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Monday, December 29, 2014

Irregular Crop Formations Near Mexico City

On Christmas eve an incident took place in Texcoco, Mexico...that resulted in a sprawling area of trampling and possible crop formations in the local barley fields. No one can explain how or why it took place, but it obvious that it would have taken a large assemblage of people to cause so much damage to the fields. There had been sightings of lights in the sky during the same time period, but there is only speculation at this time:

A pattern of crop circles appeared overnight on Christmas Eve in the municipality of Texcoco, in Mexico. The crop circles, believed to have been created by alien visitors in UFOs, are attracting hundreds of people who are flocking to the site.

However, because of the irregularity of the crop circles compared with normal crop circle patterns that have appeared in other parts of the world, people are joking on social media that the patterns were created by drunken aliens.

According to local witnesses in a rural community in the Texcoco municipality, about 25 km northeast of Mexico City, there were strange bright lights in the overcast sky during the night on Christmas Eve, with mysterious figures lurking among the crops in the fields.

When locals went to a nearby barley field from where the strange lights were observed on the morning of Christmas Day, they saw the strange crop patterns. According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, locals called police reporting the "presence of aliens in farming areas and various figures in the crops."

Mexican police authorities are still scratching their heads over the strange incident and theories are emerging from different sources about who created the crop patterns. According to the Mexican Tiempo website, the most popular theory being suggested by alien and UFO enthusiasts is that the crop patterns were created by alien visitors in UFOs.

But a joke is circulating in Mexican social media that the aliens had been drinking because the patterns were observed to be unusually irregular in shape.

Crop Circles 2014 - Texcoco - Mexico - 25th december 2014 - UFO 2014 - OVNI en Texcoco Mexico or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiNcETvRMLc#t=23

However, some have suggested that the crop circles were created by mythical creatures that attack and kill animals, called chupacabras or "goat suckers."

But more scientific-minded observers are struggling to explain how the strange patterns could have been caused by natural agents such as winds or even pranksters who want to create some excitement for the public in the Christmas season.

It has been the consensus among academic investigators of crop circles and formations that most are man-made, and a few generated by natural agents, such as meteorological and other natural forces.

According to local media reports, local police are watching over the fields to control excited crowds of people, including local peasants, alien and UFO phenomena enthusiasts, and teams of scientists who have descended on the field to investigate. - Digital Journal

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