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Monday, September 29, 2014

Oops! Greek Woman Possibly 'Buried Alive'

Panicked cemetery workers said they heard the 45-year-old woman desperately trying to get out of her casket roughly an hour after she had been buried. When she was finally pulled to the surface she was found dead, prompting an investigation into the cause of her death:

A cemetery worker got the fright of his life when he heard a woman screaming from inside her buried coffin.

The man told police he could hear muffled shouts and banging coming from the plot of a 49-year-old woman who had been pronounced dead and buried that day.

Workers and cemetery visitors frantically dug up the coffin and smashed it open, however they were too late and the woman had died.

Police visited the Peraia cemetery near Thessaloniki in Greece, however a doctor who examined her body at the scene claimed she had been dead for hours and could not have possibly been buried alive due to her advanced state of rigor mortis.

The doctor, Chrissi Matsikoudi told Greek television channel MEGA: ‘We did several tests including one for heart failure on the body.’

A coroner will be carrying out a separate examination on the body.

Police say the woman, a mother of two who suffered from cancer, cannot be named until the post mortem is carried out.

Relatives of the woman say they are considering filing a complaint against the doctors who first pronounced her dead. - KFOR


Greek woman heard screaming, banging from inside coffin after allegedly buried alive

Muffled screaming and banging coming from inside a freshly buried coffin sent Greek cemetery workers in a panic to unearth a 45-year-old woman, according to local reports.

Workers desperately ploughed through the recently packed soil to get to the woman on Thursday, but by the time they got inside — an hour after her funeral — she was found dead.

An investigation into the initial cancer-victim's death is now underway with some claiming she died from suffocation while nightmarishly entombed, the BBC reported.

Others say she had never awakened in the first place.

"I just don't believe it. We did several tests including one for heart failure on the body," Dr. Chrissi Matsikoudi told MEGA.

A doctor who happened to be at the scene of her coffin's removal in the town of Peraia, south of Thssaloniki, reportedly examined her body and determined that she had been dead for hours.

"It would have been impossible for someone in a state of rigor mortis to have been shouting and hitting the coffin like that," said Matsikoudi.

Fortunately the woman's relatives had already left the cemetery by the time the terrifying chaos ensued.

But neighbors and children playing outside allegedly heard the woman's cries as well.

The victim's family is reportedly mulling a complaint against the doctors who treated her at a cancer clinic. - NY Daily News

NOTE: It's interesting to note, that 'live burials' were not uncommon before the advent of modern medicine. Lon

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