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Daily 2 Cents: Podesta Regrets Failure of Securing UFO Disclosure -- Marilyn Manson Says Demons Exist -- Ritual Burying of Live Children

Podesta Regrets Failure of Securing UFO Disclosure

John Podesta has stated that his biggest failure of the last year was not securing UFO disclosure.

The presidential councilor concluded his latest stint in the White House on Friday by detailing some of the high and low points of his time there as well as some of his greatest triumphs and regrets.

Of particular interest was a Tweet admitting that his biggest failure over the last twelve months was his inability to secure disclosure about the UFO phenomenon, a topic that he has maintained a keen interest in over the last few decades.

During a Coalition for Freedom of Information press conference in 2002 he famously commented on the importance of disclosing the details of government UFO investigations to the public.

"We ought to do it, really, because it’s right," he said. "We ought to do it, quite frankly, because the American people can handle the truth. And we ought to do it because it’s the law."

Podesta will now be taking on the role as chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Read more at Yahoo


Marilyn Manson Says Demons Exist

Marilyn Manson believes there are many things humans can’t comprehend in the world.

The goth rocker used to have a major issue with organised religion, but as he’s aged he’s begun to express that in a different way. Now he’s open about his beliefs in things like alchemy and astral projection to some extent, even if he doesn’t always like discussing them at great length in public.

“I do believe in things beyond our understanding: aliens, angels, demons, whatever they are,” he told Paper magazine.

“Do you sit around drawing circles with pentagrams and light candles? That's for the uninitiated. That's for the fools."

The 46-year-old disagrees with God as many people see him, calling it “foolish” of people to presume someone would share the meaning of life should they know it.

Marilyn also cleared up how he views himself – insisting he is a rock starand not a celebrity in any way. At the moment he’s promoting his latest record The Pale Emperor, which got him onto the subject of muses. While he knows they are a real concept, it wasn’t his girlfriend Lindsay Usich who was the driving force behind his new music; instead it came from something the artist wanted to show.

"I wouldn't say so much a 'muse' [inspired the record] as it was me trying to regain myself,” he explained.

“I liked the power of being in control of my life. I don't have to be tortured to be an artist. This year, I was not tortured.”

There could be something bigger at play too – his mother Barbara died last year following a battle with dementia. It is something which has played on his mind a lot, and it brought him closer to his father Hugh.

“I saw the mortality in my family," he said. "I think I found a responsibility there, a responsibility to myself. I didn't want the story to end p**s-poor.” - Belfast Telegraph


Tanzania: Ritual Burying of Live Children

There is a strange ritual currently taking roots in rural parts of Karatu District, where little children are taken into the wilderness and buried underground, leaving only their heads protruding on the surface.

The new practice is baffling local officials in the area who are still not sure why the youngsters are being subjected to such ordeal and why.

Those who have been recently discovered under such circumstances, happen to be too young to even speak.

"The recent one, for instance, was discovered by cattle herders who at first ran away scared of seeing just a head of a live baby which looked like it was growing from the ground," explained Reverend Johnson Lugenge, the Administrator at Shalom Orphanage Centre in Karatu.

The Director of Shalom, Ms Wara Elisamia Nnko, said the little cherub was discovered buried while it was also raining heavily.

"In fact he had to be given pneumonia dosage before his health could stabilise," she narrated. Remnants of dead babies and children are common in Karatu while the runaway juvenile population in the district, according to experts, is staggering and the recent practice of 'planting' children in the ground is described to be the latest horrid phenomenon targeting youngsters.

Several Karatu residents interviewed said that while some of the children are discovered alive but in critical condition, the unluckier ones are mauled by wild animals.

The Executive Secretary for the Imani Focus Foundation, which is a Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to assisting children living under difficult situations as well as runaway young ladies, Mr Stanley Mruma, also admitted that Karatu was becoming a hostile place for children.

A social welfare officer in the district, Mr Abdallah Nyange, revealed that he had served in many parts of the country but Karatu proved to be the only area "where children got more than their fair share of suffering."

"There are nearly 10,000 young children living under very difficult and dangerous situations in Karatu," said Mr Nyange, explaining that this was the result of their recent surveys.

He added: "You will be surprised that in Karatu, parents are never worried when any of their children go missing, they do not make much efforts to look for them and if a child gets missing for a week, months or even year, the family treat the situation as normal."

To rescue the situation, the Karatu District Social Welfare Department and the local police have started taking to task parents whose children are found loitering randomly, forcing them to not only take them back, but also ensure they are well-fed and attend school.

Through the new initiative, over 500 renegade children have been re-united with their families, according to Mr Nyange.

The Community Development Officer with the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), Mr Selustin Halu, said since the parastatal organisation is located adjacent to Karatu, they have taken the initiative of assisting local orphanages in the area and this week they sent in a cheque of 5 million/- to the Shalom centre. - All Africa


Tokoloshe Visits Each Night

EXHAUSTED and terrified, Dorah lies in her bed waiting for the attack of the romantic tokoloshe.

And when he finally comes, he holds her, caresses her, kisses her and then, as he does every night, forces her to have sex with him.


But Dorah Molefe (62) from Mamelodi, Tshwane said there is nothing romantic about the way the tokoloshe performs once he is on top of her.

She said the short hairy tokoloshe pokes her, leaving her weak and tired with a sore punani.

“I have gone to about 10 sangomas to help chase this evil creature away but nobody has been able to help me.”

“I fear going to bed because I know the tokoloshe won’t leave me alone. I scream for help but nobody hears me. I try to fight it but it is too strong.” She said it performs like a porn star.

“It kisses and caresses my private parts and then it has violent sex with me.”

Dorah said she is appealing to anyone who can help her to get rid of this beast.

“I am not a young woman. I have two adult daughters. I need somebody with strong powers to chase this thing from my house,” she said.

She said the tokoloshe also steals her money and even eats food from her house. “I like buying peanut butter but before I eat it, the bottle is empty. I think it is the tokoloshe that likes sweet things,” she said.

Dorah showed the SunTeam a mirror she claims the tokoloshe broke.

“I don’t know what to do. People just seem to hate me. A sangoma once told me I have been cursed with evil muthi so people don’t want to have anything to do with me,” she said.

“And I once found a dead bird in my bedroom. What does it mean?”

Dorah said the trouble started about 10 years ago, at about the same time that a tenant left her yard, but she has no proof that the tenant did anything to her.

Sangoma Dumezweni Mahabuke from kwaThema, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun: “My bones tell me there was a person staying in her yard who left with a heavy heart. He planted muthi in her yard and that thing is now revealing itself in the form of a tokoloshe who sleeps with her.”

He said she must immediately get an inyanga who will point out where the muthi is planted, otherwise her children will disappear one by one. - Daily Sun



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