Monday, September 15, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Odd & Creepy Images -- Little Humanoid Video Capture -- More Lake Windermere Nonsense

Kisolava, Serbia, 1725 - Three days after he died, Peter Plogojowitz returned from the grave and showed up at his son's door demanding food. His son fed him, but not the next night. This led to the deaths of his son and several villagers, who all suffered a loss of blood before their deaths. At Peter's grave authorities found him with flush cheeks and blood covering his mouth. He was staked and burned, as were his victims.

From Mansfield Reformatory in OH: when we took this picture to show the unique design, we got an image in the background of what appears to be either a guard or houseboy (some of the good behavior prisoners were used to clean and help out in the administrative offices and the living quarters of the warden). We saw nothing when the image was taken and the area was clear of people while I took it.

This picture was taken at the Devil's Den in Gettysburg... On 4-3-05. "There were not any reenactors there at that time. I made for certain that during my trip, I did not take any pictures of anyone dressed in Civil War era clothing because I was there on a ghost hunting trip." (NOTE: the uniform is similar to those worn by West Point Cadets during the period...very odd)

Vampire Fangs - A small glass vial containing two forcibly removed vampire fangs. When St. Numerius would shake this vial the noise would tell nearby vampires that a successful vampire hunter was near.

Unknown photo...owner found in horde of family photos. Quite creepy....


Little Humanoid Video Capture

This controversial video was a cellphone recording back in 2011. You can clearly see the appearance of a tiny creature while the mother was filming his son playing. According to Silvia, the mother, this little creature came out from the kitchen to the garden to escape, leaving behind a foul smell and a slight interference to the cellphone.

The family has always observed that the child was playing and talking to himself in his room and in the corners of the house to nap time, but had never worried because they thought that this was normal with his age. In January 2011, Benjamin was playing as always in the hallway when Silvia noticed a bit of nervousness in and decided to take out her cell phone to record his behavior when he watches "something" running in the background. He thought it was just a field mouse (very common in the area) ... but then she saw the actual creature after slowing the video down. She panicked and called her husband, who was at work at that time. Several years had passed and they kept this secret until today, they decided to show this evidence for the world to see on the Internet for dissemination, while still respecting anonymity of the child and their entire family.

Things did not end there ... Benjamin (now already 5 years old) is still "playing" with these entities over the years. The family had to endure the presence of these "Elves" while they may not seem aggressive, the smell they leave is unbearable and sometimes by night gives them chills.

DUENDE REAL! en Santa fe-Argentina 2014 or cut / paste


You Awake?

This year, I started college, and in doing so, I got a roommate. My roommate is a great guy, and we've been friends since kindergarten.

However, like any human being on the face of the earth, living with him isn't always easy. We're four weeks in and some of his habits get on my nerves.

Nothing major, really, occasionally he'll play music too loud or leave clothes lying around, but nothing I can't deal with.

Except for this one habit he has: most nights, when I'm just about to drift off to sleep, (eyes closed, barely conscious. You get the picture) he'll just ask, "Hey, man, you awake?" ... "Dude?" ... "Hey, you up?"

I never respond. Because i never see a need to. If it's important, he'd wake me. If not, i can just remain comfortable.

After 4 weeks at college, I decided to head home over the weekend for a visit. I had a good time until last night. I was just about to drift off to sleep when my roommate asked, "Hey, are you still awake?" I looked at the clock and saw 2:21. Needless to say, I was a bit pissed off. I decided to actually voice my complaints, so I instinctively turned on the light to tell him in no uncertain terms to shut the hell up.

I sat up and immediately realized what was wrong: why on earth would my roommate be in my room? He's in our dorm room... Two hours away.

I went pale at the sight of my empty room, and I heard the voice again, this time closer: "I'll see you in the morning" -


More Lake Windermere Nonsense

A relative of the Loch Ness Monster has allegedly been caught on camera in England's Lake District.

Photographer Ellie Williams had been taking photographs of the wildlife around Lake Windermere when upon reviewing the images she discovered that one of them seemed to show a strange humpback creature swimming in the water.

The cryptozoological enigma appeared to possess a long dinosaur-like neck reminiscent of that commonly seen in photographs of the Loch Ness Monster up in Scotland.

"When I set up at Lake Windermere it was business as usual to take some lovely photos of the wildlife around the lake," she said. "When I reviewed all the images I thought it might have been a swan or a goose, as I was looking at the image on my smartphone."

"I'm open to suggestions as to what the creature is."

Critics have argued that the creature in the picture is a hoax because the 'hump' is too pointed, however so far the precise nature of the Windermere monster has yet to be determined. - AOL

NOTE: A Nessie-like creature named Brownessie supposedly inhabits Lake Windermere. In my opinion, the hype is a tourist draw. Every once in awhile someone will claim they encountered Brownessie and the media plays along...Lon


Podcast: Michelle L. Hamilton - Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln's White House - 'I Would Still Be Drowned In Tears"


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