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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Woman Describes Life Among Bigfoot -- Peculiar Coordinating Events -- Where Djinn Grant Wishes

Woman Describes Life Among Bigfoot

A woman from Texas, identified only by her first name Brenda, has made some appalling claims during an ongoing show of Coast to Coast.

“We didn’t know what was going on until just a few years ago. At first, we found the house that they were living in. My husband and I didn’t know what it was, and he kind of joked at me about it… at that time we didn’t realize it was a Bigfoot. Since then, our property had a fire, it burned down, so we moved a mile and a half from where we knew they were into another house. Little did we know that we were just coming into a family of them”

So said Brenda, in her radio interview with David Schrader, host of the late night radio show Coast to Coast, on last Friday. According to her, she and her husband hear the "Bigfoot family" scrape their walls, make weird noises and create other kinds of apish nuisance. They, however, are not afeared by them a bit. Instead, they even leave buckets of food for their Sasquatch friends!

“They throw rocks on the house, I hear them talking. People thought I was crazy, but I know what I heard. I’ve heard them yell, walking out close to the house, and my husband too. They are all around us and my son put cameras out below his house and he got some on camera, but they’ve never tried to hurt us. I hear them talking, you can’t make out what they are saying, but know it’s their voices.”

She also says that first there was only Mama Bigfoot and Pappa Bigfoot, but recently, they had a baby! Now they are a blooming, happy family of three Sasquatches living alongside their very own, human house in the middle of town! Brenda has even claimed that another fellow neighbor had seen the Bigfoot trio, but was too scared to talk about it! Yes, we have her word for that. (Various sources)


Peculiar Coordinating Events

Hanston / Burdett, Kansas - 6/16/2014: First, I am a 15R in the Army. Attack helicopter repair crewman. This will come back later.

I was leaving town via the south bridge when I noticed something odd. A pair of cylindrical objects, dark in color and lacking identifying features, flew overhead. These were at high altitude, making determine size and speed difficult. These objects continued their flight at roughly heading 060 to 070, covering an estimated 15 miles in 30 seconds. This is verified by one other eyewitness who claimed they turned nearly above his town. These objects were immediately suspicious, as they distinctly lacked wings or rotors distinguishable from the ground. The objects moved with no sound, and promptly altered direction to heading 180 nearly exact, judging by eye. Approximately doubling their speed, they exited the airspace and were gone roughly a minute after they turned. The maneuverability I observed was limited, but the single example entirely ruled out fixed wing aircraft, and it's speed ruled out rotor wing units. Within the following 3 hours, local air traffic was greatly increased. I personally witnessed a flight of three CH47s in standard army color and configuration, as well as 7 UH-60s or variants, with two sticking out as being a different black than the standard army scheme. These aircraft flew in the same direction as the craft, away from most logical routine destinations. Being between Fort Riley and McConnell AFB, such flights are not unheard of. However, the strange number of aircraft in a short period is unheard of previously, as was the direction. My friend in a nearby town approached me, believing I would recognize the craft and explain the strange military activity. Unable to reach a conclusion, we discreetly (as we both had no intention if being dismissed as crazy) approached a third party whom we knew had been manning a local radar tower in the county airstrip. We came to understand that the objects had a radar signature and registered intermittently. The radar experienced difficult ing in obtaining flight data, and gave signs characteristic of being electronically jammed. However, it is plausible these objects flew at roughly 2,800-3,000 ft agl. The three of us debated pursuing this in a larger city with a larger radar array for it's airport, but promptly decided otherwise. I was not visited, nor was friend A, but the radar operator claimed to have been met by men claiming to be FBI demanding information regarding what his equipment experienced the day after. This visit coincides with the sighting of a single, black helicopter. This helicopter did appear fielded by the army, and in fact resembled a Lynx. Assuming it was a government sanctioned function, the subject was dropped. That is until it became apparent that animals were missing. Cattle had gone missing from 2 owners, who lost 2 head each. I chose to pursue by approaching a fellow serviceman of rank, who responded in a hostile manner and specifically stated that I would be "...wisest to remember nothing out of the ordinary." Fearing backlash or a psyche evaluation, I dropped it indefinitely.

I find it curious that the black helicopter is specified. If anyone has further information on this helicopter that must be linked to numerous events, please verify my comparison to the British Lynx. - MUFON CMS


Pakistan cricketer suffers from ghost attack in New Zealand hotel

Karachi: Pakistan's promising young allrounder Haris Sohail complained of supernatural presence in his hotel room in New Zealand, forcing the management to shift him to another room.

According to media reports, Sohail woke up in the night scared, insisting there was a supernatural presence in his room. The youngster insisted on shifting to another room and by that time had developed high fever after which the team authorities pressed the hotel management to change his room immediately.

Perhaps this is the first time a Pakistani cricketer has faced a problem of this kind on tour as usually in the past players have been caught up in controversies pertaining to their own behaviour.

Pakistan's World Cup squad is presently in New Zealand to play two one-day internationals and some warm up games before they move on to Australia for the mega event.

On Sunday in their first warm up match, the Pakistanis lost to a New Zealand President XI but captain Misbah-ul-Haq returned from a hamstring injury with a hundred.

A team official said it had been decided to give Misbah rest for the second warm up game as he had just recovered from his injury and the management didn't want to physically tax him out.

The official said Haris Sohail who didn't play the first match and paceman, Bilawal Bhatti would play in the second warm up game on Tuesday.

But the team management has decided to not risk leg spinner, Yasir Shah or tall left arm pacer, Muhammad Irfan until the first one-day international against the Kiwis on January 31. - IBN Live


Where Djinn Grant Wishes

Djinns live in the heart of Delhi: they are spirits tending to the faithful seeking help. On Thursdays, they are busy when thousands turn up with letters for them.

Welcome to the ruins of Feroz Shah Kotla fort: it was built by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the fourteenth century and now nestles between a cricket stadium and Delhi’s Ring Road. In the niches and alcoves of its stone walls, believers pray, light candles and diyas, and write letters to djinns, supernatural creatures of Islamic mythology made of fire rather than clay as humans are.

On a Thursday morning, Noorjahan, a mother of five young children, came to Kotla with photocopies of a letter in her hand. She had written to djinns: about how she and her children kept ill. Her house had been sold off and her children didn’t study. She went around Kotla, sticking photos of her children and the photocopies at different spots and praying to the djinns.

Noorjahan’s djinn-worship may remind you of dargahs, but in Kotla the venerated are djinns and not sufi saints or dervishes. Anthropologist Anand Vivek Taneja, an assistant professor of religious studies and anthropology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, links djinn worship to modern Indian history.

“It was only in 1977, a few months after the end of the Emergency, that we have the first record of people starting to come to Firoz Shah Kotla in large numbers. This seems significant, given how destructive the Emergency was for the Old City and how many poor and working class people were displaced from the Old City to resettlement colonies across the river,” Taneja wrote in an article.

According to Taneja’s research, the practice of writing to the djinns in Kotla started with renewed vigour in the late 1970s when a fakir named Laddoo Shah came and started living in the ruins.

“Anyone can come here for help-there is no preferential treatment, all are equal. People come with all sorts of difficulties and write to the djinns about them. They attach photocopies of the same letters, so that the djinn under whose jurisdiction the particular case falls, can take it up,” says Mohammed Harun, a resident of Old Delhi.

“Remember, the government of the djinns, is quite like ours. That’s why you have to make sure that the correct department gets your application, and hence the photocopies,” he says.

Near the Jami Masjid, a mosque inside Kotla, there is a pyramid-like structure on which stands the Minar-e-Zarreen, a 13.1-metre, highly polished sandstone pillar. It was originally erected by Emperor Ashoka in Ambala in the third century BC and centuries later lifted to Kotla on the orders of Tughlaq.

Popular belief goes that Laat (pillar) Waale Baba, the chief of the Kotla djinns, dwells in the Minar-e-Zarreen. Letters written to him are left tied to the railing protecting the pillar. People crane themselves putting a hand through the railing, because they believe that a wish asked for while touching the pillar will be granted.

Nirmal Pandey, a security guard at the Feroz Shah Kotla ruins for six years, says people’s faith in the djinns amazes him. He recollects the Muslim family from Jaipur he met at the ruins last year for four Thursdays.

When Pandey asked the family what brought them every week to Kotla, they said their failing business had recovered and their daughter found a groom after writing letters to the Laat Waale Baba. In return of such grace, they visited the ruins on Thursdays to complete seven cycles of djinn-worshipping.

Taneja, who completed his PhD from Columbia University last year with a dissertation on Nature, History, and the Sacred in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi, says djinn worship in the Kotla ruins is socio-politically important for Indian Muslims.”The theological novelty of djinns emerging as venerated saints in contemporary Delhi cannot be understood without also paying attention to the ways in which the state, haunted by the violence of Partition, continues to erase and deaden Muslim landscapes of memory,” he wrote in an article.

Kamar Ahmed would agree. The 60-year-old resident of Shahdara in northeast Delhi comes to Kotla often for quiet afternoons. He has never written to djinns but understands why people have faith in them. “I believe that whenever a section of people are in continued trouble they formulate something or the other to find a way out, and one such thing is this practice of worshipping djinns,” he says. - Abhiheksaha


Thieves broke into casino and stole an empty ATM

Two culprits broke into a casino in Calgary, Canada, on Wednesday morning and made off with an empty ATM. “There’s no money in the machine,” said Staff Sgt. Travis Baker. “If they haven’t gotten into it yet, I’m sure they’re fairly disappointed right now.”

Security at Casino Calgary notified police at around 6am to report what was initially believed to be an armed robbery, resulting in a heavy police presence in the area. Police later determined two offenders in dark clothing had smashed the glass doors of the casino with a crowbar to gain entry to the building, then headed straight for the ATM.

Security footage shows the hapless thieves loading the ATM onto a dolly and making their way outside, the machine at one point toppling on top of one of the crooks as they exit the building. Police say the two got into a waiting vehicle believed to be a silver coloured minivan. Unbeknownst to the duo, the machine was in the process of being moved to a different part of the casino and was out of order and contained no cash, Baker said.

Baker added that this is one of 13 ATM smash-and-grab thefts since August, where offenders use a vehicle or weapon to crash through the doors or windows of a business. In each case, very little to no money has been stolen - the machines are often emptied several times daily and at the end of the business day, which is why it’s puzzling that so many people continue to attempt these thefts. “It’s a very ineffective way to make a living,” he said - NationalPost



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