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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Crimes Against Mankind and Nicola Tesla's Genius Continue

By Chris Holly - I have been a huge fan of the super genius Nicola Tesla for many years. He was a man far beyond his time who could have advanced society far beyond where we are today.

If he had been backed by our government as well as private investors and allowed to develop the huge amount of incredible inventions he designed the world would be far more advanced as well as a better place to live.

One of the most important inventions that Tesla developed for mankind was his free energy system which he not only invented but had nearly finished building on Long Island New York when the greedy and power criminals Thomas Edison and the banker J P Morgan not only stopped him but dismantled and destroyed the tower and machine which would have been the start of fee energy for the entire world

If Nicola Tesla had been allowed, funded and aided in his pursuit of creating a free energy power system this world would now be a far more advanced better planet. Instead for personal reasons of wanting wealth and power Thomas Edison and JP Morgan not only stopped this from happening they drove this incredible genius in to poverty and black balled him by being bullies keeping the world dark and set back hundreds of years.

People laugh when I say this yet I remain faithful to the statement if there were ever two men who I would have punched over and over in the face it would be Edison and Morgan. They should have been thrown in jail to rot for life for crimes against humanity - for what they did to this world for private wealth and power.

I cannot give an exact number to the death toll of those who have died over the last one hundred years or so due to the search for energy to keep the world moving, lights glowing and winters where homes are warm and dinners cooking on stoves all over the world. I do know most of those deaths can be directed towards those who stopped the genius Nicola Tesla from finishing his work. Our government of course is also directly responsible for this crime against mankind and still continue to this day in continuing to keep Tesla’s free energy knowledge hidden and this world in terrible turmoil.

The number of people who have died in mining for coal, digging for oil, or simply dying from extreme cold without the ability to heat their homes over the last century is enormous.

Let us not forget all the wars fought over the need for oil. Add the fact terrorism is at least partly if not completely funded by way of the profits from the worlds urgent needs for energy and we have lists of millions of dead bodies covering this world all due to need for energy . Now would anyone like to join me while I punch Edison and Morgan’s nasty noses across their selfish greedy faces?

That is only part of my anger which brings me to the main question that I just do not understand. That question is why are we still fighting for oil and where is Tesla's free energy system and why are we not building and using it ? How can that question contine to remains without answer to this very day.?Wars continue people die however we still remain without Nicola Tessa’s free energy system. I do not believe for a moment it is still hidden or lost. I do not believe for a second that with the knowledge known about this system that our scientists today could not finish Tesla’s free energy system which would free the world.

Yes I know the story that it is a big mystery to who it was that entered Nicola Tesla's small dwelling in New York City on the day he died ,alone and penniless, and supposedly removed all his papers and invention details to never be seen again. Of course I do not buy this at all and feel if we are able to explore space we should be able to find the plans for the free energy system he built on Long Island and try to continue along with Tessa’s pursuits of free energy.

If we can give a private company millions if not billions of dollars to poke around in space why not do the same and give a chunk of that money to those who could continue with Tessa’s free energy system. I truly feel our needs during these trying times here on earth now out way our need to explore space. The amount of life saved as well as a knife in the heart of the flow of money that funds terrorism would be huge with Tesla’s free energy system in place.

I watch as we push off planet reaching for the stars but must say that I know I am right in saying the condition of this planet and the human race needs to be our first concern. I also know that until we can maintain and provide for our planet and the earthlings upon it we are not going to be welcomed in to the universal neighborhood. We need to stop being a planet or killing, destroying primitive beings before those far more advanced want anything to do with us. It is why they keep us at arm’s length. They watch. They visit and even have interaction with us but past that they leave us be as we continue our savage ways.

I refuse to be pushed aside with how ridiculous I am to think his machine would work or that no one knows what he was doing or that his years of hard work are all missing. I think the need for greed and power still dominates us all and withholding free energy from the world continues for the benefit of the few instead of moving towards and forward for the benefit of the many.

It is the continuing case of a few select who want all the toys and feel you do not deserve any. This is the problem of life and the very tests our souls are handed as we live our human lives on planet earth. In this class room of life Edison and Morgan’s souls I assure you will not be found with the many, the good or the kind, the energy of their souls surely are helping keep hell fully burning.

My wish is for Nicola Tesla’s inventions to be developed and used for the benefit of mankind and the advancement of humanity. Nicola Tesla was without question one of this planets greatest minds. Tesla was a super genius who invented technology that we still have not mastered. The least we can do for the gifts he tried to give to us is to build and use and hopefully in the end give thanks to him for his work and his genius.

Nicola Tesla also was a man who was beaten down, abused and ignored by the greedy and powerful. Tesla was a threat to those who stood to make large sums of money from old technology they were involved with or funding. Thomas Edison was an enemy of Nicola Tesla because Tesla had advancements that would have made Edison's endeavors obsolete. Stopping Tesla from continuing with his inventions gave Edison his road to power, money and fame. The real price of Edison's greed was that we all paid the price for being without the advancements of Tesla's genius.

I hope one day we understand more about space and can travel beyond our own planet and solar system but we are not there yet as a society. We continue to allow the elite to use our money to explore space and ignore what is happening to each of us here on the surface of the earth. We should not allow another Edison or Morgan to keep us living in war and hardship so the few can explore space or take trips to space stations for vacations only designed for the rich or elite few. We need to use our money and our brain power to develop free energy and concentrate on the advancement of mankind here on earth before we reach for the stars. When we have finally become a civil working society I am sure our universal neighbors will decide to become more openly forth coming with us but until then my bet is as long as we stay as we are, they will stay as they are, at arms length - in fact I know it.

I can only hope for these things to happen and try to reach out to others who may feel the same way. Maybe if we pull together for a new way of things in this world we might actually one day get there.

♥ Copyright © 2014 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

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