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Daily 2 Cents: Hooper Bay Bigfoot -- Is My Daughter Being Abducted? -- My Eyes Change Color...

Hooper Bay Bigfoot

On July 4, 2014, around 8:30 am, I rode down to the beach on my ATV below Hooper Bay to check for driftwood. Within 20 minutes or so, I got to the big rotten walrus that had beached earlier this spring on the southside of the Nuvuk Spit.

When I was about 300 yards or so away, I saw something bobbing up and down from each side of the super-sized walrus (probably due to the stomach being bloated). The walrus is decaying and rotting. The right arm bone is showing with the meat rolled down from being rotten. About five days earlier, I had seen a raven picking on the walrus and figured that was it until I got closer and realized it wasn't a raven.

I stopped and spent a half-hour or more waiting to see what it was. Whatever it was, it stayed behind the walrus, with its head bobbing. Maybe it was bobbing its head to see over the walrus to see if I was still there, or maybe it was bobbing his head while it was eating the rotten meat from the walrus. But I could not tell what it was until it finally stood up.

When it did, its left leg came out first and stood up real easily on the right side of the walrus. It was huge, very tall and dark, but its legs seemed somewhat brownish. Its body was very broad and muscular. It stood up with its legs semi-apart and fists clenched and I could see knobby knees. Its hair seemed raised on its upper body. We stared at each other for five long minutes or more. It looked like it was challenging me.

It was unusual for anyone to stand there so long as it did just looking at me. He was standing erect and seemed larger and bigger than any people that I have seen fishing in the area before. If it wore clothing I could have seen colors of his coat or clothes. He finally turned his head to look down at the walrus and started walking northerly along the beach. He took long strides as he walked.

At first I figured he was still a person and was going to his boat, but there wasn't any boat or ATV nearby. When he got to a big log, he picked it up real easily and started walking back to the walrus. He seemed to walk a little slower with the log.

That's when I finally remembered I had a camera – I took it out and began to take video of it, even though I was getting terrified and every sense of my body was in a fleeing mode. But I stayed since it didn't seem to mind me too much of my being there.

Almost right away, I couldn't take any more video as my card got full, but I watched it a few minutes longer as he reached the walrus and saw him use the log as a lever to try and turn over the walrus. (A live walrus weighs 4,000 pounds, so a dead one must weigh 1,000 to 2,000 pounds.) And I didn't want to get closer because the ground between me and the creature was really rough and if I had to run away even in my ATV, the ground would slow me down.

One funny thing about this is he didn't even ask for help or assistance – and I knew that walrus was old and rotten which no human would touch or consume. Only the seagulls and ravens had picked on it. No person would never attempt to salvage very bad meat from long-dead animals as this thing was trying to do.

Then it began to get visibly frustrated being unable to turn the large rotten walrus over with the log, although I didn't hear any sounds or noises from the creature. I knew the sand was soft and soggy there and the tide was starting to come in. Finally I decided to get out of there seeing his demeanor changing with each unsuccessful try at turning the big walrus over, and I was getting too terrified of it. I didn't want to stick around no more. I cautiously left the area looking back constantly to be sure I wasn't followed by it. I could still see him using the log and working on turning that walrus over.

When I got further along and could see it no longer I felt safe enough to pick up some driftwood on the way out. I got a small load of driftwood and went on back home, being glad that everything turned out good even with whatever it was I saw that morning.

The next day on July 5 – this time taking my shotgun along – I went down to the old walrus but the creature was gone. I decided to check the rotten animal and found it to be about 3.7 feet high and the creature was much, much taller than that. I also found a small steak knife stuck into the meat but nobody cuts up seals or walruses with such knives. This creature apparently had found the knife from somewhere and learned how to use it. There was a good-sized piece cut off from the neck area, about a foot and a half by a foot wide. The meat was ruggedly cut with a lot of cut marks. It smelled very terribly – people in Hooper Bay wouldn't be touching that stuff.

I took the knife and stored it in a ziplock. It's really smelly and stings your nose due to the odor. I looked for the log the creature had used but had no luck finding it. Maybe it floated back out to the ocean with the tide.

Later that day at the post office, I learned from a cousin and her husband that while clamming in a nearby area they came upon large footprints. Another person told me he had found unusual footprints that had toenail or claw marks and when he compared them with his own size 10 shoes, they were bigger by 5 inches, more or less. He had been fishing for humpies, but when he found the tracks he upped and took off for home.

After the sighting, I told fellow Hooper Bayers about the creature. In hindsight, maybe I should have kept this to myself, but I wanted the community to become aware of other beings and creatures that live with us. There are creatures out there. My grandmother instilled in my mind daily when I started hunting around eight-years-old, saying to me, "Do not ever panic when you encounter something that is strange." She told me, "One of these days, now that you are traveling to the wilderness, you will meet creatures that live with us, but they don't trust people". - Delta Discovery


Is my daughter being abducted?

The following events have taken place over the last few months. I will break the initial discovery’s into a few different parts until caught up to real time.

Dad, do you get to see space too?

This is a question my daughter proposed to me shortly before turning 4 last June. I gave her the standard dad answer of something along the lines of, “sure, we can all see it every night if you look up at the sky”. She looked kind of confused as one would expect of a child so young, so I asked her what she meant about seeing space. She replied, “like I do, with the little men, in their airplane.” Uh, what? Little men, in their plane flying around space? After some more directed questions I gathered that my daughter believes she has met, and traveled with other beings or “little men” away from Earth and into space. What kind of 3 year old comes up with this stuff? My initial reaction after our conversation was to tell her that it was probably just dreams she was having and that she must have a great imagination. I mean seriously, what kind of almost 4 year old comes up with that stuff. Part of me wanted to look into this a bit further, but my day to day schedule generally keeps me to busy to research children who come up with outlandish stories about traveling around space with little men. I honestly didn’t have any Idea where to start so I let it go.

A little family background. I have been married for almost 10 years to my wife Jen, we have 2 girls, Ava the story teller, and our infant Penelope. We have a sweet little mutt, Ben, and a beta fish. Names are changed for obvious reasons. I have a great job that provides the opportunity for my wife to be a stay at home mom, and do stay at home mom things, whatever those are. We go to parks, minor league baseball games, the beach, museums, and visit relatives when we have time. In other words, we are a pretty normal wolf pack. Some side info on myself, before we had children I was an enlisted Marine who served three tours in Iraq. I learned to speak Arabic on a basic working level. I can read and speak on roughly the level of a 7 year old (This comes into play later on in the story).

Fast forward a few weeks to June 14, 2014. As of June 6th My daughter is a newly minted, very intelligent, mouthy, seemingly normal 4 year old. She likes to ride horses, play with her friends, watch Netflix kid’s shows, and jump on our trampoline. After a fun filled Saturday evening with friends and pizza, my wife bathed the girls, and I took on the ritual duty of tucking in Ava. Normally she needs 3-4 books, a story, and a back rub to fall asleep. That night was different . When I came up stairs she was already in bed, covers up to her chin, with an eerily serious look for a child her age. This made me laugh, she has a great sense of humor. I asked her what books she wanted to be read tonight.

Her: None, I have to go to sleep now.

Me: Okay little miss serious, but not even a back rub?(thinking, ok easy night, wonder if there is a ball game on…)

Her: I’m supposed to be sleeping when the men come to fly me to space.

Me: Okay, well enjoy your flight and see you in the morning.

Her: Just Go dad! (Still with the stone cold serious face)

Me: Fine ,fine, but one last thing, when does your airplane leave?

Her: 1:00 dad… (This is actually the first time my daughter intelligently referenced a clock time, It didn’t really strike me as odd though)

Me: well goodnight , love you peanut.

For shits and giggles I made a mental note to set my phone for 0045 and to check on both kids when I get up to have a midnight snack. I also asked my wife if she had noticed any differences in Ava’s attitude lately and brought up the no books, or back rub thing. Jen reassured me it is probably just a phase and that I should to let it go, no biggie. I have yet to mention the whole space traveling and little men issue with Jen as it hasn’t made it to far up the priority list yet. Monday I have a long flight to the East coast for an acquisitions meeting that I still need to prep for.

After flicking through all the channels I like, (seriously, why does History Channel no longer offer anything of interesting historical value?) I turned the T.V. off, crunched through some PowerPoint stuff for Monday, and was in bed by 10:30.

0045: I’m awakened by my phone. Momentarily forgetting why I set the alarm I laid back and blankly stared at the ceiling. Once the cobwebs cleared I got up and went to check the doors. All locked. Checked outside, no spaceships insight. So far so good. It’s to the pantry for a spoon of honey roasted peanut butter which is my go to midnight snack, and then I’ll go up and check the kids.

0055: Walking upstairs things seem off, odd, different, un naturally quiet. Where is Ben the mutt who usually sleeps in the kid’s hallway? Why can’t I hear the filter and aerator for our fish tank? For some reason I begin to feel fear, I ran two steps at a time up the rest of the stairs. What am I 4? Am I letting my imagination get the best of me? Did the lights in the street just go out? As I approach Ava’s door, which is never closed, but is now, I get an overwhelming feeling of fear, sadness, and emptiness all in one. It’s hard to explain what I felt, but imagine being almost physically handicapped by your emotions. It was similar to sleep paralysis. I could hear, and see, but I couldn’t will myself to move, I was overcome by fear. I was stuck but 2 feet from Ava’s door. Everything inside me said go back to sleep, go to bed, “GO AWAY!” WTF was that voice? Was there somebody in my house, I began slowly backing up to the bannister, and slowly backing down the stairs. Go away? The further I got from Ava’s door the better I felt. But where did that voice come from? It sounded so un natural, was it even english? By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I was able to turn and run back to our room, through the living room, then the kitchen, and down the hall to the master suite. With out a second thought I grabbed my HK USP .40 as quietly as I could and began to clear the house methodically, just as I had practiced when we moved in. When I got to the base of the stairs I could not will myself to go up. It’s not that I didn’t want to go up, I did, I just couldn’t physically make myself do it. I stood there for at least five minutes. God I’m such a bitch. After finding nothing downstairs, overly confused, and on the downside of an adrenalin rush, I decided to return to my bedroom. When I got in bed and glanced at my wife’s alarm clock, it was flashing 12:00. My poor daughter.

0800 on June 15. I’m awakened by my wife singing as loud as possible to some new song about just being brave and the smell of bacon. I love bacon. I get out of bed and stretch like an old dog only to recall having a nightmare about somebody being in our home but I can’t recall any details. Crazy ass dreams. Our infant is with mom, and Ava is still in bed. Shit, Ava, space, somebody in house. The nights events all came flooding back to my memory. I ran through the kitchen on the way upstairs and my wife is asking me to reset all the clocks...fuck...its real, remembering the fear I felt the night before I got to Ava's door I stopped. The door was shut. I froze. What do I do. Do I get my wife, do I let her in on the whole story? Do I just say fuck it? Yep, I said a little prayer and opened the door. Ava was sitting on the floor playing with her little horse figures and farm setting toy that her grandparents got for Christmas. I looked down at her and said nothing, I was overjoyed that she was here and playing and just being a normal kid. Maybe it was just a dream, maybe we had a storm knock the power out, there was a 50% forcast for showers afterall. I asked her how she slept, she said “fine daddy, can I have the fruity loopy cereal today? of course my perfectly normal little princess . As Ava got up to leave she grabbed something from her bed. "They left this paper for you daddy."

As my daughter walked down stairs to eat she handed me a small red paper with black writing on it. Instantly my body was covered in goose bumps and I was lost for words, written in perfect Arabic on the paper was a single sentence that would instantly send any parent into panic. - Reddit.com


My Eyes Change Color...

Waco, TX - 2002-08-29: I was in my dorm room sleeping at the time. I’m more or less sensitive to the supernatural so at first I thought it was a spirit. However, I started to see bright flashes of rainbow colored light. Then I couldn’t move or open my eyes. I started to float above my bed. I was scared at first; it felt like I was lying on a metal slab. Then I felt my body relax and went unconscious. I don’t know how long it lasted and I kept slipping in and out of consciousness. When I wake up in my room the next morning I thought I was all a strange dream, until my fellow classmates started telling me my eyes change colors. I have naturally dark eyes, so it’s pretty noticeable on these occasions when they change.

What did they do to me? - MUFON CMS


Manned Moon Mission to Cost Russia $2.8 Bln – Space Research Institute

A manned mission to the Moon will cost Russia 100 billion rubles (about $2.8 billion), Igor Mitrofanov, laboratory director at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Space Research Institute said Sunday.

“An estimated cost of one project aimed at the development of an automatic lunar station is 10 billion rubles (about $280 million). The project is to be completed in five or six years. The manned lunar mission will cost ten times more,” Mitrofanov told reporters during the COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Moscow.

He elaborated that prior to the manned flight it is necessary to “learn to conduct the Moon landing all over again,” and automatic lunar stations are needed for this purpose.

According to Mitrofanov, one of the Space Research Institute’s partners is currently developing three stations called Luna-25 (Luna-Glob project), Luna-26 and Luna-27 under the Luna-Resource project.

He elaborated that Luna-25 and Luna-27 are landers aimed to run for one year, whereas Luna-26 is an orbiter, which will monitor the Moon for two years.
Mitrofanov stressed that within the next ten years lunar bases will likely to be created.

A mission to the Moon has become one of Russia’s top priorities in space. Russia plans to launch three lunar spacecraft — two to surface and one to the orbit — by the end of the decade.

The first mission, the long-delayed Luna-25, is slated for launch in 2016 and land at the Moon’s South Pole. The next two missions will include an orbiter to monitor the Moon in 2018 and a lander with a drill to search for water ice in 2019. - en.ria.ru



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