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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adding to the List

I recently received the following narrative from a longtime reader:

Lon - Since the Hinsdale House mentioned in your blog is about a 1/2 hour ride from me, I thought I'd share my ghostly experiences with you.

For most of my life I lived in my father's home in Lancaster NY (Buffalo area). The house was 8,700 sq feet. A huge rambling place located about a mile from the main road. It was torn down in the late 1990's to make way for a new modern club house. That property is now an 18 hole golf course and country club.

When I was perhaps 6 or 7 years old my parents would go out to dinner and I'd lock myself in my bedroom until their return. One night I was reading when from the corner of my eye I noticed movement. Looking up I saw a spectre travel through the room and pass through the locked door. This happened with some regularity and being a tough little kid I was only curious. (It was in that same house that I experienced out of body travel.)

Some years later I was caring for my aged mother. That home is located in Akron NY. She was dying. Finally one evening she did pass on and being exhausted I went to bed after the undertaker picked her up. I fell instantly to sleep but then I was having a nightmare.

Suddenly I was shaken on the shoulder and heard mom say "Wake up, your dreaming." It has always been my nature to wake up instantly and put my feet to the floor. It was then that I saw my mothers shadow pass out of the room through the locked door. I thanked her and went back to sleep.

I never liked the house in Akron so sold it and went on a search for an old home in rural America. Found my present home in Hunt NY.(14846) An early 1800's house with an 1800's addition and a 1900's garage. Located on a large farm it offered a beautiful view of a valley and only one neighbor.

My friend Dan went with me to look at the house, the realtor gave me the lock code to look at it. Dan and I walked through the empty house taking it in. I liked the place, and when we went into the garage I told him I was going to buy it. The garage is very large and at the time empty. After walking inside the garage I noticed some cash laying on the floor. $20.00 which was definitely not there when we first walked in. I asked Dan if he had lost the money, but he is the type who only carries credit cards. So I picked up the cash and said to the house "Thank you, we'll have lunch on this."

I bought the house, and my very first night sleeping there I awoke smelling cigar smoke. Thinking someone was outside, I said to myself 'now who is outside my house smoking?" and then said "Who is outside my house?" realizing that the house is so far from others. Then it hit me, it was a spirit of someone who had previously lived there.

A few days after moving in a lady came to the house and introduced herself as the previous owner. She had sold the place when her sons had married and she no longer needed a large house. It was sold to another party who lost it to the bank. I bought it from the bank.

I asked her if anyone in her family had smoked a cigar. She looked at me quizzically and said that yes her husband's brother had come to stay some years back. He was dying. Since she didn't allow smoking in the house he would go outside to enjoy his cigar. I believe his name was Harry. (Uncle Harry)

Uncle Harry's cigar smoke is a fairly regular night-time treat.

Some months later I smelled the perfume/cologne of a woman. This odor was quite pleasant and smelled of fresh flowers. I don't know of any products that are now made with a similar odor. I figure she was a past resident from the 1800's.

Another lady has also appeared, wearing a much more modern cologne. Maybe 1970's. Turns out she was a regular summer guest of the family. She stayed through each summer until her death. Don't know if she died in the house.

Finally my mother occasionally visits. She enjoyed Channel #5. However she interacts physically as well. She always disliked me spending time on the computer. I was compiling a book on mythology at the time and she didn't understand my need to be at the computer for long hours. She lets me know she still dislikes my computer time by stroking the back of my hand with a finger when I'm working.

Here in Hunt I've not seen any spectre, just smelled their particular odors and of course my mother's finger.

On rare occasions I still receive money from the other inhabitants of the house. Money that I know I didn't drop. Usually cent pieces but occasionally small bills as well. Always older money.

I've no intention but to remain in this home until I die and add to the list of ethereal residents. I truly enjoy living here.

Cheers, BF

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