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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore -- Small Wrinkled Gray Being -- Snake With Feet Found

Mysterious Megamouth Shark washes ashore in the Philippines

Megamouth sharks troll the deep sea for the smallest bits of food, plankton and krill, trapping them in the massive caves that are their jaws. They are mysterious and extraordinarily rare -- and almost never seen by humans.

But on Wednesday, a 15-foot adult male megamouth washed up on the shores of Barangay Marigondon in the Philippines. The shark was dead, but its discovery was still thrilling. There is confirmed evidence of just 64 sightings of the shark, not counting a few more fishermen's tales that have not been verified with documentation or images.

"We know so little about it," Christopher Bird, a PhD candidate who studies deep-sea sharks at University of Southampton, said of the megamouth species. "It wasn't discovered really until 1976. It's only really seen when it's accidentally caught in fishermen's nets or when it is stranded on beaches."

The megamouth, Bird told The Washington Post, is one of his favorite shark species. "It's just the mystery behind it," he said.

Most of the previous sightings have occurred in the Pacific Ocean near Taiwan, Japan or the Philippines -- though the sharks have been occasionally caught elsewhere. But they have been so rarely spotted that it is unknown exactly how big the world's population might be, and where most of them reside, according to researchers.

When they do appear -- which usually occurs when they swim closer to the surface to follow their food, it offers a rare opportunity to examine the little-known creature.

This particular shark is being preserved on ice until an necropsy can be performed, and a cause of death can be determined. Albay Parks and Wildlife Center in the Philippines is likely to put the shark's body on display.

Nicknamed "toothless" by locals, the shark is anything but that. Megamouths have an abundance of teeth lined in as many as 50 rows in their enormous jaws. A few of those rows act as a filter to keep food in and push water out. A white band on a megamouth's upper lip might also serve as a bio-luminescent strip that helps it attract food in the dark water, though researchers aren't certain of that. - Washington Post


Small Wrinkled Gray Being

On October 12, 1987, at my fiances house in Somerville, IN, at approximately 11:45 p.m., my fiance Darren and I were in bed, in the middle of intercourse, when we both apparently blacked out at the exact same time. The following morning, we were awakened by my mother, who was knocking on the screen door. It was raining outside, and the main entry door was unlocked and wide open. The lights inside the house were all on. We had locked the doors and shut off all of the lights before going to bed the night before. My mother said she heard metal clanging sounds when she came to the door. We had new stove pipe lying on the living room floor, as we were preparing to install a new furnace. She also heard what sounded to her like an old man coughing in a deep tone. When we finally came to, we were both naked and lying in two different directions on the bed. Both of us had tremendous headaches and a feeling that something strange had happened to us, but did not talk about it. For the next two days, when we each tried to think about what had happened, our minds couldnt focus on the event. After some time had passed, we both realized that we could both remember right up to the exact moment that we both blacked out it had happened right in the middle of sex, and we had blacked out at the EXACT same time. Two months later, I found out I was pregnant, and would have conceived at around this same date. Also, I was on birth control pills at the time. A few months later, in Feb. 1988, we were asleep when I was awakened at 2:48 am, by a small, gray, wrinkled-looking being. He had large eyes, no nose, and just a slit where his mouth shouldve been. He was standing about four feet from the bed, just staring at me. He had a solid, dark-colored outfit on - it looked like a one-piece jumpsuit. I tried to wake Darren, but was unable to move. I tried to scream for him, but was only able to make a wimpering sound. At that time, Darren rolled over towards me, and the being just faded out of existence. I told Darren what I had seen, and we finally got back to sleep. At exactly 4:48am 2 hours later, I was again awakened by the same small, gray being. I laid there looking at him for probably 3-4 minutes - MUFON CMS


Snake With Feet Caught In The Philippines

People in Mallig, Isabela were puzzled after a family caught and killed a snake that has a pair of feet.

Norberto was doing his usual routine of cleaning the house, which is located at the Gambol in Barangay Olango in Isabela, when he suddenly saw a snake on the floor.

The snake tried to hide in a box, but was caught off and later have fallen off. When the family tried to get rid of the snake, they were baffled seeing it has feet like those of lizards.

They put the snake in a bottle along with formalin to preserve it.

Superstitious people tagged this findings into luck while others connected it with the second coming of God. However, a forestry specialist said the feet was a result of “genetic mutation”.

Genetic mutation is a major change to a living creature. According to the Wikipedia, mutations “result from damage to DNA which is not repaired or to RNA genomes (typically caused by radiation or chemical mutagens), errors in the process of replication, or from the insertion or deletion of segments of DNA by mobile genetic elements.” - Philippines Daily


Paranormal Roundtable

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