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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Celestial Offerings

The following allegory was forwarded to me in 2004. I didn't have any notes attached to the email, so I have no idea from where or from whom it came. Nonetheless, I believe there is an optimistic message attached to it:

In 1992, I had what some people would refer to as a near-death experience. I had fallen on the stairs in my college dorm and lay on the landing, badly bleeding from my head. My roommate found me only because he was on his way back to our room after having a fight with his girlfriend. I was rushed to the emergency room where the doctors later stated that I should have died from blood loss.

While being transported to the hospital, I temporarily noticed a bright white light and I could faintly hear one of the paramedics say I should be dead. I lost over 2 pints of blood. I remember trying to say "let me go if it's my time." They were replacing fluids as fast as possible, but I was getting weaker. I eventually passed out.

I woke in the ICU and realized I was still alive...but I had been in a coma for almost a week. I only remember one thing during the time I lay there...a visitation. I'm sure I had been awake during the incident. I recall the room being bathed in neon-like blue light and two tall men looking down on me. They wore bright white jumpsuits with hoods. Their faces were very broad and smooth...their other facial features looked human. I heard one of these beings mention, in English, that "preparation will take some time." That's the last I remember...I must have gone back into the coma.

I remained in the hospital for two more weeks. I had also sustained a simple fracture of my forearm, which was placed in a cast.

After I returned home, everything started to get back to normal. I was back at work and was able to get into a regular routine. A few weeks later, I returned to the doctor's office in order to have the cast removed from my right forearm.

As the doctor was cutting away I felt a strange rush of energy pulse through me. As he pulled the cast and lining away from my arm, there was a two inch long red figure-8 mark on my forearm, located about 4 inches below my elbow. It looked like a tattoo because it was so clear and defined. I asked the doctor what that was. He said, "didn't you have a tattoo done." I never had a tattoo and my roommate confirmed it after I had asked him. I thought that maybe I had forgotten about it because of the head injury.

After a couple of months, the mark didn't fade...and I was starting to get concerned because I was experiencing sharp cramping pains in my right forearm. I went back to the doctor complaining about the cramps. He gave me a muscle relaxer and said it was probably a result of the broken arm and that I was still healing.

As time went by, I eventually moved to another state and got married. We now have two daughters and a very nice life.

A few weeks ago, I temporarily blacked out while arguing with a friend over something stupid. When I woke, the paramedics were there, but I refused to go to the hospital. I felt fine...but I again experienced an odd pulse of energy all over. My friend Jack apologized for the argument but I didn't even acknowledge him...I just told him to leave.

The next morning, I received a call from Jacks's wife. He had died during the night from a massive coronary. The strange thing is that I wasn't even sorry. I felt as if I already knew he would die and that there was no reason to grieve.

Then the other day, I was working in the yard and found a dead sparrow laying in the grass. For some reason, I picked the bird up and looked into it's right eye. I then placed it on the lawn table. My right arm started to ache. I touched the red figure-8 and suddenly the sparrow stirred. What was happening? After a few minutes, the sparrow got to it's feet, It stood on the table and looked at me for several seconds...then flew away.

Every once in a while I wake in the morning thinking that something happened during the night. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm experiencing contact with other beings. I asked my wife about it but she doesn't understand.

The mark on my arm looks the same as it did that day in the doctor's office. I just wish I knew what it means. GB

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