Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: UFO Encounter...Lost Time -- Does Russia Have a Secret Weapon in Orbit? -- Exorcism Secretly Filmed

UFO Encounter...Lost Time

Dover, Missouri - 1995-11-01 - few months ago my fiance and I were watching a movie, I'm not sure what it was but there was a scene in the movie with a UFO. we got into a conversation about it and she asked me if I had ever seen a UFO. I proceeded to tell her the same story that I'm about to tell you that I had never told anybody because to be quite honest... as I was telling her the story, memories were coming to me that I had completely put in the back of my mind.

in 1995 I lived in a small town called Dover, Missouri, about 60 miles east from Kansas City. I was living with a girlfriend at the time and her brother. My girlfriend worked the night shift so I would stay up late at night and wait for her to get home in the morning. for some reason we decided to go to Concordia Missouri to a truck stop for coffee. the truck stop was about 25 to 30 miles away from where we were. my girlfriend's brother was driving his car and I was riding in the passenger seat. we left the house about 1230 or 1 o'clock in the morning, and proceeded to drive east on Highway 24 leaving Dover towards the exit to go to Concordia. my girlfriend's brother had some god awful rap music playing in the car and I was looking out the window watching for deer. As I am looking out the window he is talking but I'm really not paying attention to what he is saying because I see a bright light about a mile ahead 200 feet off the ground ahead of us. I was able to gauge the distance because I could see beyond the water tower that I was familiar with at an orchard on 24 Highway. I could clearly make out the red light was flashing on top of the water tower, and this light appeared to be just off to the side of it and above it. I watched the light for about a minute or two and I asked him if he saw what I saw. i can only describe it as a ball of light that changed colors. As we got closer I noticed that it was not moving it was stationary side by side with the light on top of the water tower. keep in mind this water tower is in the middle of nowhere there are no buildings around for at least 15 to 20 miles besides the barn that was on the opposite side of the road and is about half the height of the water tower. I remember telling him its not moving its not moving.

we stop the car to get out and look at it and it started to move. this is the point of the story where my fiance asked me what happened next... and to be honest until she asked me that question I never thought about it, and I do not remember what happened next. my next memory is turning south onto the side road off of 24. and I'm not sure but I believe that it was much later when we arrived at the truck stop around 3 a.m. but it seemed perfectly normal to us at the time and remained that way until the night I was with my fiance 19 years later. As I have thought about it more the last month or so I remember flashes of images but I do not trust the images are accurate because as I said, im not sure what happened. - MUFON CMS


Does Russia Have a Secret Weapon in Orbit?

Speculation is rife over the purpose of a secretive Russian spacecraft currently orbiting the planet.

The object has been gaining the attention of both space agencies and amateur satellite-watchers due to its unconventional orbit and because to date nobody has been able to explain what it is.

Some believe that it could be a system for picking up space debris while others subscribe to the idea that it is some type of weapon designed to attack and destroy other satellites.

Its launch back in May was not declared at the time.

"Whatever it is, it looks experimental," said space security expert Patricia Lewis. "It could have a number of functions, some civilian and some military. One possibility is for some kind of grabber bar."

"Another would be kinetic pellets which shoot out at another satellite. Or possibly there could be a satellite-to-satellite cyber attack or jamming."

At the weekend the satellite was observed moving towards another object, fuelling suggestions that it may have finally intercepted its intended target and completed its mission. - Independent


Exorcism in Czech Republic church is secretly filmed

An exorcism caught on camera, filmed through the keyhole of a church in the Czech Republic, is a genuine act, church officials confirmed.

The film shows a woman said to be possessed by the devil is heard screaming as a religious 'cleansing ritual' is performed.

The exorcism, carried out in a Roman Catholic Church in Vranov nad Dyji, southern Czech Republic, was secretly filmed and posted on YouTube.

Daniel Trochta told local media how he sneaked up to the door after hearing the screaming to film the secret process through a keyhole of the church.

He then posted the almost two-minute long video which shows a group of people standing close to the church's altar, while a woman can be heard screaming and crying while shouting swear words.

Continue reading at Daily Mail


Woman slept five years with mother's body

Police in Germany said a woman who spent five years sharing a bed with her mother's mummified corpse has been sent to a psychiatric institution.

Munich police said the woman's neighbors told the building manager they were concerned because the 55-year-old woman's mother had not been seen for a long time, and the manager visited the building when the daughter dodged his attempts to make an appointment to speak with the older woman.

The woman refused to allow the building manager into the apartment, so police and firefighters forced their way into the dwelling and discovered the woman had been sharing a bed with her mother's corpse since the older woman died in 2009 at the age of 83.

Police said the body had been in the bed for so long it had become mummified.

The daughter, who police said admitted her mother had died in March 2009, was sent to a psychiatric institution.

Investigators said an autopsy conducted on the body indicated the woman died of natural causes. - UPI



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