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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Personal Ouija Event

As many of my readers and colleagues are aware, I'm not keen on the use of Ouija sets or spirit boards. Divination tools (tarot, runes, crystals, pendulums, etc.), in my experience, are fairly safe if implemented correctly and cleared of energy after use. But I would still advise that anyone interested in divination first become familiar with the protocol and possible consequences. Seeking guidance from an experienced practitioner is highly encouraged.

With that stated, I strongly bemoan the use of Ouija. There are a few friends and colleagues who disagree with my perception on the subject, but I refuse to modify my stance.

We have all heard or read the horror stories associated with using a spirit board. But regardless of the authenticity of a particular story, there is an underlying truth to the overall practice...actual evil, destruction and malevolent ramifications may result by employing Ouija. It has been my misfortune to have witnessed some of the pitfalls firsthand. Some people may think that the minor event I'm about to describe is merely a coincidence. You may be correct.

During my high school years, I was interested in a variety of spiritual and occult subjects. My heightened sense of intuition was usually on alert and this occasionally got me into a few odd circumstances...especially since I had never shared my empathic ability with friends.

One night I was at a medium-sized party in the club basement of a friend's house. Many of the kids were from other high schools, which wasn't unusual. I had been at this particular house before and my friend's elderly parents rarely interrupted us. I won't lie, there was beer and wine on hand.

I was sitting on the sofa, drinking a beer and talking to a girl I had just met. At the circular coffee table, there were 5 or 6 kids gathered around a Ouija board. This was the mid-1970's and Ouija boards were somewhat popular...in fact, my Dad sold these and other divination items in our family's hobby shop. Most people considered Ouija as benign entertainment. I had other ideas, even back then...but I watched in interest.

I don't exactly remember who or what they were attempting to contact, but it seemed that things were quickly getting out of hand. One of the girls started complaining that someone was whispering in her ear and that someone had grabbed her breasts. It was apparent that she was serious and upset. About the same time, I looked at the face of the guy sitting directly across from this girl. He had a strange grin and was staring directly at her...it seemed like he was going to spring across the table and attack her!

I became alarmed and remember looking at his eyes and saying to myself 'stop...now!' All at once, he shot an evil glance at me...he was really perturbed and his nostrils were flaring! He immediately got up and made his way towards me. The girl I was sitting with saw him coming towards us and screamed. His arms and hands were extended and he attempted to grab me. I was able to maneuver to my right and pull him down on the couch...as I held him, two other guys came to my aid. He quickly calmed down and we let him up. He apologized for attacking me...I could sense he had been influenced by something during the board session.

As we sat and discussed what had happened the girl, who had complained earlier, screamed and pointed above the Ouija board. The planchette was hovering freely about 2 ft. above the coffee table! Everybody ran towards the opposite side of the basement in an attempt to distance themselves from the hovering planchette. My friend and I stood nearby by the bar as I focused on the object. I had no sense of what was causing this amazing anomaly. My friend continued to say 'what is it?'...'what is it?' Suddenly the planchette crashed down onto the board with deliberate force, breaking one of it's legs. The bottles and glasses on the coffee table flew off in all directions. Those kids on the opposite side of the basement made a quick beeline towards and up the stairs...and out the kitchen door. Party over!

I have not disclosed names because some of those kids who attended that party maintain that this event has haunted them...even to this day.

The girl who was attacked during the Ouija board session had a short life. I don't know the intimate details, but I was made aware through other acquaintances that she died during a brutal attack and robbery in Texas in 1987.

I have had sporadic, but continued contact with a few of those people who were there that night. Most of them have had tough lives...at least one swears something evil attached to them that night at the party and harassed them for many years.

It's obvious to me that something malevolent was summoned during that party. I don't know what was said or requested by those participating...but I sincerely believe some of them suffered the consequences.

I have rarely conveyed this personal experience...leaving many of the details out of my narrative. I will disclose that many of the people who have sought my counsel and guidance have had experiences involving spirit boards. Is it coincidence? Possibly...but I have found that circumstances that involve the supernatural are rarely happenstance. Lon

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