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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Denmark Funds Research on Underground Trolls -- Car Abduction in Cavalier, ND? -- 'Nessie' Appears Through Wave

Denmark Funds Research on Underground Trolls

The state-funded Danish Council for Independent Research has earmarked 2.5 million kroner to a PhD project that will look into the 'under-earthlings' rumoured to inhabit the island of Bornholm

The state-run Danish Council for Independent Research (Det Frie Forskningsråd - DFF) has announced its financial support of nine PhD projects, one of which will delve into the supposed presence of supernatural beings on the island of Bornholm.

According to Politiken, the cost of each PhD project is 2.5 million kroner ($428,000).

Lars Christian Kofoed Rømer, the happy recipient of the supernatural funding, told Politiken that his thesis will look at the relationship between popular folklore and 'actual relationships' with what he refers to as 'underearthlings' that are rumoured to live on Bornholm.

Bornholm has embraced the popular myth of its troll inhabitants. The island's official tourism website tells the story of Krølle Bølle, "the national troll of Bornholm". The "small and cute" Krølle Bølle lives with his troll family on the 76-metre high Langebjerg, coming out every night at midnight to have "many exciting adventures".

Rømer told Politiken that he finds it fascinating that the tale of Krølle Bølle, who was created by Ludvig Mahler in 1946, continues to thrive in today's world. He therefore wants to explore the creature's 'physical manifestations' on the island.

"It can be creatures - most people are familiar with Krølle Bølle, a popularised version of natural being - and it can be special places in the nature that have unique vibes," he said.

Rømer has spent the past two-plus years studying descriptions of ghosts and the relation to death in Danish folklore before now moving on to the underground inhabitants of Bornholm.

DFF's chairman of the board, Peter Munk Christiansen, declined to comment on specific projects funded by the council but said that DFF has a wide definition of what constitutes a useful study.

"At DFF we believe that humanistic research should be funded on equal footing with all other research areas and we actually support that area more than we support societal research. We profess a pluralism and broad coverage – we don't just pursue things that are the most popular right now," Christiansen told Politiken.

DFF, which is part of the Ministry for Higher Education and Science, has an annual budget of 1.2 billion kroner, 22.5 million kroner of which goes to PhD projects outside of the university system like Rømer's troll research. - The Local DK


Is this 'Nessie' showing through a wave?

Read more at Express


Woman Burned Alive After 'Witch' Claim

An indigenous woman accused of being a witch has been tied to a wooden pole, shot with arrows and then burned alive in Paraguay.

Adolfina Ocampos, 45, was allegedly killed after sorcery claims by members of the Mbya Guarani indigenous community after being sentenced to death last week by the group's chief.

Her "execution" was described as "out of the ordinary" and "isolated" by an expert despite a UN report claiming thousands of people worldwide are accused of being witches every year.

The UN says they are often abused, cast out from their families and communities and sometimes killed.

Nine men in the village of Tahehyi, 180 miles north of the capital Asuncion, have been charged with first-degree murder.

Prosecutor Fany Aguilera said they have admitted killing the woman.

Jose Zanardini, an Italian anthropologist and Catholic priest, said: "I've been working in Paraguay for 40 years and I can't remember a similar episode of an execution for alleged sorcery.

"The tragic death of this woman is isolated and out of the ordinary within the coexistence of Paraguay's 20 ethnic indigenous groups.

"In general, the Indians are very peaceful and tolerant."

The state agency for the protection of indigenous peoples has criticised Ms Ocampos' killing.

It said: "Although the indigenous communities are ruled by customary law, their acts cannot violate the constitutional rights of respecting the life and the liberty of people." - Sky


Car Abduction in Cavalier, North Dakota?

Here's the link to the full video

Published on Nov 7, 2014 - A security camera in Cavalier, North Dakota caught this strange event that looks as though a car has been abducted by a UFO or something else.

You judge for yourself...Lon



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