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Monday, November 10, 2014

Cryptid Encounter - State Game Lands 331 - Clearfield Co., PA

On Friday November 7th, I received information from Butch Witkowski of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania in reference to a cryptid sighting report he had just obtained.

The witness (wishes to remain anonymous presently) stated that he was in the north edge of the State Game Lands 331 (Clearfield Co., PA just south of Penfield) between 10-11 AM on 11/7/2014. He was walking his two Weimaraner dogs when an unknown bi-pedal creature stepped out of the brush.

Description: 8 foot to 10 foot tall. Weight unknown. Large stride. Short hair. Dark colored most likely brown but very dark. Thought that it may be a Bigfoot but had a prominent 'snout' like a canine.

The witness said it took all his strength to hold on to the dogs. The creature never reacted to the dogs barking...stared straight ahead and continued to quickly walk away into the forest.

One of the UFORCOP researchers added the following information after the report was forwarded out to the team:

...did some research on the Dogman. I was unaware that they do walk upright. But a did find something that doesn't match our description. They are usually German Shepard-like in color. Meaning they are two or three tones of fur color. Most descriptions are that they are 7ft. tall and very aggressive. So that leaves out Dogman in my mind. Here is an interesting thought, Ottawa and Chippewa natives believe they are Skinwalkers stuck between two worlds. That would make more sense being it wasn't aggressive. Maybe a shapeshifter if you believe in such things. I know the natives do.

Chinklacamoose native village (now Clearfield) were Lenni Lenape. I know the Lenape didn't have a Skinwalker, but some tribes had an Witiko...similar to the Windigo. Seneca Indians, whom also would have been in that area, believed in the Windigo as well. Legend has it if a Windigo was spotted by someone it is a death omen.

Most accounts of the Windigo has it at 15 ft tall. The Lenape also talk of a evil spirit called the Misinghalikun...meaning Living Solid Face. Had skin of a bear, a large face. He was the guardian of all animals of the forest.

The witness and others returned to the location the next day (Saturday November 8th). They found the exact area where the dogs had dug into the ground attempting to chase the creature. The group had a very uneasy feeling and quickly left.

NOTE: I found that the Misinghalikun was a sacred mask being of the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware, people whose origin and practice varied among the different tribal divisions. The Unami defined Misinghalikun as "living mask" or "living solid face" For them, its spiritual purpose included serving as guardian of the animals, a role it received from the Creator. Misinghalikun was embodied in a wooden mask, half red and half black which was ritually cared for by a keeper. He appeared in bearskin clothing and could sometimes be seen riding on a buck, herding deer. Among the Unami, Misinghalikun had a spring ceremony and also participated in the Big House Ceremony. Some people believed that the Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey may have been a Misinghalikun. I plan to continue researching this sighting along with other groups in Pennsylvania...Lon

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