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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Canadian Humanoid Encounter Wave of 1968 - Part II

The following information has been provided by Albert Rosales of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. This post will be presented as a three part series:

UFO historians and researchers have always pointed out time periods or years in which encounters seem to increase in overwhelming numbers, they have labeled these time periods as ‘Waves’. The summer of 1947 is considered the first modern UFO wave in history (mostly in the United States). Other notable waves were in 1952 (basically the whole year and again concentrated in the USA). There were minor waves after that with concentrations worldwide, then came the summer of 1965 in which a worldwide wave was recorded, starting in South America, this incredible wave continued throughout 1966 and well into 1967, the next notable wave, acknowledge by those UFO historians and researchers is of course the fall 1973 (starting in the USA, mainly the southern states). One year which has been mostly ignored as a wave year or a period of intense activity was of course 1968, which included Argentina, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, and of course my main focus of attention in this article Canada (specifically the Province of Quebec). Encounters with strange entities were numerous and steady and mostly ignored by non-Canadian researchers. Following is a summary of known entity or humanoid encounters in Canada for the year 1968.

Our next case is brief in details and is from Ontario, the activity begins to pick up.

Location. Wooler Ontario Canada
Date: July 2 1968 Time: 2200
Several witnesses see a bright object land on some nearby brush. Later several shadowy beings enter nearby homes and take several items. No other information.

HC addition # 2409
Source: FSR Unknown volume

Next the activity in Quebec starts in earnest, the next two cases occurred on the same date in Quebec.

Location. St. Alexis de Montcalm Quebec Canada
Date: July 2 1968 Time: 2114
A woman saw a green object shaped like a hat or mushroom, which passed at the height of the window. She believed she saw in it up to 20 small men, all of green color, with rather pointed noses, resembling sculptures in the African Pavilion at the Montreal Expo.

Humcat 1968-85
Source: Saucers, Space & Science Type: A

Location. St. Thomas Quebec Canada
Date: July 2 1968 Time: 2130
Constable M. Michaud and another police officer were reported to have seen two naked little men run through a drainage ditch and flee. Reports had the “little men” disappearing as they were about to be apprehended. Some reports had them as only two feet high, with shoulders the size of adults and disproportionately large heads. The appearance of a large meteor at the time merely complicated matters.

Humcat 1968-42
Source: Saucers, Space & Science, fall 1968 Type: E

The next two cases were also from Quebec and on the same date, both unfortunately with very brief details, but interesting nonetheless:

Location. St. Bruno Quebec Canada
Date: July 22 1968 Time: evening
Six young girls, ages 7 to 13, reportedly saw a figure they described as “The Virgin Mary.” The apparition appeared before them hovering in the air; four of the girls merely saw the figure, whereas two, heard a voice they described as “soft and slow.” It advised them to pray and promised to return in October 7.

Humcat 1968-48
Source: John A. Keel, UFOs Operation Trojan horse Type: E?

The above case appears to have been what is called a “Marian” apparition or The Holy Virgin Mary, which seems to indicate that different type of phenomena due seem to occur at the same time in the same area.

Location. St. Basile Quebec Canada
Date: July 22 1968 Time: evening
A boy reported seeing a man like figure that was apparently airborne and “seemed to be walking in the sky, without any visible means of propulsion.” No other information.

Humcat 1968-47
Source: John A. Keel, UFOs Operation Trojan horse

Quebec seemed to be the focus of events in the late summer with the following three cases occurring in Quebec within days of each other:

Location. Riviere Du Loup Quebec Canada
Date: July 26 1968 Time: 1500
Two young boys riding their bicycles near the airport stopped by the hangar and sighted a short three-foot tall gray skinned humanoid. The humanoid ran away joined by a second similar being, both moved in stiff movements. No other information.

HC addition # 24
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters Type: E

Was the above case an early encounter with the “Grays”?

Location. St. Stanislas De Kostka Quebec Canada
Date: July 28 1968 Time: 2100
Five young people, including Paul Sauve, 20, and his sisters, Nicole, and Joanne, and Regent Leger and his brother Dennis, saw two circular objects with brilliant red halos, one of which was seen to land about 1000 ft away. They went out with a flashlight to investigate and encountered a being, 50 ft away that terrified them so that they ran back to the house. It was about 4 ft tall, had a big head ‘imbedded in the shoulders” without a neck, and large round eyes, a flat nose, and having a black or brown skin that was “wrinkled, scabby, with bumps.” When caught in the flashlight beam, it lifted a hand, which was very large, black, and rough, “like the skin of a toad,” and opened and closed its mouth. Then it backed off toward the barn. After they were back in the house, it came up to a window and knocked on the pane, making a “mooing” sound “like a cow.” Later they saw the object take off vertically. A 15-foot circle of crushed grain was found at the landing site.

Humcat 1968-51
Source: Wido Hoville Type: C

Location. Upton Quebec Canada
Date: July 28 1968 Time: near midnight
A man, his wife, and two children were awakened by the barking of their dog. When he arose to investigate, he saw a sparkling, rotating “cloud” in the yard. It flew just over him and went to a nearby field. About 12ft in diameter, it was dark on the bottom, but luminous on top. The cows in the field were being chased by 4 or 5 small entities, perhaps 3 ft tall with heads shaped like bottles. As the UFO flew above them, they disappeared. The cattle seemed ill for weeks afterwards.

HC addition # 23
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters Type: C

We next jump forward to August, to Ontario to be exact with a strange poorly documented contact yarn:

Location. Near Toronto Ontario Canada
Date: August 1968 Time: unknown
A man was walking near the downtown area when a car pulled up to him and two men inside asked him to come in for a ride. He was taken to the countryside to a landed disc shaped object. Five men wearing dark brown uniforms invited the witness inside. He was told that the captain of their ship was a female, which the witness did not see. He was also given information on the craft’s propulsion system.

HC addition # 313
Source: Robert E. Bartholomew, UFO Lore

We visit British Columbia next with another bizarre contact/encounter claim, much better documented than the one from Ontario:

Location. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date: August 1968 Time: late afternoon
The main witness (involved in other encounters) and some friends where playing with bb-guns on the grounds of the Shaugnessy Golf course when they saw a small metallic “flying saucer” on the ground. The main witness went up to it, to show off to his friends and actually played “bongos” on it. The object was as big as a VW beetle (but round). He then walked to one side to get a better view of the silver object and saw a small “non-human man” next to it. The figure was very pale, almost blue in color and was wearing a white suit with a blue sash around his waist and looked like “the man from the Glad television commercials”. The witness said, “My name is Kim” and put his right hand on his heart. The creature responded by holding his palms upward and made a sound, but he didn’t seem to “have a tongue”. At one point he put out his right arm and nodded for the witness to do the same thing with his left, and he was allowed to compare his hand with the alien’s and except for the pallor they were very similar. At this point he heard a voice in his head that spoke the words, “Would you like to pray”? And he bowed and put his arms pointing down with palms towards the witness. He was a bit embarrassed and to get a laugh from his friends who were literally “stunned” he made a gesture towards this BB gun in his right pocket. The alien seemed to sense this and the witness had to apologize for this and explained that it was only a bb-gun and was not real, the alien seemed to understand. The witness said a few more things and then waved at the alien and the alien waved back. The witness then rejoined his friends and they left the area.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.ufobc.ca/sightings/

Many of the reports were investigated by local well-balanced and intelligent men such as Marc LeDuc, Donald Cyr, Henri Bordeleau, Jean Ferguson, etc. You be the judge. I contend that the above cases were part of the much larger and mostly ignored UFO/humanoid wave of 1968.

Albert S. Rosales

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