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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The New Year 2015 and the Meaning of Life

Often at this time of year I think of the meaning of being here in this human form living this human life. I am grateful for a season to reflect and realign with the reasons for life or as many describe it, “the meaning of life". I believe in the soul and think each of us as spirits walking this earth in human form to learn and experience life in order for our souls energy to learn what it is to have free will and to live life making choices each day that involve using that free will to do good or bad with whatever decisions are placed in our path.

I also believe that we have lives that we are given to us that include tests or ordeals that we need to live in order to understand what life is from all aspects and all levels.

We are here to experience the good, the bad, the easy and the hard elements of being human. The energy that is our life soul is here in order to understand what it is to love or be unloved, to give or be the one who is in need , to help or to intentionally do harm during this human experience

How else can we truly grasp what it is to be loved or alone, to be happy or sad or live a good life of comfort and ease as well as one of pain and struggle? We have to experience human life in order for the energy that is our soul or our spirit to grow and one day move on to another level of existence that is not the school room of human life on planet earth.

With this kind of thinking the involvement of having guidance or help from those who we spent time with on this earth continuing to connect with us from their spirit form makes sense. Knowing our trips to this earth is and has been to learn the lesson of good and evil makes me realize and rationalize why there are so many people living all kinds of different levels of human existence all together on this confusing planet. We are all here to experience the many levels and forms of being human. It leaves us with a combination of people from the rich and spoiled to being born in to terrible poverty all living on one chaotic planet. How else can we explain the severe extremes of those living the human experience all together on one planet at the same time? You can find those living like Kings and others in the worst conditions at the bottom of the human existence. We live it here on this earth and may return many times until we taste it all as well as until we understand and make the right choices rather than the selfish ones that we encounter each and every moment we are on earth in a human form living the human experience.

Our loved ones may stay watching from their spirit form or they may now be in a form of a guide to our spirit as the cycle of our energy follows the endless journey of growth that we are given by creation as a soul that is part of something far bigger and far greater and enormous that we can only begin to grasp it

We are only now just beginning to grasp our place in space, in this solar system, in this galaxy that exists in this universe. I find it impossible for me to believe that the incredible energy of each of us is something that is meaningless or not part of something bigger.

The moment of conception is one that starts with a jolt of energy that occurs as the sperm connects with the egg, It may happen a day or so after the sexual act but when the egg and sperm do connect it sets off the miracle of life with what appears to me to be a tiny jolt of energy that explodes with the connection of sperm and egg beginning the process of cells dividing and forming a new life. For me this is an incredible moment.

We now can watch and know that this energy of life does happen and is what begins the start of or possibly the entrance of the soul that begins the creation of another soul and another human life form. That spark of energy continues with us as we grow and keeps us alive until it is time for that energy or electric of life to leave the human body allowing that energy to move on and our human experience to end,

Since energy never dissipates instead only changes form the miracle of life seems logical and reasonable to me to be all about our soul, our spirits journey which is as large and diversified as this universe.

I do not believe the energy that is human life leaves our bodies and stays earth bound to sink in to the earth to grow plants or any other similar ideas I have heard by those who cannot grasp or believe in more or larger purposes for our souls. We are spirits of the energy of all things created and our journey is endless and part of a huge system called creation.

I intend to do my best while living my human life to understand and absorb everything thrown at me or shown to me during the time I live my life. I try my best to do the right things and stand up to and against evil. I believe in family and love and growth and despise hatred jealousy and selfishness. I love traditions that keep family connected and feel sad for those who do not and cause pain to others and cause family problems or simply are self-centered and cold in their hearts.

The Holiday Season now upon us should be used for us all to come together in family and friend groups to celebrate the blessings we do have and to be thankful for those who love us and the good they do find in their lives. It is also a time to look for ways to improve our lives with the New Year ahead and to make an effort to help others not hurt them especially the ones we love and live our lives with each and every day. Success is wonderful however once you have all you need and want for nothing use that time and success to be the one who does not just keep buying more but the one who buys one for that person you know who has none and may be suffering. Be the one who buys them that warm coat or a refrigerator full of food.

I am sure many of you will think me the fool however I know that I have guardians, spirits and family souls who have passed on watching over me and I am grateful and happy to know that the energy of my spirit will one day continue on.

I wish you all a wonderful life. I know that life will be full of hard choices and hope we all meet them with the right roads taken and right decision made.

We are all about to enter a New Year filled with new roads, May peace and love fill your paths and choices ahead..

Happy New Year 2015

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
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