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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Holy vs. Hologram: The Alien Abduction Experience

By Greg May - Are victims of alien abductions actually taken aboard spacecraft?

Joe Jordan is a safety-specialist at Kennedy Space Center who became interested in the abduction phenomenon when he went through training as a state-section director for MUFON in 1992 in Orlando, Florida. Jordan was introduced to people attending monthly MUFON meetings claiming to be in contact with the ‘entities’ responsible for UFO sightings and told MUFON investigators “we can continue to chase our tails by looking at lights in the sky or we can focus on people who are in the front line – the abductees”.

According to Jordan ‘abductees’ aren’t taken aboard a ship, they are physically still in bed. He recalls a couple of cases where people had the abduction experience while in the presence of a witness who was awake. “They didn’t go anywhere. They almost went into an unconscious state. This was only for a few minutes, but they came out of it totally exhausted and could talk about what happened to them, and it would take hours for them to tell it at all,” Jordan explained to Nick Redfern in ‘The NASA Conspiracies’.

Jordan describes their experience ‘like a time-displacement’ and likens it to more of a ‘hallucination or apparition’: something along the lines of a hologram, “ but it’s still in the mind.” He believes the entities can create this experience in people’s minds and they interact with it, even leaving physical manifestations – “which makes it so confusing.”

Joe Jordan agrees with Christian evangelicals that UFOs and extraterrestrials are demonic entities created by Satan: “The purpose of all this is to deny the reality of Christianity. And, they have probably the best propaganda machine I’ve ever seen or read about.”

Someone once said the greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Jordan points out that the ‘stories of old’ (fairy tales) of gnomes, fairies and elves wouldn’t be believed today so the demons come in a guise that we will accept. “But their purpose is to defeat us and to delude us, so that we will take our focus off the one true God. And if that happens, if the Bible is real, then the people who succumb to this – their souls are doomed. And I think that’s what these entities are trying to do. That’s their agenda. The demons know they’re doomed to Hell; the Bible teaches that is what will happen to them. But when that times comes, they plan on trying to take as many of God’s creation with them as they can. It’s a cosmic war”.

The New Age Movement’s ‘Intergalactic Belief’ teaches extraterrestrials will save humanity from the Apocalypse, but first a portion of the Earth’s population will be removed because their ‘vibes’ aren’t in-tune with the New Age. This will most- likely be the most accepted explanation world-wide for the disappearance of some 100 million believers in Jesus Christ when the Rapture occurs.

Nick Redfern. ‘The NASA Conspiracies’. The Career Press, Inc. Pompton Plains, New Jersey. 2011

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It is presented solely as the opinion of the author and has been published, as received, without any edits. It has been my policy to allow guest bloggers the occasional opportunity to freely express their beliefs. Lon

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