Thursday, September 11, 2014

Possible 'Mothman' Encounter - Monroe County, Ohio

In Wednesday's blog, I posted a 2002 account from the Wheeling, WV area. The following account is from nearby Monroe County, Ohio and was received by me this morning:

Hi - I'll start out by saying that the small town where I grew up, and where all of my family still resides, is in Monroe County, Ohio maybe twenty minutes or so outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. I was talking to my dad on the phone the other night. He told me that last week while driving home from work, he came across something he can't explain. He voice was shaky, unlike I have ever heard him.

He works the night shift at a local coal mine and while driving home from work early one morning around 5:30 am he noticed a large creature crouched down in the road. It had bright red glowing eyes that looked directly at him. He said this creature also had very large wings which were wrapped around it as it crouched. He said he had never in his life seen anything like this. It had really upset him. He proceeded to drive by it, but when he looked behind him, it was gone! He said that he was actually scared to get out of his car when he got home in fear that perhaps it had followed him or was even on his car. After a few very tense minutes, he slowly got out of the car. There was nothing there.

I asked him if he had ever heard of the "Mothman?" He kind of paused, then said that he had never heard of it until he started talking to people about what he had seen. He said that they would say right away "It sounds like you saw the Mothman!" You hear weird stories all the time, and because you don't really know the person who witnessed it, you just shrug it off. Knowing my dad and what a logical thinker he is, I believe he encountered something supernatural. He is usually the one who tries to come up with logical answers for things that are otherwise unexplained. He's very skeptical when it comes to aliens, UFO's, ghosts, etc. For me to talk to him and hear him tell me about this Mothman-like creature was shocking. For this is not like my father.

I will say that I am concerned, for what I understand is that when a person actually witnesses a Mothman, often times bad things happen afterwards. There isn't a doubt in my mind that what he saw was 100% true. It has completely made a believer out of me when it comes to the Mothman. I hope for the sake of my father and my family that that isn't true and that he made an mistake of identity.

Thanks for reading. Any comments would be very appreciated. SO

NOTE: I contacted the the writer in order to find out more information...specifically the location where this sighting took place. He said his Dad didn't want to say because he knew that his son would go and investigate. I urge him to have his Dad contact me...or update me if other information surfaces. The witness seemed genuinely upset that his family may be in danger. I assured him that I have received many Mothman-like encounter reports and that only one witness experienced problems later...though I doubt it was the result of encountering a Mothman. If other information comes to light, I will post it here. Lon

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