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Friday, December 26, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: What Was Seen Over Chicago? -- Energy Collecting Jewelry -- Baranski's Ghost Boy

What Was Seen Over Chicago?

12/24/2014 - The Wrigley building is north of the river on Michigan ave SE of the Intercontinental Hotel. I was walking south,I took pictures of the Wrigley Building, did not see the object until I saw the photos. I looked at the photos I took with my cell phone and this is what I got. I did not see the object. The Wrigley building is stories and high, so it was higher than that. - MUFON CMS


Researchers Suggest Cholera May Be Behind 17th Century Vampire Graves

Researchers have examined the skeletal remains of 17th century graves in northwestern Poland and have speculated that the ones given vampire burials may have actually been cholera victims, explaining the extra precautions the villagers took in dealing with their bodies.

Lesley Gregoricka from the University of South Alabama and colleagues have published a study in the journal PLOS One, detailing the apotropaic burials (involving rites and items designed to avert evil), and how they relate to the vampire lore of Eastern Europe.

Such popularly named “vampire graves” occurred predominantly in the post-medieval period and across the continent–Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, and Greece to name only a few locations. Bodies are often found to have strange items buried with them or on them. Some have iron stakes driven through their torsos, yet others have bricks or stones found in their mouths. Some have stones placed on their necks. These apotropaic symbols and artifacts were used to ward off evil influences, a magical practice that existed around the globe throughout history. Read more at The Epoch Times


Energy Collecting Jewelry

Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer who came up with a speculative project called "Energy Addicts", while a student at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, is experimenting with a new idea where jewelry can be used to generate energy. But there is a price to pay. The jewelry is designed in a way so as to create energy from involuntary actions within the body, such as the blinking of the eyes, the flow of blood and even spinal cord movements.

The Blood Bridge is an arm bracelet of gold and 3D-printed bio-polymer, whose two gold spikes are inserted into the veins of the wearer, from where they draw blood and direct it through a decorative casing to spin an gold wheel, generating energy, prior to being redirected to the veins again.

The E-pulse conductor collects energy from spinal cord nerves. Yet another innovative invention is The Blinker, which sits on your nose bridge and generates energy from increased blood flow during blinking, without penetrating into your vessels.

I think I'll pass on these...


Christine Baranski's Connecticut home is haunted

MAMMA MIA! star Christine Baranski's Connecticut mansion is haunted by a ghost who hates new things.

The actress and her husband inherited the 18th century farmhouse from his parents and raised their kids there.

She says, "It's in this little rural town and there is a well-known ghost named Barefoot Charlie in the house. He's not malevolent.

"He definitely makes mischief; my husband said when he was a little boy he heard a piano being played downstairs and his brother and he were the only people upstairs and there was nobody in the house.

"He takes things. If you buy a new hammer or a pair scissors you're like, 'Where is it?' It's gone."

Baranski isn't the only star to share a Connecticut home with a spook - pal Meryl Streep also has a ghost in her state retreat. - NewsNet5



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