Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hairy Man In My Woods

I recently received this short, but rather interesting, narrative:

Hello, Sir. My name is Fred. I've got a story that may be hard to believe, but I avow to you that it is completely true.

I have lived on the same property in Smyth Co., Virginia all my 68 years and I have seen a lot of strange things, though I believe all were natural. But there is one thing in my woods that I have never been able to explain.

The first time I saw it, I was 16 or so and squirrel hunting in the late afternoon. I was sitting on a large rock watching a den hole in a large hickory tree, when I noticed a hairy man running in the hollow below me. It was covered top to bottom with short reddish-brown hair. The hair on it's head and face was very long. I think it was around 6 ft. tall. It made a hell of a racket moving through brush, crashing branches and grunting up a storm. It then turned around and did the same thing on it's way back. I stood up and quickly made my way home. I never said anything to my folks about what I saw.

That's the last I had seen of this thing until this past October.

I was dragging old tree branches down into the woods when I stumbled on a tree root. I twisted my knee badly and couldn't stand on it. I lay on the ground in pain, trying to figure out what I was going to do. Then all of a sudden, I wake up on the porch bench. It's totally dark. I reach over and turn on the porch light. How did I get here? Then I noticed mud on my clothes and mud on the porch floor. There was also a pile of hand-sized creek pebbles on the porch table. I had seen these piles of pebbles throughout the woods for as long as I could remember. That's when I realized that the hairy man in the woods must have brought me home. I wondered if it was the same hairy man I saw when I was a boy.

That's the only explanation I can come up with up. I don't have any neighbors since I'm living on the ridge. May I'll see it again one day. Fred

NOTE: I emailed Fred and he agreed to me posting his story. Smyth County is located in southwest Virginia. I asked him if he thought this was a Bigfoot. He said 'maybe...but never heard of one around here.' Lon

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  1. Now I am more confused than ever. With respect to Fred's encounter with his hairy man, I am truly glad that he feels that the creature brought him home, and gave us a couple of indicators as to why he thinks so.

    On the other hand, I am confused about how to determine whether or not you might have a man-eating bigfoot on your hands.

    I have been doing catalog, library and internet research on the big guys. There are accounts of experiences such as Fred's. On the other hand, I have run across numerous accounts of mean and aggressive bigfoots, some of which have apparently devoured humans including children.

    When I have corresponded with people of certain Indian tribes, some of them have warned me that the bigfoots in their area are indeed man-eating. Other Indian people insist that the bigfoots around them are benevolent and even kind.

    I do not believe that bigfoots are some kind of interdimensional and can travel back and four between dimensions. One of the reasons I don't believe this is because various people have noted that bigfoots tend to run when threatened by armed humans. The question these have posed is, if bigfoot really IS an interdimensional being, then why don't they simply disappear when confronted by people with firearms? Bigfoots seems to know what rifles and shotguns are.

    Given all of this uncertainty, I am put out with Matt Moneymaker's statement on Finding Bigfoot to the effect that "Bigfoots are gentle creatures. They can kill you if they wish, but they choose not to." Not every human having an encounter with bigfoots has had a good experience, and I think Moneymaker's statement is both dangerous and irresponsible.

    I myself have chosen to leave the big guys alone, and hunt them in libraries and the internet.

  2. the 'pile of pebbles' thing reminded of Sasquatch Ontario's experiments and articles/videos on Sasquatch-habituation....

  3. BloggerJim, I agree that people should be cautious about generalizing the disposition of a large cryptid species like Bigfoot, as one may not know in advance of an encounter, what experiences such a creature might have previously had with humans and their general state of health. Wounded or starving animals (and humans!) can be bold and vicious, and even a merely frightened creature of Sasquatch size could be dangerous, even if it was just trying to flee. It just seems like a good idea to keep a respectful distance from a being like this and to avoid doing things to startle or annoy it just in case it isn't fond of humans.

    I disagree that a fleeing Bigfoot should necessarily disqualify them as interdimensional beings, as it assumes the ability to phase into our dimension is some sort of technology or skill that can be used on command wherever and whenever the user wants. Consider that Bigfoot may use preexisting portals or exploit weak spots in the barriers between worlds and so they must find a suitable location before they can leave. Even if they could open/close such a portal on command, would it be wise of them to risk an aggressive human with a rifle somehow following them and becoming trapped on the other side?


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