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Monday, October 06, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Arcane Radio Presents Butch Witkowski -- King Cobra on the Loose in Sussex -- Earth Has a 2nd Moon?

Podcast posted! - www.stitcher.com/podcast/arcane-radio and www.arcaneradio.com - Butch Witkowski - Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania & human mutilation investigator. For those people interested in the Todd Sees death case, Butch & Lon will offer a few updates. Butch also talks about Bigfoot in Pennsylvania and paranormal investigations. Sean & Lon discuss current paranormal & cryptid news as well.


Somebody in the Washroom

This happened last night and I can't for the life of me explain it.

My bathroom is an en-suite, with the only entrance being through my room. My bed is between the entrance of my room, and the entrance to the bathroom.

I was sitting on my bed, leaning against the headboard with my laptop, when I heard the toilet flush from behind my closed bathroom door. I get off my bed and back away from my bathroom door, towards the far wall. I here foot steps from the bathroom, then the sound of someone washing their hands. I shout "who's in there!" and the sound immediately stopped. Thinking someone was still in my washroom, I shout, "Who's in the bathroom!?" with no response.

Panicking, I yelled for my mom who quickly came up to ask what's the matter. I told her, there is somebody in my bathroom. After my mom came back with a baseball bat, we shoved open the door, only to find nobody inside. At this point, my mom thinks I'm crazy. I was watching the door the whole time, and there is no way somebody could have jumped from the second story window without hurting themselves, much less without a sound. Also the sink was wet from when they washed their hands.

Am I crazy? What happened last night?

edit: also the window was shut when I searched the washroom. There's no way somebody could close it from outside. Reddit.com


King Cobra on the Loose in Sussex

A man who believes he saw a deadly cobra crossing a footpath outside Queen Victoria Hospital fears recent cases of missing cats could be linked to the reptile.

Trevor Gamble, 49, saw a snake outside the hospital on Holtye Road at 11.40am on Sunday morning as he was walking to his home which is on the same road.

Mr Gamble said he “almost earned a Darwin award for inadvertently doing something really stupid” after bending down to get a closer look, not believing at the time it could be dangerous because it was in Britain.

When the snake reared up and “spread what looked like a hood” around its head he suddenly panicked and stood stock still.

He explained: “I’ve got a bit of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about losing things so I always look behind myself every now and then. I turned around to look back and I saw the snake come onto the path as if it had been waiting for me to pass.”

Mr Gamble then lived up to his name and decided to try and grab the snake by the tail to get a better look at its markings when it reared up and “its head came up to just above my knees”.

He added: “It was swaying there looking right at me; I had my heart in my mouth trying not to breathe. I just held my breath and kept completely still. It was a bit more than an arm’s length away from me, then it just went down and carried on going, obviously deciding I wasn’t a threat.

“That’s when I legged it.”

Mr Gamble described the snake as having a white underside and face with a dark grey body, which is typical of some types of king cobras. The snakes have enough venom in a single bite to bring down an elephant or kill 20 people.

Mr Gamble was so concerned he dialled 999 but was told it wasn’t an emergency so should call 101, the police non-emergency number, which he later did.

Police advised him to contact the RSPCA who passed him on to a company called Proteus Reptile Trust, who deal with the welfare of captive snakes.

Staff there explained they do not deal with snakes spotted in the wild.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA has since said they were unable to send out an inspector because of a lack of resources meaning they would only do so if they could be directed to the snakes exact location.

Mr Gamble said: I’m just worried because there have been a lot of missing cat posters up in this area recently and I’m thinking maybe they have been dinner for this snake. And I haven’t seen any rats or mice recently either thinking about it."

The RSPCA spokeswoman said: "Because of the volume of calls, our inspectors cannot go out looking for a snake when we don't know where it is but we would ask that if anyone sees it, they could monitor it from a safe distance so we can come out and collect it quickly and take it into safe care.

"As we only have one inspector per 100,000 people and often only one inspector covering a county we do not have the resources to scour the wood looking for a snake.

"In this instance the call was logged as an advice call. We cannot identify snakes over the phone which is why we sometimes ask people to ring other specialised animal welfare organisations."

Mr Gamble said his friends have been somewhat sceptical of his claims. He said: "I told a few friends what I saw and they said 'Trev, had you been drinking?' I said 'no, but I needed a couple of pints afterwards'." - East Grinstead Courier


Earth Has a 2nd Moon?

Astronomers have identified an asteroid with an orbit so stable that it is almost like a second moon.

It is common knowledge that the Earth has just one natural satellite, yet our planet's orbit is actually home to several other objects that could technically be considered moons.

The latest candidate, an asteroid discovered in 2014 by Farid Char of the Chilean University of Antofagasta, measures over 100m across and has entered in to a remarkably steady orbit around the Earth where it is likely to stay for at least another century.

"The past and future orbital evolution of this object becomes difficult to predict although it remains in the neighbourhood of Earth’s co-orbital region for thousands of years," astronomers wrote.

It is believed that the asteroid has been in its current stable orbit for more than 700 years but that could change within the next two centuries as it is hard to predict what will happen after that.

It is extremely unlikely however that it will ever be formally recognized as a moon. Read more at THP


New Jersey School's 'Good Ghost'

BARNEGAT, N.J. – Little evidence of life remains inside the Elizabeth V. Edwards School. The building has remained mostly vacant since its last class of students left in 2004.

But some school officials believe the building — which served as both a high school and an elementary school since its completion in 1930 — is still inhabited by something, or someone, otherworldly.

"It's always just been kind of mischievous," said Bill Cox, transportation and security coordinator for Barnegat schools, of the supernatural experiences. "We don't know if Lizzy (Edwards) is haunting the school, but if she is, she's a good ghost."

People who've worked in the building in years past say the "good ghost" — and maybe a few of her late colleagues — pass the time slamming lockers, turning lights on and off, and playing 1940s music for no one in particular. The Edwards School's ghostly reputation has attracted the attention of the Syfy network's Ghost Hunters, famous for investigating suspicions of paranormal activity across the nation.

Art Walshe, a maintenance worker in the school district, thinks the haunting might be authentic. He said he saw an apparition — the image of a translucent woman wearing a floral print dress with her hair piled up high onto her head. Another time, he said he saw the same woman and a pair of khaki pants next to her, but he could not make out the figure wearing the pants. Read more at USA Today



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