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Friday, November 14, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Out There -- Cannibal Bakery Trio Go On Trial -- Dangerous Wildlife Predator Roaming Wyoming Reservation

Out There

By George Knapp - Twenty-five years ago this month, the author opened the door on Area 51. The story could hardly have been stranger had he found the aliens

A buzz was building inside the Kulturhuset, a community center built on Islands Brygge, the historic property on the waterfront of Copenhagen’s harbor. Inside the hall, an audience of more than 120 Danes, Norwegians, Germans and Brits were waiting to hear about a mystery that first surfaced on Las Vegas television 25 years ago. What’s the latest about Area 51, they wanted me to tell them — and whatever happened to that flying-saucer guy Bob Lazar?

Few people know better than I do how outlandish the Lazar story sounded when his tale of a secret Nevada base housing UFOs exploded onto the scene back in November 1989. To this day, it is still a bit befuddling to me that educated professionals, artists, musicians and retirees from all around Europe would gather to hear the latest scuttlebutt about the flying saucers supposedly housed in a secretive facility in the Nevada desert.

The Exopolitics Denmark conference, a two-day gathering in October, wasn’t the first to focus on the subject, and it won’t be the last. Area 51 is known around the world. Every day I receive letters, emails or phone calls from curious people in Ecuador, Iceland, Hong Kong, Russia or other far-flung places asking about Area 51 or the bookish whistleblower who put it on the map.

And that’s exactly what Lazar did. Today, Area 51 is an oxymoron of the highest order — the world’s best-known secret base. It has been mentioned in such blockbusters as The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure, an Indiana Jones sequel and Independence Day, in which Earthlings used the base to fight off an alien invasion. It’s been featured in “X-Files” episodes, inspired dozens of books, hundreds of magazine articles, songs, cartoons, poems and business enterprises.

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Brazilian Trio Running Cannibal Bakery Go to Trial

Three people—a man, his wife, and the man's mistress—went on trial in Brazil yesterday after they were arrested in 2012 for allegedly killing women and then baking them into pastries they would eat and sell to neighbors.

The three would apparently use the remains of the people they murdered and bake their flesh into "thick" empanadas they would consume. A five-year-old girl that reportedly lived with them also ate the baked goods.

According to the Associated Press, Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira, his wife Isabel Cristina Pires, and their mistress who lived with them, Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, would allegedly lure women to their home to interview for a job as a nanny. From the Daily Beast:

According to the police, the trio lured their victims to a small house on the edge of town on the promise of work and then beat them to death in a gruesome "purification" ritual that included hacking up the bodies, draining their blood, and eating body parts before burying the remains.

Police reportedly found the remains of two women in the backyard. When police arrested the three in April 2012, they claimed to belong to a group that believed in "the purification of the world and the reduction of its population."

During police's investigation of the home, they found a 50-page book penned by Negromonte, called Revelations of a Schizophrenic, in which he obsesses over killing women and talks of hearing voices. The book apparently also includes passages about black magic, cannibalism, and torture.

Negromonte apparently confessed to police to carrying out the killings, but not to actual murder, instead calling them "purifications." "I committed a horrible monstrous mistake," he said as the beginning of the trial Thursday. "It was a moment of extreme weakness and brutality that I regret." - Gawker


91-year-old alive in morgue 11 hours after 'death'

LUBARTOW, Poland, Nov. 14 (UPI) -- A 91-year-old Polish woman who was declared dead was found to be alive inside her body bag in a morgue's cold storage area 11 hours later.

Janina Kolkiewicz's niece, Bogumila Kolkiewicz, said she called her family's physician, Dr. Wieslawa Czyz, when she found her aunt was not breathing and did not seem to have a pulse at their Lubartow home.

Czyz confirmed the elder Kolkiewicz was deceased and wrote out a death certificate for the woman.

However, the death certificate had to be invalidated when morgue staff found Kolkiewicz moving inside of her body bag.

Kolkiewicz returned home, where her family helped her warm up with soup and pancakes, her niece said.

"I was sure she was dead," Czyz told television station TVP. "I'm stunned, I don't understand what happened. Her heart had stopped beating, she was no longer breathing."

Bogumila Kolkiewicz said her aunt reported feeling "normal, fine" following her ordeal. She said the older woman has no comprehension of what took place.

"My aunt has no inkling of what happened since she has late-stage dementia," she told the Dziennik Wschodni newspaper.

Police are investigating the incident and the Lublin District Prosecutor's Office said it has instituted criminal proceedings against the doctor. - UPI


Wyoming authorities warn of dangerous wildlife predator on the loose

Wyoming authorities on Thursday warned residents of a sprawling Indian reservation to be on the lookout for a dangerous predator suspected in the death of a 40-year-old woman who died after being attacked by at least one unidentified animal.

The warning from Fremont County Chief Deputy Coroner Mark Stratmoen said an examination of the woman's body found on the mountainous Wind River Reservation showed she died of an animal attack or a combination of hypothermia and wounds inflicted by one or more predators.

“This is to notify the public to use caution and be alert for any observations of predator wildlife, or any groups or individual feral domestic animals in the general area,” Stratmoen said in a statement.

He declined to say what sort of animal might be behind the attack on the 2.3 million-acre reservation in southwestern Wyoming that is home to more than 3,900 members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and about 8,600 members of the Northern Arapahoe.

The case is under investigation by the FBI.

Officials with the Wind River Law Enforcement Center said at least one tribal member had been severely injured in recent years by a pack of feral dogs that roamed the reservation.

Hair collected near where the body was found had been sent to a Wyoming lab for DNA analysis, a state Game and Fish officer said. The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday. - Reuters

NOTE: Why would FBI get involved with this? Lon

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