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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Psychic Sasquatch Encounter -- Yowie Hunters Backbiting -- Man Flies Past Plane Window at 3500 Ft

Psychic Sasquatch Encounter

I received this written account after talking to the witness:

Hi - my name is Dave and I had something strange happen to me at a park near my home. When it occurred I did not understand it at all. It made no sense. A month later I read a book called the The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection and thinking back on the event things began to fall into place.

I think I scared a juvenile Sasquatch and then it tried to scare me. This is what happened; I came into the park and pulled into a spot in the white oak area, parked my truck and got out. I carry a rather large revolver in a shoulder holster for self defense. As I was about to sit down at a picnic table I unzipped my coat and placed my hand I my gun to check it as it felt shifted. The second I put my hand on it all hell broke loose. There was a loud crashing sound of branches breaking and something heavy hit the ground. I turned & lost my footing and fell to the ground. As I lay there something ran past me. I not only heard it I could feel it in the ground, leaves were falling all around me. I jumped up looking all around but there was nothing I could see and I quickly left. I jumped in my truck and moved to a different place in the park with people around. I went to a picnic table and sat down trying to figure out what just happened.

It was about 1 and a half hours later when as I'm sitting there thinking I heard the sound of about 5 or 6 large trees breaking in half then a splash in the water. I cannot emphasize enough how loud this was it sounded like a Mack truck crashing through the forest and into the small lake next to me. I jumped up looking around and there was nothing. There were people around me and no one reacted, not even a dog nearby. I was the only one that heard it. From what I have recently read these things can read your mind and project thought, images, and sounds to you. Thinking back on it I believe when I put my hand on my gun something jumped out of that tree and ran like hell, and as strange as it sounds it was invisible. Then it followed me and projected a sound to scare me back. The main reason I believe it was a Sasquatch is that there are "tree bends and branch formations" all over that park. All of them are perfectly aligned to north and south. People may never report them there but I think they are very much there.

NOTE: I talked to the witness after an initial contact. The location is being kept private for now. I believe he has a much larger story to tell...and is very receptive to the unknown. I plan on staying in contact. You may want to read Interdimensional / Bio-Engineered Sasquatch and Cryptids...Lon


Yowie Hunters Backbiting

(Gee...sounds like some of the Bigfoot hunting assholes in North America)

A war of words has erupted between rival Yowie hunters over a spate of new “sightings” of the mythical creature.

Brisbane mates Jason Heal and Jason Dunn claim to have captured clear footage of a bigfoot in a forest on the Gold Coast hinterland.

But their videos have been dismissed by self-described Yowie “researcher” Dean Harrison, who has labelled the pair “court jesters”.

Mr Harrison, who runs the Australia Yowie Research website devoted to proving its existence, said the duo was “not to be taken seriously by any researcher”.

But Mr Dunn, a Brisbane cleaner, has hit back saying Mr Harrison and his followers were jealous of the new “evidence” they were amassing.

“I think they’re intimidated by us because we are the only ones getting (footage). They can’t get stuff like we have got,” said Mr Dunn. “If they have been doing it for 20 to 25 years you would think they would have videos and images.

“We’ll show them what’s really out there.”

Yowie sightings are said to date back to early European settlement and Aboriginal folklore.

Just last week a Port Douglas man reported a run-in with an ape-like creature while Gympie man Tony Duffy recently recounted a two-hour conversation he had with a Yowie while camping.

The two Jasons have devoted the last three years to the fringe field of “cryptozoology” – the study of unknown animals – and said no story should be discounted.

Every weekend they hide cameras in forests and pine plantations and attempt to lure so-called Yowies with fruit. They claim to have numerous videos taken this year showing unexplained creatures in action, brushing the cameras and jumping out of trees.

But the clearest, they say, is a recent video of a tall, hairy humanoid caught on night camera in a secret location in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Mr Dunn said they had collected samples of coarse Yowie fur from the forest and filmed giant footprints that did not belong to any known animal.

Australian National University biological anthropologist Professor Colin Groves said Yowie believers over-zealously attributed any movement or noise in the forest to unexplained creatures.

“I am sure there are species of mammals still to be discovered in Australia but they would be small, not large species or ape-like bipeds,” he said.

Mr Dunn said the pair had been ridiculed and laughed off as hoaxes but would not be deterred.

“We know Yowies are out there, we’ve seen them with our own eyes,” he said. - Courier Mail


Man seen flying past plane window at 3,500ft

The pilots of an Airbus 320 were left perplexed after they saw a man flying past their plane.

The peculiar incident saw the figure approach to within 100m of the aircraft as it began its descent in to Manchester Airport.

The man, who was witnessed by both pilots, did not appear to have a canopy or any other notable equipment to keep him in the air.

Radar records showed no sign of anything unusual and an investigation revealed no paragliders, parachutists or balloonists over the region at the time of the sighting.

An official report released on Friday revealed that the incident had been considered "frustrating" as no explanation had been forthcoming and there was no way to corroborate the report.

"It is a complete and utter mystery," said aviation expert Chris Yates.


Man's paralysis cured after pioneering surgery

Darek Fidyka has become the first person to walk again after having his spinal nerves completely severed.

The 38-year-old had been paralyzed from the waist down after an injury four years ago but has since regained the ability to walk with the aid of a frame and can now even drive a car.

The pioneering surgical procedure that made this possible was based on the research of scientists at the University College London’s institute of neurology and was carried out by a team from Poland lead by one of the world's top spinal surgeons.

The technique involved taking nerve-supporting cells from the patient's nose and injecting them in to the areas above and below the spinal injury to provide pathways for the broken tissue to regrow.

"We believe that this procedure is the breakthrough which, as it is further developed, will result in a historic change in the currently hopeless outlook for people disabled by spinal cord injury," said Professor Geoffrey Raisman. "The patient is now able to move around the hips and on the left side he’s experienced considerable recovery of the leg muscles."

"The number of patients who are completely paralysed is enormous. If we can convince the global neurosurgeon community that this works then it will develop very rapidly indeed." Read more at The Guardian



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