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Daily 2 Cents: Starving Wolves Attack Chinese Village -- Message on the Mirror -- Can ‘Earth-Killer’ Asteroid Be Stopped?

Starving Wolves Attack Village In China

A pack of starving wolves surrounded a small farming community in China this week and attacked the six people living there, injuring two of them seriously.

The attack happened shortly after midnight and has shocked many as it was previously thought that wolves steered clear of humans. After the people living on the farm managed to flee, the wolves attacked farm animals killing several.

For a pack to attack a residential building and six people is reportedly unheard of at least in Altay village in north-western China's Xinjiang region where two people were hospitalised. Injuries included a bitten off ear and bites and scratches to the face, neck and chest.

The animals have apparently been driven mad by hunger caused by the worst drought in decades in the region where the average rainfall was down by a third affecting nearly a million hectares of crops. Hundreds of thousands of farm animals have also been left without water and the economic damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

The drought has brought near disaster to the Ili River valley that has seen no rainfall in what is the worst drought in 60 years. Many of the animals that the wolves might have otherwise fed on have died from lack of food and the animals have reportedly been sent mad with hunger. - Austrian Times


Message on the Mirror

The following is a creepy account on

I made a throwaway account to post this because i just dont feel safe doing so through my original account. This predicament i've gotten myself into started about two weeks ago, while I was at work.

I work at a small convenience store, the only one in my town. My town is small and boring, with a population of around 55,000. The neighboring city, has a population double that, and is more densely populated, with a city center and multiple apartment complexes. I was just about to end my shift when a girl walks in. I automatically recognized her as an older sister of a friend of mine, Lyle. For the sake of my friend and his family, lets just say her name is Amanda. I'll explain why her name's changed later, but i need to explain everything in order for it to make sense.

I hadn't seen Amanda in 2 years. When I went over to Lyle's, she'd be in her room writing or on the back patio drawing, or she'd be watching TV. One day, I noticed she had a slightly scary looking dude over, but I have trouble remembering what he looked like. The next time I saw her she looked terribly ill, but I didn't mention it to Lyle. I didn't see much of her after that.

Amanda was skinnier than when I'd first seen her, her ripped, dirtied jeans hanging loosely on her hips. She was wearing a thin pullover, which went well with the ripped jeans in the notion that it was also ripped and dirtied. I would have questioned the heavy clothing in summer, but it was raining, so i brushed it off. Her hair looked unwashed, greasy. She had dark circles under her eyes and a noticable shake, like she was constantly chilly. She didn't recognize me, which didn't surprise me as we'd talked, at the most, twice, both simple greetings as I entered Lyle's place.

She came up to the counter, arms folded. The store was around 65, not cold for me but maybe for her. She pulled a lighter from the tray we have on the counter and placed it towards me. "One dollar, please." She dug around in her pockets, the sound of coins shaking seeming to bring her forward to reality a bit. She just dropped a bunch of dimes and two quarters on the counter and left. At this point I was a tad bit weirded out, but didn't say anything and tried my best to forget the moment. A few minutes later, my shift was over and I left.

As I said goodbye to Charley, the guy who came relieve me, I walked outside. We have benches outside the store, and guess who had sat there for a few minutes? Amanda, smoking a cigarette. I thought it was strange, as she'd never came off as the type to smoke, but she had graduated two years ago anyways, so who cares, its her decision. As I lit my own cigarette, a car pulled up into the lot. She got up and got to the car, leaning against the door as the window rolled down. It was dark in the car but i could hear a guy's voice, deep but soothing, telling her something. I missed most of the conversation, but I did hear the word "hit". I guess Amanda had fallen into drug use. I shrugged it off and walked off as she hopped in the car.

I had went home and was playing some TF2, with Lyle and a few friends on a skype chat, when Lyle abruptly left. No "goodbye", no "my mom's calling me", no nothing. He does that though. I left soon after as the friends were Lyle's and I had nothing to talk about. I went on reddit, went to tumblr, then dozed off. I remember the moom shining through my window. The clouds had dissipated, the rain gone. Nice and quiet.

I woke up and I went along with my day, went to work, went home, played video games, and went to sleep, I called, and Lyle sounded fucking awful. Through deep breaths and short sobs, I finally got him to explain what had him so down. He was vague, and only said he was at the police station with his mom and younger brother. I didn't get to ask why, because I got another call. I told him I had to go, and he immediatly hung up.

I answered the call, and it was a detective. I needed to come down to the station for questioning. They had already sent a squad car to my house, which I thought was a tad bit too much, but now I understand why.

When we arrived, the officer who had picked me up made it clear to me I wasn't in trouble, and he escorted me down to a room for questioning. This is where I explain why I'm not giving out Amanda's real name, and I'm gonna keep this part short.

The officer left, and after a minute a man in a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black tie with manila file came in to talk to me. I was cranky now, mostly at the fact i had no idea why the fuck i was being questioned and what for, as the escort cop didn't elaborate. The detective pulled out a picture of Amanda from the manila file, and asked me if I knew her. I said yes and asked why.

"Well, Mr.xxxxx, you were the last one to see her alive."

My throat tied up.

"We found her body near a torched car on a trail near the (neighboring city) quarries."

My heart dropped.

"We have security footage from your place of work that shows you leaving at the same time as when she enters the car we had found torched. Now, my question for you is, did you see who was driving the car?"

My stomach was in knots.

I stammered out that it was dark inside the car, but that it was a man driving. The detective's eyes narrowed.

"Listen, we're looking for a suspected killer, and anything at all you could have seen would put us in the right direction to finding the driver."

I felt awful. I couldn't remember anything. I told the detective about hearing "hit" and that Amanda hadn't looked well when she came into the store. The detective let me go, but he didn't seem happy. I walked past Lyle's family on the way out. I didn't make eye contact. Lyle's mom was crying and Lyle held his brother. They didn't notice me. I didn't want them to.

This is, sadly, only the tip of the iceberg I fear. Yesterday, I awoke in a cold sweat around 4 to the sharpest crack of thunder I had ever heard. I went into the bathroom to take a piss when I glanced at the mirror.

Someone had written in sharp, black ink:

"Wrong place, wrong time"

I lost focus and control of my legs. I awoke to more thunder, around 15 minutes later. Why I passed out for that long, I don't know. I don't know what any of this means, other that the fact that someone came into my house. I have a terrible feeling this is connected to Amanda, but I don't want to go there.

UPDATE: Ok, very funny, but whoever did something to my account and posted these two comments
Or he lives near by
Or a demon who loves a game and needs a friend
I want you to stop. This isn't a joke. A girl is dead. Stop.


Potential ‘Earth-killer’ asteroid can be stopped

A huge fast-moving space rock has the potential to bring about the apocalypse in the year 2880.

Despite it still being several centuries out, scientists have been attempting to learn as much as possible about asteroid 1950 DA which, with a diameter of 3,280 feet and a speed of 37,900 miles per hour, would cause untold devastation were it to actually hit us.

With the chance of a collision estimated to be around 1 in 4000, the highest of any known asteroid, the force of the impact would be the equivalent of 44,800 megatons of TNT exploding all at once.

"Following the February 2013 asteroid impact in Chelyabinsk, Russia, there is renewed interest in figuring out how to deal with the potential hazard of an asteroid impact," said Dr. Ben Rozitis.

The key to stopping asteroid 1950 DA could lie in its remarkably fast rotational speed which by all rights should have torn it apart by now. Scientists believe that the space rock is being held together by interparticle cohesive forces which means that even a small impact on its surface may be enough to break it apart while it is still far out in space.

"Understanding what holds these asteroids together can inform strategies to guard against future impacts," said Dr. Rozitis. Read more at NY Post


Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality.

I have begun on this path in order to use universal healing energy to benefit myself and others.

I will be adding my experiences to this page as I move towards a gateway to non-ordinary reality. Lon

Astral Perceptions Universal - Shamanic Journey



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