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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Strange New Year Traditions -- Basic Magical Uses For Incense, Herbs and Essential Oils -- Mother Kills Baby That Turned Into A Python

New Year Traditions: 30 Strange Practices You Probably Don’t Know

There are many traditions to celebrating the New Year here in the U.S.. One of the most notable is waiting for the ball to drop in New York's Times Square. Each year thousands of people gather to stand in the freezing cold in Times Square to wait for a bedazzled jeweled ball to drop at the stroke of midnight, While we find this to be a normal celebration in bringing in the New Year others may find it odd. However, this activity is very mild compared to other New Years celebrations around the world. Check out these top 30 strange and unique New Years traditions:

1. No Sweeping Or Dusting - This tradition comes from the idea that sweeping or dusting on New Year's day may lead to an individual sweeping their good luck away. So it's just best to leave your place dusty until Jan. 2.

2. Don't Eat Chicken - Say no to chicken on New Year’s Day. That means fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled, roasted or BBQ'd. Because if it is eaten then, like the birds in question, diners are fated to scratch in the dirt all year for their dinner meaning they'll be bringing poverty upon themselves.

3. Open Doors and Windows - It is said that opening doors and windows on New Years Day will bring in new beginnings and let out the old. So leave the doors and windows open to bring in the fresh air and fresh beginnings. However, if you're house is dusty from not sweeping or dusting you may want to leave the house as that fresh air could easily make your home an allergy attack waiting to happen.

4. Avoid Crying Cats - If you hear a cat meowing on New Year's Day go in the opposite direction. Sounds cruel right? Well that's because it is. If you truly feel bad just call animal control while walking in the opposite direction that way you avoid the bad omen and still do your good deed by helping the cat in question.

5. Lemons - New Year's Eve and New Year's day it is another old-fashioned tradition designed to keep that good energy flowing.

Check out these other 25 unique and strange New Year traditions around the world in this video! You'll see some odd events like the Takanakuy Festival in Peru where villagers fist fight to settle differences, sweet coins in Bolivia where people bake coins into cakes and whoever finds it is said to have good fortune for the year and empty suitcases in Colombia where citizens carry around empty luggage to signify having a travel filled year. Read more at Latin Times


Since ancient times, incense in the form of resin and herbs has been enjoyed throughout the world. The fragrant smoke was used as a way to carry messages and hope to the Gods and to create a pleasant environment for humans to connect with the spiritual world. Incense resins and botanicals are still used today in various Native American and metaphysical ceremonies to promote ritual consciousness, the state of mind necessary to rouse and direct personal energy. The powders and raw herbs are also used in talisman and gris-gris conjuring. The fragrant smoke purifies a room and surrounding area of negative and disturbing vibrations, and can be used for meditation or for simply scenting a room. Essential oils can also be used by diffusing, or on the body if combined with a natural base oil. Here are a few of my recommendations for those not familiar with the usage:

Used in prosperity and wisdom spells. Sweet almond oil is an excellent base for essential oils.

A sacred temple powder often referred to as "Nectar of the Gods" or "Ambrosia" because of it's divine fragrance. Used in healing and meditation. Intoxicating aroma that blends well with everything. Also available as an essential oil.

A sacred Japanese temple incense used to drive away negativity and to bring good luck. Can be placed in charms and gris-gris amulets.

Used for respiratory work and for grounding.

Used for purification and prosperity. Often used as a base for incense blends. An antiseptic, cleanses the lungs, strengthens the mind, burned for knowledge, peace, and psychic protection. A fine "clearing" resin.

Used for purifying, protection and to banish bad dreams. Used by Native Americans in sweat lodges to release heavy emotional energies.

Raises high spiritual and protective vibrations. Used for healing and money rituals. A stimulant, aphrodisiac, draws money, stimulates psychic powers. Holy anointing oil used by ancient Hebrews.

Used in immunity and heart rituals. An earthy, spicy Copal. Burned during "Day of the Dead" celebrations.

Considered to be a sacred "Food of the Gods". Used in immunity and heart rituals. Burned for love and purification. It is the cleanest and purest of the Copals.

Used to drive away hostile, negative forces. An aphrodisiac and psychic enhancer. It is also used to produce spiritual vibrations and to purify the area. Also available as an essential oil.

Traditionally used to drive out bad spirits, feelings and influences. An important, strong, herbaceous Native American plant. Burned for wealth, wisdom, knowledge, protection, and purification.

Red resin from a palm tree. It is used in rituals involving love, protection and exorcism. Burned for consecration, protection, good luck and strengthens spells. Increases potency of other resins. An essential resin used during divination and conjure.

Used in healing and sickness rituals. Also used to maintain good health and for protection. Also available as an essential oil.

Burned for psychic work to restore peace and harmony with it's soothing vibrations.

Releases powerful positive vibrations and drives away evil and negativity. Still burned in the Catholic churches. Used as an incense for purification, spiritual growth, knowledge and meditation. Also available as an essential oil.

Two most popular blessed resins of the kings. A powerful combination that is used for spirituality, healing, protection and exorcism. Used as an incense for purification, spiritual growth, knowledge and meditation. A powerful combination for conjure and root work.

Used in love spells and to attract good, peaceful spirits during rituals. Possesses very high spiritual vibrations. Used especially for moon rituals.

Used for luck , prosperity, fidelity, love and fertility. Also available as an essential oil.

Citrus Geranium scent burned for luck, love, fidelity and money. Also available as an essential oil.

Used in money and success rituals. Burned for psychic growth and success.

Considered a very important purification and protection herb. Powerful, healing scent is also great for respiratory work. Burned for wealth and psychic protection. Can be placed in charms and gris-gris amulets.

Used in love and wealth rituals. An aphrodisiac. Will cause prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom and is used to induce sleep. Also available as an essential oil.

Helps promote psychic powers and guards against evil, sickness and hexes. Used in sick rooms throughout Europe. Also available as an essential oil.

Used throughout Europe as a protective herb. Helps promote psychic powers and guards against evil, sickness and hexes.

Has long been used in love and healing rituals. Used to attract and protect relationships. Promotes sleep and peacefulness. Also available as an essential oil.

Burned as a psychic enhancer. Also available as an essential oil.

Was used in the temple of Isis. Great meditation and contemplation incense. Burned for banishing negativity, protection and release. Increases the power of other incenses it's added to. Also available as an essential oil.

A blend of costly, highly fragrant rare gums, resins & powders for meditation and for creating your sacred space. It brings one's energies into harmonious balance.

A plant revered by all Native American healers for it's powerful healing abilities. Used to treat respiratory and rheumatic complaints. Incredible butterscotch and celery scent permeates the room with magic.

Burned for luck, love and money. Also available as an essential oil.

Burned for burned for beauty, luck, fidelity and love. Attracts love, romance and increases sexual magnetism. Also available as an essential oil.

Used in love, money and prosperity rituals. Used in fertility talismans due to it's rich, earthy smell. Also available as an essential oil.

Used for healing, protection, prosperity, growth and renewal. Also available as an essential oil.

Gathered in the Taos mountains and produces the classic sweet forest essence of Northern New Mexico. It's cleansing, comforting scent is said to be helpful for fertility, compassion, and purification. Used by Navajos in war dances.

Used in love, luck, grief and healing rituals. Induces thoughts of loving affection and peaceful harmonious vibrations. Used for prophetic dreams.

When burned emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations. One of the oldest incenses. Used in love, healing and mental rituals. Stimulates memory and clarification.

Burned for love, healing, happiness, lust, strength and clairvoyance.

One of the most valuable woods in the world. Burned for spiritual awareness, meditation and psychic development. It's deep, rich, mysterious scent is also a great incense base. Also available as an essential oil.

Burned for money, courage and strength.

VERBENA (Vervain):
Burned or carried for protection and love. Can be placed in charms and gris-gris amulets. Lemon Verbena is an essential oil.

Used in love, luck and money rituals. Smokey, earthy scent blends well with Patchouli and Sandalwood. Also available as an essential oil.

Most popular for the sweet fragrance of it's burning leaf. U.S. grown Sage sacred to Native American cultures. Used to purify and protect objects, places and people. Also available as an essential oil.

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews (Llewellyn's Practical Magick)

The Conjure Cookbook: Making Magic with Oils, Incense, Powders and Baths

Wylundt's Book of Incense

Herbal Alchemist's Handbook, The: A Grimoire of Philtres. Elixirs, Oils, Incense, and Formulas for Ritual Use


My Baby Turned Into A Python And Tried To Swallow Me – Mother Who Killed Baby

The 27-year-old woman, whose name is not disclosed, appeared in court charged with the murder of a five-months-old baby. Trying to justify her actions a young mother claimed that her daughter repeatedly turned into a python trying to swallow her alive.

These alleged transformations made the woman threw her own baby into a pit toilet, where the innocent girl died. Later the woman confessed that she had heard voices telling her “to take the baby back to the waters she had come from”.

By the end of the trial the woman was ordered to be detained and referred to a mental institution for examination. This is not the first time children became the victims of insane parents or those willing to justify the murder with witchcraft.

One month ago a 10-year-old boy was thrown into Imo River in Akwa Ibom state over witchcraft accusations but luckily survived. A similar incident occured in the same area where three children and their father were accused of witchcraft and escaped lynching.

In Nigeria, some pastors have incorporated African witchcraft beliefs into their brand of Christianity resulting in a campaign of violence against young Nigerians. Children and babies branded as evil are being abused, abandoned and even murdered.

The preachers make money out of the fear providing costly exorcism services of their parents and their communities. In the states of Akwa Ibom and Cross River about 15,000 children were branded as witches and most of them end up abandoned and abused on the streets. - Information NG



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