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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Whitley Bay Encounter

Albert Rosales referred me to a recent report from the UK. I posted as received:

September 12, 2014, midnight

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

my father and i were on our way back from fishing heading towards a local caravan park which is situated on the n.east coast of whitley bay.to the right of the park is a farmers field with a ploughed field and some woodland.as we made toward the park my father said what's going on in the woods as there we could see lots of white lights moving around. i replied to my father looks like theres people around checking things.as we drew nearer the lights appeared to raise up from behind the trees but bow white and blue flashing.my father kept asking what do you think it is?i said its an aeroplane just took off but my father saw an entirely different object to what i thought which i questioned.i said what do you see...he replied it,s like something out of flash gordon look at the lights all over it!we approached a bend in the road and the object moved outward toward sea while passing over the trees at roughly 5 to 10 mph....my father said it looks like its stopping or going to land on the main road.as we neared the main road which is beside a local land mark called st.marys lighthouse we turned and saw to our disbelief what i saw was an aeroplane hovering above the houses but what was strange it seemed to have landed.i was driving very slow lookin up at the craft and wanted to stop but my father said whatever you do dont stop theres something weird going on.i remember a car passing us but not making a sound or stopping or even where it had gone.everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.alll around there was silence and nobody around.i passed below the craft and saw what appeared to be a doorway with stairs leading from it..my father said keep going dont stop as i nearly mounted a kerb.the craft had blue and white lights on its wings which were flashing in sequence, they were very bright and seemed to be signaling out to sea.as we were driving away i said to my dad i wander what this woman is doing walking down the middle of the road.also do you realise theres no one around or any sign of life.the figure approaching appeared to be a woman but like a dark sillohette.we kept on driving not looking back or noticing where she had gone....we got home explaining what we had just seen to family members and our thoughts and asked if anything had been on news but there was nothing nothing on radio as far as i know. my father still says he saw something completely different to what i thought which is very strange on my behalf and to which neither of has any explanation.there is one thing to add and that is i saw the same thing again but at a different time with another person.this event took place at exactly the same location in broad day light.......these events actually happened to me.


NOTE: The area around Whitley Bay has had a fair amount of UFO activity over recent years. I'm not sure what to make of this figure of a woman. Lon

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