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Friday, November 21, 2014

Looking Through the 'Unsolved Mysteries' Archive

I was sitting here in front of my laptop wondering what I was going to post. It does happen occasionally. I suppose it's more 'what am I in the mood?' to write about. Then I noticed an advertisement for DVD's of the old 'Unsolved Mysteries' TV series. Well, I decided to Google the show and found a wiki archive of episodes. The show mostly entertained stories about individual experiences. So I went through several of the listings...then decided to post a brief description of a few I remembered watching. Maybe I'll do the same for 'In Search Of...' in the future, though that show covered subjects that are the mainstay of the paranormal and supernatural world.

Here are a few episodes I felt were worth noting:


A case of "Signs from Heaven" is that of television star Michael Landon and his step-daughter, Cheryl. After his death in 1991, Cheryl was devestated, but soon began hearing the voice of her father. She began writing a book about her father, but was uneasy about publishing it and going on talk shows to talk about it. However, her father's voice said that he will give her a single red rose for her first show.

A year later while in Manhattan, she was preparing for her first talk show when she heard her father's voice again and he said that she needed to find the Central Park fountain. When she got to the bottom of the stairwell, she found a red rose, just like her father had told her. Cheryl is certain that her father contacted her from beyond the grave to help comfort her.


On August 9, 1987, three year old Audrey Santo was playing with her brother Stephen when she fell into the family swimming pool and nearly drowned. She was rushed to a hospital and went under cardiac arrest and she went into a coma for three weeks. Afterwards, she went into a state called Akinetic Mutisim, which is a state of non-speaking and limited movement. Four months after the accident, Audrey was brought home to live with her family while in a hospital bed. Her family later took her to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, and although the trip nearly killed Audrey, her family believes that she spoke with the Virgin Mary and became a victim soul, which is a person who willingly takes on the suffering of others. After Audrey was brought back home, oil began dripping from several objects in their house, and blood and oil began "weeping" from a painting of Jesus Christ.

The oil from the objects was given to people who were ill, and they claimed that it helped them heal. Sheryle Parolisi claims that she prayed at Audrey's bedside for the recovery of her son Joey, who had been in a car accident and was unable to walk. Sheryle claims that shortly afterwards, Joey was able to walk again. These are some of the many miracles that were believed to have been caused by Audrey. The miracles, along with other elements, some claim promote her for the sainthood, including the fact that she has had no bedsores for twelve years and that she can operate her machines through telekinesis. Audrey's house soon became and still is a pilgrimage site, and a window was placed near her room so people can view Audrey. To this day, Audrey Santo and her miraculous powers remain a mystery.

Audrey passed away on April 14, 2007 due to cardio-respiratory failure. Her mysterious life and the miracles that she made remain a mystery.


In 1988, 17 year old David Elliot died in a snow skiing accident in Rochester, New York. A few weeks later, his father John bought a book by psychic George Anderson called "We Don't Die" about another man who died in 1982 named David Licata. One night, John had a dream that he had a session with George and that he saw his son and David Licata standing next to each other. John then decided to go with his two other sons to a reading with George, and John sat in the back of the room.

George said that John had lost a son, but then lightning struck and he lost his signal. George later said that John had lost a son that was 17, and then went to David's brothers and said that the spirits of their grandparents were with them. He then said that David's brother Mark played soccer, which was correct, and then connected him to David Licata. He finally said that John was the father of the two boys even though they sat on opposite sides of the room, and said that John lost a son named David. John, who was originally a skeptic, was convinced then that George was genuine and he became a believer.


Ron Ortega and his wife had a baby that they named Gus. Gus Ortega. When Gus was about one year old and a half, his father was changing his diapers, then Gus claimed that when he was an adult, he had changed his father's diapers. As he grew up, he made several other references similar to that as he grew up. One day, Ron showed Gus some old family photos, and Gus pointed out his grandfather, August Ortega, in one of the pictures and identified the figure as himself, even though the man had died one year before Gus was born and he had never seen any pictures of him before.

He was also shown a picture of August's family business, which Gus identified as a place he once worked for. Gus also started talking about an Ortega family tragedy, and Gus claimed that he had a sister that died, and in fact, August had a sister who had been murdered by her husband almost half a century earlier. Gus's family is certain that he is the reincarnation of August Ortega.

August Ortega


In the Summer of 1985, a teacher and devout Atheist named Howard Storm was vacationing in Paris, France with his wife when he suddenly became ill and collapsed in the lobby of the hotel they were staying in. While in the hospital awaiting treatment, Howard lost consciousness and had a strange and frightening out of body near-death experience that took him into the depths of what he believed to be Hell; He said he first saw himself lying on a hospital bed unconscious but initially assumed he was seeing a patient that simply resembled him, then described hearing voices calling to him in English which he found somewhat peculiar but nonetheless assumed it was the hospital staff ready to take him in for surgery. He then described how it became more and more apparent to him that he was no longer in Paris or anywhere else that he recognized, and by that time he found himself being forcibly pulled into a dark void by a horde of aggressive humanoid-like figures who then proceeded to punch, kick, bite, and claw at him until he was curled up on the ground desperately praying for mercy; He claimed his prayers seemed to drive his attackers away from him until they retreated into the darkness and that moments later a glowing figure appeared to him and pulled him up from the darkness and forced him to watch the events of his life up to that point including times he was selfish or cruel.

After being forced to review and reflect on his life, Howard said the glowing figure instructed him to return to Earth and live with love in his heart. Moments after regaining consciousness, a surgeon arrived and Howard received treatment, and over the next year gradually made a full recovery. The experience brought him to the brink of insanity because it so strongly contradicted his views on death and the afterlife, but he soon recovered and realized that he needed to change his religious views. A decade later, Howard had become a Methodist minister and he continues to express certainty that he went to Hell.

Source: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

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