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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Canadian Humanoid Encounter Wave of 1968 - Part III

The following information has been provided by Albert Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. This post will be presented as a three part series:

UFO historians and researchers have always pointed out time periods or years in which encounters seem to increase in overwhelming numbers, they have labeled these time periods as ‘Waves’. The summer of 1947 is considered the first modern UFO wave in history (mostly in the United States). Other notable waves were in 1952 (basically the whole year and again concentrated in the USA). There were minor waves after that with concentrations worldwide, then came the summer of 1965 in which a worldwide wave was recorded, starting in South America, this incredible wave continued throughout 1966 and well into 1967, the next notable wave, acknowledge by those UFO historians and researchers is of course the fall 1973 (starting in the USA, mainly the southern states). One year which has been mostly ignored as a wave year or a period of intense activity was of course 1968, which included Argentina, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, and of course my main focus of attention in this article Canada (specifically the Province of Quebec). Encounters with strange entities were numerous and steady and mostly ignored by non-Canadian researchers. Following is a summary of known entity or humanoid encounters in Canada for the year 1968.

Not to be outdone in August, Quebec again becomes the focus of the next encounter, we go to Montreal:

Location. Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: August 4 1968 Time: 05:00 a.m.
Three young men, aged in their early 20’s had spent the night visiting the fair at La Ronde amusement park and were now returning back home. The three, Guy Gagne, Jean-Guy Girouard, & Carol Marquis were near Perras Boulevard when at about 150 feet from them they spotted a strange creature that seemed to be walking around with extreme difficulty, it seemed to use its hands to balance itself on the ground, similarly to a monkey. However the being was about 3ft tall with a head much larger than a normal primate. As the strange figure reached a street lamp it performed an abnormally high jump and immediately vanished from view of the witnesses, it then appeared briefly on the other side of the road, apparently it had managed to make a leapt of about 30 ft, it then disappeared for good. The stunned witnesses immediately called the police who assured them that there was no circus in the region and that nobody had reported an escaped “monkey”. A few days before this encounter several witnesses at nearby Boscoville had seen a luminous UFO flying overhead.

HC addition # 2
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants
& Critters and Henri Bordeleau

Quebec also features in the next brief report:

Location. Near St. Gertrude Quebec Canada
Date: August 6 1968 Time: 2130
Four adolescent boys were outside, when they heard the dog barking furiously and saw it tugging on the rope. They heard a creaking sound, and saw a 4ft tall luminous entity leave the hedge where the dog was barking. It had large shoulders and long arms which hung down. It instantly disappeared in front of them.

HC addition # 21
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Still in Quebec our next case was heavily investigated and has several witnesses, considered a classic in Quebecois Ufology:

Location. Coleraine Quebec Canada
Date: August 29 1968 Time: 1830
A group of children on four consecutive days saw a strange being hanging onto a boulder overlooking a cemetery. He was a dwarfish humanoid about 4 ft tall, with a shaven head, naked chest and a heavy black beard, and with a red and bumpy skin, “like that of a lizard.” This being would disappear into thin air unexpectedly. Also a roaring noise was heard in an excavation at the foot of the boulder, and a kind of “flying saucer” was seen, about 30 ft wide and colored blue, white and red; it left a long trail of smoke, and each time it “looked as if it were trying to land behind the boulder.” The children were Denis Bogus, 7, who saw the object; his brothers Michael and Andre, and their uncle, George Bogus; other adults who subsequently observed the phenomena were Normand Daigle and Luc Cadorette.

Humcat 1968-62
Source: Saucers Space & Science, fall 1968

Our next case does not really involved the presence of humanoid or entities but it present a very high-strange scenario, a bizarre brief journey into another realm:

Location. Burnt Creek, near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Date: August 31 1968 Time: afternoon
The witness was a successful practical minerals prospector working for a Canadian company operating out of Vancouver. He and his partner had flown in from Yellowknife, where after a battle with the elements, they got to their camp at Willow Lake (just a cabin in the wilderness). The two of them moved south a bit and set up a secondary camp which was merely a tent---here is where they would strike out each day in search of mineral signs. They sometimes worked together as a team, but most often they ranged alone. During the two and a half months they were there, the only unusual thing that occurred was the discovery of a strange type of “rock” shaped like a double blade of a fan or windmill that they (and later geologists) were not able to classify. On their last day in the field, a bizarre incident occurred.
On that day they were as usual on their own, the witness exploring around Burnt Creek and north in the hills, but returning to camp empty handed his friend was not there yet, so he just sat and meditated on the hills. Bored he got up and walked to the edge of a small (still 50 foot drop-off) cliff, and looked down into the gouge below. This gouge was peculiar, about 50 foot long and only 4 feet wide and flat. In it were some “bubbly looking rocks” and a “tubular fog bank”. The apparent minerals were odd, but the unmoving fog bank more so. He felt nervous just looking at it, but decided to go down into the gouge and explore. There he found more of the unusual unidentified mineral and it seemed to be associated with a small mining activity, (even though there was supposed to be no such thing in this area). Puzzled by the rocks, but still in the presence of the unmoving mist, he finally decided to walk into the fog bank.
Approximately two steps into the mist he saw a grassy field for as far as his vision was capable of seeing at that time. The grass was about one foot tall at that point. The more he advanced towards the grass, the higher the grass became, there was a wind blowing from the grass away from him. On entering the mist his vision was limited to his left and right. He advanced until the grass, brown colored, was approximately three feet tall. Then he decided to retreat, which he did. He does not remember what the sky looked like, gray colored seemed correct. He decided to walk back into the mist and cautioned himself not to walk into the grass. He went as far as the first time and things were the same. As he advanced, the grass got taller (but he seemed to be now walking beside it, not in it) approximately 4 foot now, and his vision left and right got wider. Far off to his right there was an oasis with medium sized trees in a circle with two tall palm trees growing in the center of the circle. At that point he had enough. At that time his mind went completely blank except for one little piece of his brain powers intact and he got out of there in record time.
He told neither his buddy or anyone else what had happened to him, but he never could shake the thought that he had passed into another dimensional reality for those few minutes. He wondered about the strange stones which should not have been there and the small mining operation which likewise should not have been.

HC addendum
Source: SETI Institute, and string theorist Lisa Randall (In Your True Tales unknown month or year)

We return to Ontario for our next peculiar but brief case, again we are in Toronto:

Location. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: September 7 1968 Time: unknown
A woman reported meeting a being wearing an “astronaut suit” which gave her a stone of a very strong and unique composition. After tests perform on the stone it was revealed that it had strong nickel content. It is hinted that the extraterrestrial also had sex with the witness. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Jean Ferguson, “Enigmas of time present”

For our next case we return again to Quebec where the wonders of 1968 apparently never ceased:

Location. Drummondville Quebec Canada
Date: September 14 1968 Time: evening
A group of three young girls saw a small man dressed in black with a kind of ‘overcoat’, hat and a ‘plain’ front that approached them moving like a robot. The stranger suddenly stopped and looked up staring at the children with a ‘terrified’ face. He then hastily disappeared the moment the children turned away for only seconds. The next day, Sunday on September 15 at 20:15 the same witnesses and a fourth girl saw a ‘boy’ about four feet in height which was encased in a circle of red light. The little figure stepped out of the circle of red light and appeared to be wearing dark blue clothing, he then hid behind a large tree trunk and the children lost sight of it. A neighborhood dog would not stop barking during the incident. The strange figure was seen one last time walking behind the tree trunk in the strange robot-like manner. The next day traces were found on the sand that did not resemble those of a dog. The name of four of the witnesses were disclosed as, Joelle Henaire, aged 13, Suzie Fontaine, aged 10 and Helene Laforce and Celine Bedard about the same age.

Humcat 1968-97
Source: Henri Bordeleau, Donald Cyr

We continue on in, you guessed it! Quebec!

Location. Coaticook Quebec Canada
Date: September 21 1968 Time: 2130
Two young girls said they saw a “Martian” on the roof of the Coaticook High School. By 2000, a crowd of nearly 50 persons had assembled. Shirley Green said that at 2130 she saw “green face with no nose, mouth or hair,” and that the man emitted intermittent sparks. In a field owned by a Mr. Boivin, grass was burned in a circle 42 ft in diameter; some tracks were found.

Humcat 1968-98
Source: Saucers Space & Science # 54

This next case is again from Quebec and is accompanied by a fine illustration courtesy of Donald Cyr:

Location. Asbestos, Quebec, Canada
Date: September 28 1968 Time: 2145
A family was watching television when the wife called her husband to see a green rectangle, in the sky, which became brighter and greener. From it emerged a yellow orange disc with three circular lights beneath it. The husband and his brother in law then drove after the object which entered a cloud, turning it green. Soon afterwards a brilliant ball of light emerged from the cloud. The men stopped at a house and some boys also saw the object. The men walked towards it but became afraid when it flooded them with light. Meanwhile back at the house, the wife and sister in law saw two humanoids walk from the object, seemingly in space. The object then slowed, and moved towards Windsor emitting a green light from its rear.

HC addendum
Source: John Brent Musgrave in: “UFO Occupants and critters”

The next case is from the same location and very similar perhaps the same one? It has some different details though:

Location. Asbestos Quebec Canada
Date: before October 9 1968 Time: unknown
A man, his wife, his brother in law, and his sister in law saw in the sky a rectangular green shape. After some minutes “a real saucer” came out of the cloud, with a yellow-orange light around it # 3 circular lights beneath it. The men got into a car & followed the UFO toward St. Claude; watching from the home, the women distinctly saw humanoids walk from the object seemingly into space.

Humcat 1968-101
Source: Saucers, Space & Science #54

We finish the year of high-strangeness in Canada, again in the far north, where the humanoids were seen by the crew members of an aircraft!

Location. 150 miles w of Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada
Date: November 1968 Time: 02:30 a.m.
The flight engineer of a chartered cargo aircraft flying at 170 mph from Copper Mine to Yellowknife noticed in the clear night sky a stationary object emitting pale blue light. This object approached to within 1000 ft of the airplane, & flew along with it for 5 minutes, after which it departed suddenly at great speed. It was disc shaped & had a row of large rectangular windows; in the middle window was visible a dark form which the witness thought to be an occupant of the UFO. The pilot and the copilot also saw this, and reported it by radio to the air traffic control center in Yellowknife.

Humcat 1968-104
Source: Jeff Holt for UFO Quebec

There you have it, 31 stories, reports, anecdotes, whatever you want to call them, of strange and unusual occurrences, all from Canada in 1968. Many of the reports were investigated by local well-balanced and intelligent men such as Marc LeDuc, Donald Cyr, Henri Bordeleau, Jean Ferguson, etc. You be the judge. I contend that the above cases were part of the much larger and mostly ignored UFO/humanoid wave of 1968.

Albert S. Rosales

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