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Monday, September 22, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: More Global Heat Records -- 'I've spoken to Yowies' -- Spiritual Healer Kills Follower...to Bring Him Back to Life

NOAA: More Global Heat Records Fall in August

Federal meteorologists calculated that more heat records were set around the globe last month, including Earth's hottest August. May, June and August all set global heat records this year. Meteorologists said Thursday that the average world temperature in August was 61.36 degrees Fahrenheit (16.35 degrees Celsius), breaking a record set in 1998. August was especially hot in the Pacific and Indian oceans and Africa, but cooler in parts of the United States, Europe and Australia. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration records go back to 1880. The first three-quarters of 2014 are the third warmest on record. NOAA climate scientist Jake Crouch said there's a good chance that 2014 will end up as the hottest year. The world's oceans in August effectively tied last June for the seas' all-time heat record. - NBC News


Spiritual healer arrested after killing follower...to prove that he could bring him back to life

A pir was arrested in Pakistan on Wednesday for killing a follower to prove his claim that he could bring him back to life. A Saddar police spokesman said Muhammad Sabir, a pir of village Mubarakabad in Bahawalnagar, gained popularity over the last five years for his ability to perform ‘miracles’. He said on Tuesday, he announced that he could breathe life back into a dead man.

The pir gave the condition that the victim must be married and have children. Sabir said 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz, a daily wage worker and father of six children, volunteered for the miracle. On Wednesday, Niaz was placed on a table in a square and his hands and legs were bound. The police spokesman said Sabir then sliced his throat as people looked on. Meanwhile, an anonymous caller informed the police about ‘the miracle.’

The spokesman said that by the time police arrived, Niaz had died. Witnesses said Sabir uttered some words to bring him back to life. They said when he realized his ‘miracle’ had not worked, he tried to flee. He was detained by the villagers and handed over to the police. Villagers told police that he used ask a local pet store to donate birds and dogs so that could save villagers from black magic. They said he sacrificed animals and sprinkled their blood on his followers.

He also asked them to sprinkle it at the entrance of their houses to be protected from evil. A report against the cleric has been lodged in Saddar police station. The body of the victim was taken to a hospital for an autopsy and later handed over to the family for burial. Samina, sister of the victim, said that her brother had sacrificed himself for the spiritual leader. “Why should I mourn when I know that my brother is in heaven?” she said. “He will be rewarded for his services for the spiritual leader in afterlife.” She said her brother had volunteered for the miracle and that the pir should not have been arrested. - Tribune


Yowies: 'they're out there I've spoken with them'

Tony Duffy's claim to have met yowies puts him in surprisingly good company.

Former Queensland senator Bill O'Chee was one of more than a dozen people, including fellow high school students and teachers, who claimed to have seen such a creature at a Springbrook camp site in 1977.

It was, Mr O'Chee said "an immensely powerful creature" and he later told a documentary interviewer: "Basically we saw a yowie, but we didn't know what they were at the time.

"We saw a sort of hairy, ape-like thing that probably would have stood about eight feet tall," he said. Read more at Gympie Time


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