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2nd Update: A New Mother's Concern

In January 2010, I received a disturbing email from a new mother who I referred to as Lisa. We corresponded once was a brief followup from Lisa which I received in March 2011, letting me know that her son was doing quite well. Last January 2012 I received another followup email from Lisa. I contacted Lisa by telephone. She was at her office so she may have been more discreet than before. Her demeanor was quite uneasy...she was very concerned that something is seriously amiss in relation to her son's physical and mental well being. She was also worried that some procedure may have been performed on her during the time she was sedated while pregnant. She had a few odd physical changes that I was asked not to least for now. She promised to keep me 'in the loop'...though I felt that she needed to come forward in order to receive extensive medical treatment. She continueed to maintain that her family and I are the only parties with knowledge of her identification and situation.

Tuesday (January 15th 2013) I received another update from Lisa:

Hello Lon - I hope you are doing well. I have been receiving your email newsletter daily and enjoy it.

My situation has changed since I last wrote you. We now live outside Los Angeles, CA. My son is now 3 years old and attends pre-school though it has been difficult because he refuses to join activities that involve the other children. He'd rather sit by himself and draw or read - his reading level has been tested at 3rd grade level and is very accomplished at drawing. He has the ability to draw almost perfect straight lines and circles.

He was being seen by a psychologist who said that he is anti-social, possibly a savant. I totally disagree with this assessment and have decided to have him tested at a local university. The testing includes a full physical evaluation which has me a bit worried. I'm scared that something unusual with be discovered that may lead to more intensive examination. I'm probably be paranoid but I am concerned.

As before he occasionally sits on the floor with his arms folded and stares directly ahead for up to a half hour at a time. I've noticed that his eyes still turn a darker shade of violet but it doesn't last for more than a few minutes. He doesn't make any noise and is impossible to rouse. Afterwards he takes a brief nap. This only happens at home - the pre-school staff has never mentioned this behavior.

If you get a chance, there are a few things I'd like to ask you by phone - not for public consumption. I don't mind you publishing this because I want your readers to offer advice. I look forward to talking to you.

NOTE: I called Lisa today and we discussed a few other odd incidents. I personally feel that Lisa's son may have been influenced by 'others' though I don't want to get too specific at this time...Lon


NEW UPDATE: Lisa called me today. This was our only conversation since January 2013. She noted that her son has been receiving private tutoring and that she plans to home school him.

Lisa is engaged to be married, most likely in Spring 2015. They plan to move to a new home in Washington.

Her son no longer needs naps and is better at interacting with others...but has little patience with children in his age group. He becomes bored with simple games and would rather be involved with more complex activities. He is also reading at an advanced level.

Lisa says that she has not noticed any changes in her son's eye color...still light violet.

She promises to keep me updated as time goes on. Lon

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  1. I have a cousin with violet eyes as well. This is the first I have heard of anyone else besides her with that color of eyes. I wonder if there may be a connection.

  2. To be non-social is not the same as being anti-social.

    She should read the Wikipedia entry on Nikola Tesla-
    more from there if she finds some of what she is looking for.

    He was a unique man-
    most people only see his achievements&public controversies with Morgan,Westinghouse and Edison.

    He perceived his polyphase motor in a vision-
    that motor alone changed the world in ways few people can even begin to imagine.

    Because of his eccentricities,
    he would probably have been so medicated and over-analyzed today that he would prrobably have just ended up a basket case.....

    Tesla had no capacity for "small talk" or social silliness.

    He was not social yet his life was consumed with improving society-
    Which one is really more important?

    I would be glad to communicate with her if possible
    (email not phone-she seems to be troubled enough with just that)if it were possible.

    As an empath,
    I feel for the child-
    the other children don't usually treat
    "outsiders" or "loners" very well.

    It is best to not force such children to conform-
    it is better to help them find outlets where they can express themselves or focus their creative abilities in ways that people except them to spend time alone practicing,
    such as music and art.

    Many well-meaning people try to force them to
    "become one of the boys"-
    forced change is not healthy change.

    Such a child is unique,
    regardless of his mysterious background-
    I know what it feels like.

    When I was younger,
    I would enjoy talking with older children and people because those of my own age tended to bore me.

    As I got older,
    that option disappeared.

    "You cannot make them see if they choose to remain blind and you cannot help it if you are cursed with vision in the land of the blind."
    -Thom Lemmons
    "He Who Wept"

    Thanks for posting,Lin-

    and I want to thank her for sharing her story with us-
    because there are so many others struggling with similar challenges,
    albeit not identical.

    The loneliness tends to exacerbate or amplify the perplexity....
    at lest,it usually feels that way..

    1. PS
      Sorry for the Spellcheck typos,Lon-
      I did not proofread close enough.


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