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Monday, January 05, 2015

Gathering Sasquatch DNA For New Genome Study

JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners has announced that a group has been formed with the intentions of submitting Sasquatch hair and tissue samples for a new DNA study. With the assistance of Dr. Christopher, Anthropology Department at the University of New Mexico, the participants have agreed to submit the material as a faction. Once all the samples have been collected, the plan is to forward the material to Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University, who has agreed to oversee the study.

Many of the participants were previously involved with the Ketchum study. In light of the findings and ridicule of the Melba Ketchum genome results, which JC and others still believe are valid, each participant has agreed to accept the findings of this new study. The hope is that the findings from the Ketchum study are validated by the new conclusions.

JC has produced a 30 minute video that details some of the stories behind individual encounters and the evidence collection. - Sasquatch DNA Gathering (http://youtu.be/Yop-6eJ2My4). The video depicts Dr. Christopher interviewing several of the participants in the group.

One of the participants, George Harvey, gathered a large sample of hair and tissue which he has offered to the study. George chronicles the behavior of the Sasquatch during the many years his family has lived on the property. During one particular incident, George observed an adult and two juvenile Sasquatch walk towards the mesa behind their home. Dr. Christopher noted that the face the mesa may have been at a 45 degree angle. George noted that the Sasquatch easily traversed the steep ascent to the top, in order to gather food in the nearby cornfield and orchard. There have also been incidents of stone barrages on the property.

Another participant, Nicholias Begay, detailed how his brother observed a 'Hairy One' (pronounced gla-kees in Navajo) while collecting firewood in the Chuska Mountains. Dr. Christopher asked Nicholias to give an account of the encounter, which resulted in the collection of several artifacts and evidence by the Crypto Four Corner team. The witness has experienced several unexplained events in the area, all of which he believe are associated with the 'Hairy Ones'.

Two other participants in the study, Les Godwin and Robert Kryder, have offered evidence which is documented on the video.

Once again, the participants are willing to 'let the chips fall where they may' with this new DNA study. These beings are real...now let's find out what they really are.