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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Unknown 'Falling' Object -- 'Vampire Grave' Found in Bulgaria -- Dudley Castle's 'Grey Lady'

Falling Metal Object Mystifies New Jersey Plant Workers

Workers at a New Jersey treatment plant say they saw a heavy, metallic object fall from the sky Wednesday, and they want to know where the potentially deadly projectile came from.

The employees at Secaucus Treatment Works said the 5-by-5 inch piece of metal debris hit a railing, ricocheted off a concrete tank, then hit the ground. It landed about 25 feet from where employees were working.

"It came close. It came pretty close," said employee Victor Suppa.

It "could have killed somebody, absolutely" if it hit anyone, added operations foreman Steven Bronowich.

A 5-by-5 inch piece of metal that appears to be made of ceramic, metal and rubberlike layers fell from the sky.

The workers said the object isn't part of the plant and there were no planes in the sky at the time. They were afraid to touch it at first, but they later picked it up and examined it.

They went online in search of answers and came up with all sorts of theories.

"We went on the website and we looked up space shuttle tiles, and you could see that picture there, it basically matches up with that," said Bronowich.

It seems unlikely; the last space shuttle mission was more than three years ago. So far, no one has been able to give employees a theory that seems to fit.

Employees handed the tile over to the county health department. Officials there tell NBC 4 New York it appears to be made of ceramic, metal and rubberlike layers. They were giving the piece to the FAA Friday. - NBC New York


1978 - Tyler Texas - One In A Million Million UFO Sighting

This one is from Rick Phillips...MUFON report received on 7/15/14 - about an event at a Drive In Movie Theater seen by everyone - and even video (filmed) taped - that involved the government and more....go to 1978 - Tyler Texas - One In A Million Million UFO Sighting


'Vampire Grave' Found in Bulgaria

A "vampire grave" containing a skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed by a man known as "Bulgaria’s Indiana Jones".

Professor Nikolai Ovcharov – a crusading archaeologist who has dedicated his life to unearthing mysteries of ancient civilisations – said that he had made the discovery while excavating the ruins of Perperikon, an ancient Thracian city located in southern Bulgaria, close to the border with Greece.

The city, inhabited since 5,000 BC but only discovered 20 years ago, is believed to be the site of the Temple of Dionysius – the Greek God of wine and fertility. And among the finds at the site, which includes a hilltop citadel, a fortress and a sanctuary, are a series of "vampire graves".

On Thursday Professor Ovcharov announced that he had found a remarkably-preserved Medieval skeleton at the site in what he termed "a vampire grave". Read more at Telegraph


Dudley Castle's 'Grey Lady'

A couple from Birmingham believe they captured a chilling image of the ghost the Grey Lady who has supposedly haunted Dudley Castle for centuries.

They took the photo on August 30th in the courtyard and it was only when they were looking through the images that night that they noticed a glow coming from a window.

Dudley is believed to be the most haunted castle in England.

Amy saw a glow, as though a light was on, on the top window level. On zooming in we noticed on the bottom, inside an arch, there was a lady and what appears to be a girl, too. Neither of us are ghost hunters but we do wonder if this could be the Grey Lady ghost – the picture is quite clear.”

Built in 1071, Dudley is believed to be the most haunted castle in England.

The Grey Lady is thought to be he spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who died in the castle, along with her baby, shortly after childbirth.

She'd requested to be buried next to her daughter and for her husband to attend the funeral but neither happened and so it's thought she now wanders the castle and its grounds. - ITV



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