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Monday, September 01, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Wampus Cat Encounter -- Humanoids in Alabama -- Reptilian Shapeshifters?

Wampus Cat Encounter

Received the following report this morning:


I heard the Coast to Coast AM program last night about Cryptids. I heard some talk about Wampus cats. Well I grew up in west central GA right on the GA/AL line. We lived out in the country and had a swamp down behind our house. I had a dog named Silver Chief. When he was a puppy I was a baby. We grew up together. I had graduated high school when he died. Anyway that dog was not afraid of anything man or beast. We had been having some chickens killed at night & thought it might be a fox or something. One night I heard the chicken hollering so I grabbed a flashlight and a .22 rifle and ran to the chicken house. It was dark but I saw some big and white looking jump over the chicken wire fence. It was 7 ft high. I went in and there were six dead chickens.

It was not long after that on another night I heard my dog barking. I could tell by his bark he had something treed. All of a sudden he screamed and ran back to the house. He had never run from anything. My brother got the .22 and walked up into the woods. He was walking around and heard claws scratching on tree bark. He looked up right into the eyes of what we called a Wampus Cat. It was getting ready to pounce on him. My brother who was an excellent hunter just threw the rifle barrel up without taking time to aim and shot the cat right through the head.

He brought the cat home and I had never seen anything like it. It was solid yellow/white colored. Had long 3 or 4 inch fur, and a tail about 4 or 5 inches long. Even with the short tail he was 3 feet long from nose to tail. We skinned him, salted his skin and stretched it on the barn door.

I remember that we used to hear it screaming in the swamp at night. Sometimes it sounded like a woman screaming and sometimes it sounded like a baby crying.

I have never seen anything like it before or since. It had huge teeth that had grooves in the gums and lips on the opposite of the teeth. It had huge feet.

Here is a cartoon drawing (above) I did of it several years ago. Most people don't believe we actually killed it till they saw it's hide on the barn door. - PGD


Humanoids in Alabama

The following report was forwarded by a reader:

Mr. Lon,

I wrote you back in the winter about a strange light I saw move from about a half mile away to right in front of me in like two seconds flat in Cullman, Alabama. Well I watch the sky often late at night and see lots of strange things but this different. My brother Joey, his wife and 8 year old daughter were in Cullman two weeks ago late at night. They were looking for houses to rent in the area and by the time they got on the road to go back to Birmingham it was about 10:00pm. My brother his wife and daughter swear by this story I'm about to tell you and my brother is in the Army, his wife was in the Army. I got two frantic phone calls and a text each from them to call them asap. My brother said he looked over in to the woods they were passing and saw green laser beam lights going in all direction, so they pulled over and turned their lights off. Within two minutes they saw four human looking figures come out of the woods. They couldn't make out their features but it scared my niece. All of a sudden they see headlights from another car and as they watched the figures disappeared on the right and appeared on their left close to the car. My brother picked up his gun but got the hell out of there. They said it took two hours to calm my niece down..they believed it was kids until they saw them vanish and then reappear on the other side of the road. I always see things in the sky here but my brother never believed me until he and his family saw this. His wife is in denial about what she saw but I talked to her that night and she was scared. My niece is very animated about what she saw. She wouldn't go down the road it happened on with me in the day time. I had to tell you what happened, it was to weird. Are there any other sightings you know of in this area? Thanks for everything. JSG


Reptilian Shapeshifters in Grass Valley

Ghosts & the Supernatural - HPI Reptilianologists headed to Grass Valley to investigate some out of the ordinary claims.A woman says that she witnessed her neighbor morph from a human being to a reptilian. Note: This later became her boyfriend and not her neighbor, the story changed. Now that his identity was exposed, he informed his reptilian colleagues. It so happens his colleagues live in the same neighborhood.

reptile shapeshifters humans 1 The client discovered she lives in a community of Reptilians. The Reptilians now dress in black and in the middle of the night, they gas her room, placing the client into a sleeping slumber. They remove something from her body on a nightly basis. She even has a photograph of an incision on her back. She discovered a strange gas pipeline that goes into her bedroom. It will be the mission of the HPI Reptilianologists to discover what exactly this pipeline is. We will conduct surveillance on the home and the property to see if there are strange men in black creeping around her home.

In The Biggest Secret (1999), Icke introduced the idea of the “Reptoid Hypothesis.” He identifies the Brotherhood as originating from reptilians from the constellation Draco, who walk on two legs and appear human, and who live in tunnels and caverns inside the earth. They are the same race of gods known as the Anunnaki in the Babylonian creation myth, Enûma Eliš. Tyson Lewis of Montclair State University and Richard Kahn of the University of North Dakota write that Icke has taken his “ancient astronaut” narrative from the Israeli-American writer, Zecharia Sitchin. Icke’s idea of “inner-earth reptilians” is also not new, though Barkun writes that Icke has done more than most to expand it. Read more at Costa Rican Times


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