Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Search of Champ

Our congrats to our friend Champ Search researcher Katy Elizabeth on her recent appearence on In Search of Aliens. Katy has tirelessly investigated the legendary 'Champ' since her personal encounter with the cryptid. You can purchase her books here --> Water Horse Of Lake Champlain and Water Horse Of Lake Champlain II (Volume 2)

Here is a recent article about Katy and her work:

Champ Search founder Katy Elizabeth Huling says the Lake Champlain monster has already been sighted several times this summer.

Huling was in Port Henry and Addison, Vt., recently to sign copies of her new book, “Water Horse of Lake Champlain II,” which she co-authored with Champ expert Dennis Hall of Panton, Vt.

Huling said she and Hall have been looking for Champ both from shore and by boat this summer.

“I’m always out on the lake,” Huling said. “I’ve been out all summer looking for Champ.”

The Exeter, R.I., resident said she spends most of her summers on Lake Champlain looking for the creature.

She said Hall’s Champ Quest group was inactive for awhile, and no one else took up the Champ mantle.

“It’s been dead. No one was doing it.”


There were a few sightings so far this summer in Button Bay, Vt., Huling said.

“There was a sighting near Charlotte, Vt. A woman with binoculars saw a large head pop up.”

That was at the end of June, she said.

“We’ve heard of a few other sightings,” Hall said. “A man said he saw a giant eel swim under his boat near Button Bay.”

Hall said they watched from Button Bay near Vergennes, Vt., in late July and saw Champ from the shore.

“It was the third time we saw something this year,” Hall related. “One of them came to the surface and shot into the back bay.”

Huling said she was so excited she couldn’t move.

“I looked to the left, and said, ‘wow, what was that,’” Huling said. “A dark-colored hump came up in Button Bay, three feet out of the water.”

She said the creature was about 15 feet long.

Huling said she last saw Champ in 2012, also in Button Bay.

“I’ve been interested in Champ since I was 7,” she said.

She and Hall have been going out on a boat and scanning the lake with a hydrophone and a fish finder.

“The hydrophone picks up anything underwater,” Huling said. “And I have an underwater camera.”

Huling said she’s featured on a History Channel program called “In Search of Aliens,” to be shown later this year.

Hall said he’s seen Champ numerous times over the years. He said his exploits were cut short a few years ago when a heavy beam fell on him while he was working as a carpenter, but he’s almost recovered now.


Many witnesses have reported seeing a multi-humped creature surface and dive in the 109-mile-long lake. Theories range from a large sturgeon to a prehistoric throwback called a plesiosaur.

Champ has been spotted in Lake Champlain for hundreds of years, Hall pointed out, so it’s likely something is out there.

Hall said he’s been showing Huling the best places to watch for Champ.

“I want her to start where I left off,” Hall said. “I disagree with the plesiosaur theory. I no longer search for Champ — I found them. Now I go out and observe.”

Huling runs the nonprofit Champ Search organization, which filled in the vacuum when Hall’s Champ Quest was put on hiatus due to his injuries.

She said she thinks she knows why so many Champ witnesses never took a photo.

“The goal of my group is to keep them (Champ) protected,” Huling said. “When you see it your heart starts beating fast. You’re so fascinated by its movement you don’t reach for a camera.”

Hall said construction of the new Champlain Bridge at Crown Point may have forced the creatures to move their habitat.

“They’ve (Champ) moved 7 miles north toward the deepest, coldest part of the lake,” Hall said.


After two years on hiatus, Port Henry’s Champ Day returned this year to celebrate the possible existence of the lake creature.

“We experimented with some new ideas,” Moriah Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tim Bryant said. “We had a lot of success with the cardboard boat races and with the 3-on-3 basketball tournament in respect to participation and positive feedback.

“There was always the intention to bring Champ Day back as soon as we felt the chamber and community were ready for it. About two months ago, several groups approached me with their own project and events, so in June we decided not to wait and pull it together.”

He said the fabric of the event was changed, with the main site moved from downtown Port Henry to the Bulwagga Bay Town Beach and Campground.

“In the past Champ Day was more streetfest/retail-oriented. We are looking to move this more in the direction of active events and cultural programs that help us bring the community together. We especially want to develop events that families do together, thus the cardboard boat race and the 5K run/walk.”

Champ Day is traditionally held the first Saturday in August.

Huling and Hall signed books recently from a table under a canopy outside Champ’s Trading Post in West Addison, Vt.

“We were busy all day,” Huling said. “Some people stopped just to talk to us.”


Trading Post owner Lorraine Franklin said Huling is a popular author at the store.

“We were thrilled to have Katy return. She’s a true Champ expert and she’s so much fun.”

Huling said she recently recorded some unusual underwater sounds while out on the lake and plans to analyze them.

“I’m excited to use the new equipment,” Huling said. “If we find anything it could be another book. I keep a journal of everything I do.”

Some of the best dates to look for Champ this year, based on previous reports, are Aug. 20 to 24 and Sept.18 to 22, Hall said.

“There are better opportunities now to see it than ever before,” Hall concluded. “They’re not that elusive.” - PressRepublican

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