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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Confronted By Flying Shadows

I received the following account recently:

Hi - I think you may be able to help explain our experiences. I have a home just north of Mariposa, CA near Yosemite National Park. About 10 years ago, my wife & I were at Tioga Lake during the Summer. We had been camping nearby and were hiking around the lake one late afternoon.

I'd say around 6:30 pm we started to walk toward the car & trailer and head back home. We were pulling away just before driving onto Rt 120, when we noticed 2 huge dark figures descend from above in the our path. I instantly hit the brakes and stopped. The figures looked like dark black shadows but very defined. They had a human shape with massive wings extending out and above them. They were at the minimum 10 ft tall. They just stood there 'looking' at us with small 'flashing' eyes - you could tell they were watching us. I couldn't make out other facial features. We both felt paralyzed. My wife was shaking & hyperventilating, as if she was trying to scream. They moved closer to the car and reached out with claw-like hands. I hit the gas and sped out of there, hoping I wouldn't flip the trailer. I heard a load 'thump' like I had hit something as I sped off - but I wasn't stopping.

I can't remember what I said as we got onto the highway. My wife was still shaking and crying. I just continued to drive until I stopped for gas, about an half hour later. After I gassed up, I got back in the car and looked at my wife. She was absolutely still and staring forward. I thought she quit breathing. I asked her if she was okay. She turned her head and nodded - not saying a word.

After we got home we both unloaded the camper, then headed to the bedroom. We were terribly exhausted. My wife laid down and fell asleep, while I took a shower.

The next day, after we had slept almost 10 hours, we sat in the living room and discussed what happened at Tioga Lake. We both felt fine and had no ill effects.

As the years went by, we kind of forgot about that experience. We never told our daughter, who was grown and had her own family. Our daughter and her family live in Salt Lake City, so we rarely see them except for Christmas and possibly during the Summer. This past August, they stayed with us for a week.

One afternoon, my wife and daughter drove into Mariposa to do some shopping. They were on their way back and pulled onto the side road used to access our property. My daughter was driving her SUV. Suddenly she hit the brakes and stopped. My wife said she looked up and glimpsed a tall dark figure - very similar to those we saw at Tioga Lake! This time the figure spread its wings and ascended up and over the trees. When they got home, both were shaking. My son-in-law is a paramedic and said that they both exhibited signs of shock. We laid them down and kept vigil to make sure they were okay. They eventually came around after sleeping for several hours. We discussed what they witnessed, and talked about our encounter 10 years previous. None of us understand what these figures are.

Can you give us any idea of what we saw? I fear that any mention of our encounters would not sit well with others, and be seen as malevolent by our community and friends. Please reply. Name Withheld

NOTE: I contacted and talked to both witnesses by telephone. Both feel that these entities were a divine warning...and I believe they wanted me to verify that. I doubt that there was anything spiritual attached to these beings. Their descriptions suggested to me that these 'figures' were worldly and with substance...possibly in the same genre as a 'mothman' and that the two events were probably not related. Nonetheless they promised to keep me informed as to any future experiences. They agreed to having their account published. Lon

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