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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Tall Shadow

I received this account early today:

Hi Lon - I heard your Ouija board experience on Arcane Radio yesterday. I had something happen while I was studying at college back about 12 years ago.

My college friends and I would sometimes got bored in our spare time. We often spoke about what it would be like to try a Ouija board. I had read many bad accounts but we were curious. I have always believed that there was some kind of life after death and that spirits moved among us.

One evening one of my friends came into student union carrying an old Ouija board. He said that he had bought it at a second hand shop in town. There were five if us, so we decided to use one of the old study rooms in my dorm. We closed all the doors and turned off all the lights. We sat around a small wooden game table and laid the board facing me. I had never done this before and was a bit hesitant. The others encouraged me - they were hesitant as well.

We all placed our fingertips on the planchette while I asked if any spirit was with us, to let it's presence be known to us. I continue this for another 15 minutes. Nothing happened. We all assumed that this was a waste of time, so we pushed the board aside and decided to go to my room to play video games.

We thought nothing had happened. But I must have caused something to enter in the room and into our lives. Since that night I have never felt the same. I am constantly filled with fear and trepidation.

Several years on I moved away with my boyfriend and his young daughter. I always feel like I'm being watched in my apartment. One late night I was on my way to the kitchen and as I walked out of my dining room doorway there was a tall shadow-like figure standing in front of me. There was no face - nothing to look at. There was just a heavy black outline of something that wasn't human, but stood on two legs. Not knowing what to do, I said 'excuse me' and it actually moved out of my way!

Since that night, my boyfriend's 5-year-old daughter complains about 'monsters' in her bedroom and occasionally screams in her sleep. It's starting to freak us out.

The fear I have had since that night with the Ouija board is so much worse than before. I don't know what this is or what it means, but I am scared to be alone and I can't carry on like this. For some reason, I know deep inside that the Ouija board is responsible for this shadow figure and the other things being seen. Janice

NOTE: I contacted Janice and decided to help her through this. She will be moving to a house soon, so it is possible that may remedy the infestation if there is no attachment...but I will monitor the situation nonetheless. Lon

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