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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Artist Claims He Lost His Virginity To Alien -- School Shut Down Over Demons -- USAF Mystery Shuttle Completes 2-Year Mission

Artist claims he lost his virginity to alien called ‘Crescent’

An artist has claimed that he lost his virginity to an alien woman called ‘Crescent’ – sparking a lifetime of unbridled extraterrestrial intercourse.

David Huggins says he has fathered several half-human, half-alien children – and has shown off a painting with alien women holding up weird hybrid babies he claims are his.

‘I just lay down on the ground and she got on top of me. I have no idea why me. I just don’t know,’ he says of his first encounter with the voluptuous Crescent, who resembles Gene Simmons of Kiss, but with breasts.

‘I don’t know much, but I do know for sure I lost my virginity to an extra terrestrial woman.’

Huggins has chronicled his often X-rated alien experiences as part of an exhibition of paintings, which depict no-holds-barred alien-on-human sex with merciless realism. Read more at Metro - (Warning: Graphic)


Thousands of bees perished after being attracted to massive honey spill

Thousands of bees were crushed by traffic on Thursday morning after they swarmed to a honey spill in North Fort Myers, Florida. The spill at the Del Prado Boulevard intersection also created a sticky mess on the road and backed up traffic for about an hour. Neslan Torralvo of Torralvo's Honey & Pollination Service said his flatbed truck hit a bump as he drove east on Del Prado and a barrel in the back of his truck spilled over 100 gallons of honey, about 2,400 pounds, as he turned.

He was hauling the honey to a processor in Haines City. "My wife's gonna be sad, that was her money," he said, laughing. He said the load was worth around $5,000, and he was left with about 20 gallons. He goes to the processor near Lakeland about every two months. Torralvo said cars driving through the intersection after the spill created a bigger mess by spreading the honey.

North Fort Myers Fire Control District Battalion Chief Evan Totter said the department used water pressure to help wash away the honey. The department called a Florida Department of Transportation dump truck to pour sand on the honey. "Everyone fared pretty well," Totter said. "Except the traffic ... and the bees." The spill caused thousands of bees to flock to the intersection to get a sweet taste. Torralvo, also a beekeeper, said the bees were drawn by the smell.

Emergency workers and police from Cape Coral, Lee County Sheriff's Office, the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol swatted the swarming insects as they tried directing traffic and cleaning up the honey. With the bees landing on the honey residue, thousands were crushed by traffic or sprayed away by firefighters. Hours after the crash, police radio traffic reported businesses in the area calling for beekeepers as the insects continued being drawn to the remnants of the spill. - News-Press


Strange lights reported on St. George Island, Florida

Well, we have a mystery on our hands.

Lots of people were looking at the sky, on Wednesday, October 8, hoping to witness the total eclipse of the “Blood Moon.” Many of them witnessed the event but a couple of visitors say they witnessed something else.

Could it be the Grays were on the island trying to get a tan?

MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network, published the following account of mysterious lights witnessed by a visitor to St. George Island from a location near West Pelican Court. The report came in at 11:25 p.m. on October 8.

“While staying in rented house in Plantation on St. George Island, I first observed an orange sphere at airplane altitudes moving in from the gulf horizontally across the island from south to north. As I watched it, the orange glow faded but I could still see the faint outline of the object in the full moon. It reminded me of the lighted Chinese New Year balloons except that it appeared to be traveling on a course and was a sphere and much higher in the air.

“I took a short clip of this object and really had no ideal what it was,” the visitor continued. “I then walked to the beach as the moon was full and very bright. As I looked towards the west end of the island out about 20 degrees from the coastline past the Government Cut, a much larger orange sphere, closer to me than the first one, suddenly appeared by blinking on then off twice. This one was also at a much lower elevation closer to the water. This one definitely got my attention. I hung around a few minutes more but saw nothing else.

“I have seen maritime flares and these were not flares. The second sighting blinked on and off very quickly from full light to darkness like flipping a switch. First sighting about 8:20 p.m. the second around 8:40 p.m.”

Interestingly, somebody commented on this sighting online, a Brenda M, another island visitor who wrote: “I've seen orange lights for the past three nights during the full moon! I'm staying on St George Island one-mile east of the entrance to the island.”

If you want to view these sightings online, visit and check out case number 60480.

According to its website, “MUFON officially began on May 31, 1969. At that time it was known as the Midwest UFO Network. As it outgrew the Midwestern state boundaries to become a world class UFO organization, the name was changed to Mutual UFO Network. That allowed the acronym MUFON to remain as the organization matured.”

MUFON’s stated mission is to investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON database for use by researchers worldwide; to promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet and educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

By the way, according to MUFON saucer sightings are on the upswing, having risen steadily from 4,540 in 2008 to 7,290 in 2012. - Apalach Times


Mystery Shuttle Lands After Two-Year Flight

The US military's top-secret version of the space shuttle has completed a nearly two-year-long classified mission.

The space plane, known as the X-37B, landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the Southern California coast on Friday after circling the Earth for 674 days.

What the shuttle was doing during that time remains a mystery.

The Air Force says the space planes, also known as Orbital Test Vehicles, "perform risk reduction, experimentation and concept-of-operations development for reusable space vehicle technologies".

Others, including the Secure World Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes the peaceful exploration of space, speculate that the secrecy is almost certainly tied to the presence of national intelligence-related hardware being tested or evaluated.

Costs associated with the programme are also classified.

Upon landing of the latest mission, the Air Force simply said the aircraft had been conducting "on-orbit experiments".

It was the second flight for this X-37B. The same plane circled the planet for more than seven months in 2010. A second X-37B spacecraft blasted off in March 2011 and spent more than a year in orbit.

At 29ft (8 metres) long, the Boeing-built planes are about one-quarter the size of NASA's old space shuttles.

They are equipped with solar panels that unfurl to charge its batteries once in orbit.

The Air Force said it plans to launch the fourth X-37B mission from Cape Canaveral, Florida, next year. - Sky


Kenya: Parents Shut Down School Over Demons

A primary school in Kandara constituency, Murang'a county has been closed by parents after allegations that pupils are being invaded by demons.

The Kihuru-ini primary school parents said the problem started in second term when one girl was allegedly recruited to a cult by her aunt in Nairobi. The girl is said to have recruited other girls who are said to crawl like snakes when they are possessed by the evil spirits.

The parents said they had organised prayers, but the Anglican Church, which is the school sponsor, declined to allow the inter-denomination prayers in the school. The parents have now threatened to withdraw their children from all Anglican-sponsored schools until those spirit are exorcised.

They accused the ACK Murang'a Diocese of being insensitive to the plight of their children. Parents urged the government to intervene before they take the law into their own hands. - All Africa



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