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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Odd Incidents In Roswell

I received the following submission several years ago, but decided to post again after a similar situation in the same area was recently reported to me. I am looking into the new incident...but in the meantime, I can offer this narrative:

I was in Los Angeles at my Mom's house while my friend was visiting our other friend who had just moved to Roswell, NM. All of a sudden I got a text from Leah...she was very frightened and wanted to know if there were such things as aliens for real. She felt that something was gonna happen to her. She texted me everything that was happening to her as it happened and I could tell by the way she was typing her words that she was terrified & scared for her life. I became very frightened myself as I read her texts. I kept telling her to CALL ME and she wouldn't...she just continued texting & finally she said she didn't want to call because they would hear her.

Anyway...this is the story she told me about what happened to her that night. She was coming back from a late night call in Hobbs (like 2 am) and she still had several miles to go to reach the house where she was staying in Roswell. She said that she saw a light in the sky zoom past her from the front. Then suddenly she became aware of very bright lights behind her car that seemingly came out of nowhere but were following her car in very close proximity & resembled the headlights of a car except that there was no car visibly attached to them. It was as if the lights themselves were floating & following her...when she would speed up they would speed up very close to her car. When she would slow down they would slow down even more to the point where they were no longer close to her car anymore but they would stall way further behind so that she could still not get a good look at the vehicle behind the lights. Then she would speed up...to 100 miles per hour at one point because she was trying to see how far they would go to keep up with her and they were almost glued to her bumper at that point. They had no problem staying right along with her at that speed and yet they would not pass her. While she was driving very fast trying to shake the lights the inside of her car filled up with a noise that she could not quite put into words. She said it seemed to be coming from her purse beside her and it was a loud and terrifying sound unlike anything she ever heard before and she felt at that moment that they were trying to make her crash. She started noticing all the skid marks on the road that were going off the road in the same direction and how many there were. One after the other...like almost 30 sets of skid marks all within a 1 mile stretch of road that she felt was designated for that purpose & she felt that it was intended for her to do the same. She got the idea that they were amused by her fear and that they could read her mind & that's why she was afraid to call me because she felt they would hear her.

Almost as fast as the lights appeared they disappeared & she resumed her driving normally till she reached her friend's house. She was so scared she couldn't even get out of the car. Our friend had to come get her. She got very very ill the next day she couldn't get out of bed...she was terribly sick for 2 days. Before the incident occurred she was not one to really care too much one way or the other about other life forms and she bordered on disbelief in anything she had not seen with her own eyes. She now has a firm belief in alien life forms & she also believes that they were trying to run her off the road that night and that they had run several people off the road before...evidenced by the many skid marks that were veering off the road in the same direction in that one little mile stretch of highway.

The other strange thing that happened was that when we were both discussing it a few days later we wanted to re-trace her route that she took that night to try to determine where it had happened exactly and her latitude history for that little stretch of time was missing. We looked at all the records of the texts that we sent back and forth both on her phone and on mine. We both have Google voice & it saves every text and phone call...yet there was no trace of any of the texts on either end. It was very strange.

Then 2 weeks after this happened my daughter came to visit me in California...she had done a movie shoot out in Roswell and she told me this story:

She was shooting a movie about aliens and she wanted it on location in Roswell so she brought her equipment and crew members out to Roswell. They shot the scenes & ended up having to spend the night out there. So she went to the (redacted the hotel name) and paid for several rooms for herself and her crew members for the night. Upon going to bed she discovered (as did the rest of her crew members in each of their own rooms) that the bed mattresses and box springs were covered with massive blood stains & there was not a mattress or box spring in the whole hotel that did not have blood stains on it (for which they would not even offer an explanation). Why would the whole hotel be filled with mattresses covered with blood?? Very scary sh*t. Needless to say they left and will not be returning. - KC

NOTE: I redacted the name of the hotel in the post. I did followup and called the hotel and explained the situation...namely, the reported blood on the beds. The manager actually acknowledged that they were aware of the allegations but would not comment any further. I checked with the Chaves County, NM health authorities and was told that this particular hotel has only received complaints for bed bugs. I contacted a colleague who lives in Artesia, NM and travels to Roswell several times a week on business. He states that there have been several incidents reported of people being run off the road by unknown flying craft, especially on RT 285 north from Roswell...Lon

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