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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Leo's Manifesto: Full Enlightenment

Several years ago, a reader name Leo forwarded the following narrative. I don't know if I posted it or not, but it does offer a lot of thought to digest. I have not heard from this reader for quite some time...and I was told that he may have passed away. If that's the case, then I'll consider this as 'Leo's Manifesto.':

"About 8-9 years ago, I went on a shaman journey. It was my third one, and I wasn't expecting anything unusual to happen. I was just going to wander around the underworld with my power animals and see and learn what I could learn and see there.

Instead, I ended up going to the higher plane, and talking with the old Indian fellow there. Anyway, the end result was that he told me that all I had to do was ask a question, or wonder about something and direct it towards the racial/collective unconscious, and they would send me answers.

Since that time, I have been getting all sorts of information about stuff, the history of the world in particular, since that is of greatest interest to me. It is really pretty cool although others sometimes think I am a total nut case. *shrug* Oh well, maybe that is why I was the one they connected to the racial unconscious.

I don't really let other people influence me unnecessarily, and in this case, I know what I know, no matter what other people may be able to accept or believe. And as always, I say believe what you will or not. Particularly important I think is to learn to trust that inner sense of 'knowingness' aka gut hunch/instinct that tells you when you are hearing 'truth' so you can sort through all the 'information' you find both here and through what I find to be the highly biased and manipulated media.

Anyway, on to humanity's destiny, full enlightenment.

I have been working at writing this thread for a bit now. It is still fuzzy for me in some aspects as well, but I am getting clearer as I go along, I think.

So, first off, what is it?

What I see us learning to do is to gain FULL enlightenment. This is much more than just being spiritually 'wise'. This entails all levels of us, including physical, which is probably the biggest neat thing!

When we start making the shift into our spirit/light body (our physically enlightened state), it will be so cool! We will have all the benefits of being in this world in these bodies; i.e. we can eat food, drive cars, watch beautiful sunsets, interact with those not enlightened, have sex, all the fun stuff of being alive. But we also can do things that 'spirits' can; i.e. walk through walls, fly, use all of our currently blocked psychic/spiritual abilities like teleportation, telapathy, talk to spirits, see the future/past, interact with the spirit realm like we do with the physical plane now (like all the aliens can and we would already be able to if we weren't blocked to it), manifest (use raw energy) powerfully and best of all, never have to die again. Oh, and we can't be killed either! Woohoo!

Now the NWO knows this is our destiny, and they are doing their damnest to block it happening for us, because if you have been reading my other threads, you will know that they believe they should have us for their servants/slaves because they were promised us by the Greys, who brought us into sentience. They know once we start being able to shift into our light/spirit bodies, they've lost us and going to be liable for failing the contract they signed with our racial unconscious 300,000 + years ago. It is gonna get ugly for them; actually the tribulation in the Bible is THEIR tribulation because of that failure to enslave 80% of humanity. So, if we just stay out of the way, we should be fine, for the most part, especially if we manifest personal safety and safety for those people and things we value.

The hows is the part that I am less knowledgeable about. I think so much of it is depending on the earth moving into an area of space that is of a higher vibrational frequency. And it is that raising vibration that makes the shift possible initially. Once you really learn how to do it, or if you choose to stay in that state, when the energy field starts lowering again, you will still be able to stay 'enlightened'. I think some of the Tibetan priests have been able to make that state because their fellow monks were artificially raising the local energy field but I don't think they could hold it long enough to really be able to stay in that state, since I don't see anyone in that state yet, out in the racial unconscious.

But what I do know is emotional damage that causes reactivity and inappropriate responses is something that will keep someone from being able to shift into their light/spirit body. If you had abuse in your childhood that makes you get angry, sad, guilty, afraid etc, way too easily, it will really impair your ability to stay 'light' because those kinds of wounds cause very dark spots in the spirit. Hanging on to any 'religion' will also prevent the shift. Those kinds of abusive beliefs also leave huge dark spots in the spirit because of all the repression of the true self required in order to 'prove' how in line with 'gods will' one is and all that crap. While this event is the 'rapture' the Christians go on and on about, they will NOT be able to attain this state using that crap the NWO spun precisely for that reason, and to control and manipulate them into acting the way the NWO wants them to, (i.e. nonviolent) so the NWO can abuse them as much as they want and not have to worry about any christian or any other 'religious' fanatic ever fighting back (the exception of course, is what the blues made out of the Muslim beliefs).

I think physical illness is less of a barrier because that is easily healed in the spirit light form. Beliefs are not at all easy to heal in any form, so the biggest challenge is going to be revamping one's belief structure.

Also, because the state of full enlightenment connects you to everything/everyone all at once, it creates several problem areas that people will have to deal with.

The first is that you will be essentially transparent. EVERYTHING and I mean everything will be known and knowable about you, so if you have areas in yourself that you are ashamed of, or afraid of, or disgusted by, or that you don't want anyone to know about, staying in the state of 'enlightenment' will be very distressing. There is no such thing as privacy, so if you have issues about that, better get to work!

The second thing is that being alone will be impossible. For us introverts, that is a toughie! My spirit origin is very much a loner type being, and this will be my biggest hurdle, I think, because I really need alone time or I end up very distressed and agitated. Of course, for me, it is going to be working with the idea that the need for space is an outdated one from my predator days, where too many others impinging on your space meant there wouldn't be enough food for all. I think this will be an issue for the Indigos as well, since they have pack predator origins, and distance is more comfortable, in general, for them, than closeness.

The third issue in this full contact thing is that if you don't know who 'you' are, it will be very easy to lose track of which spirit glob out there is you. If that happens, I think the spirit will just sort of mix into the whole, and you disappear and end up just reincarnating again. Sorta like going thru a strainer. If the 'self' awareness is big enough, it won't go through, but if it is weak and liquid or small and undeveloped, it will just slide right thru. So being the best and truest and clearest self you can be is prerequisite for succeeding in the 'spirit/light' state. That is why selling yourself out like most of the major religions teach you to do is so bad. It really limits your ability to be a strong self.

So, this is about all I can think of right now about this topic. I am sure there may be questions. Oh, and NWO-spun proof will never be available for this kind of topic, so don't even ask. Get in touch with your inner sense of knowingness, and learn to go with that for clicking on what is 'truth' for you, and you will be far less vulnerable to all that crap the NWO spins and spins to try to enslave us."

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