s) about that.

    I do agree that there have been cases of what appeared to be holographic beings near graveyards. There appear to be many different types of entities, including different types of wolf creatures.

    1. Considering he is having ongoing encounters,
      I would certainly hope he is better prepared now.

      There are FAR more vivid testimonies to be found in the paranormal field than their equivalent in pix.

      In the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989,
      several people got images of the
      "Tank Man" by accident.

      so few people manage to get clear pix of these phenomena on purpose?

      I am just weary of wild unsubstantiated claims,
      especially second-hand testimonies.

      As for scat,
      I was referring to NEVER-
      if the various animalistic cryptid
      humanoids are biological on the physical plane,
      there should be quite a lot of scat left around,
      I don't seem to remember a single case in all that I have heard or read.

      At least,
      none that were analyzed or verified as being abnormal.

      Scat examinations are quite standard in field biology.

      By holographic,
      I'm referring to some of the more bizarre reports of humanoids
      one of which is on the top of Lon's
      "Most Bizarre" list,
      I believe.

      I am not skeptical but I do intend to remain objective.

      To put it bluntly,
      there is far too much sensationalistic BS rampant in paranormal research.

      The encouragement of that only further discredits the field.

  3. In my travels on Highways in Tn and Ms Iam not looking nor searching for these Lycandroids creatures,they are merely crossing the highway in front of my vehicle,and they move at such a fast pace,even if I had a camera I couldn't take the photo fast enough to get a clear photo,and while my vehicle is in operation my cell phone is off,nor does it have a camera on it,Iam reporting that in my local home county of Hardin County Tn near Pickwick Lake and Tn River Valley,there exsist a ferocious creature,and I only learned about the Beast of Land Between the Lakes gruesome murder scene in the 1980's just in the last week from Lon I don't care if you believe me or not on this matter,just remain alert and cautious when out in the rural Forested areas,Doing whatever,something sinister lurks in the shadows ready to devour you,all my sightings I was in my vehicle,and no Iam not putting myself in harms way to examine foot prints or scat left by these creatures! You brave Souls you go be the investigators!


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