Friday, July 18, 2014

The 'Bald Men'

Their story was presented on 'Primetime Live' in 2009...but not long after, their harrowing encounters became part of ufology lore. Two twin sisters, Audrey and Debbie Hewins reported regularly encountering aliens since they were as young as five years old. They claimed they would see a light and then aliens would enter their room (wearing capes) and take them aboard their ship. The girls had their own nickname for the aliens...'the bald men':

After 40 years of being taken aboard an extraterrestrial mothership, always at night and pulled through solid objects such as walls and doors, twin sisters Audrey and Debbie say they have met their hybrid offsprings and things are going to change throughout the world.

Both women say their genetics were being altered from age 8 in preparation for artificial insemination of the alien species' sperm. They state that their bodies are no longer absolute human but instead hybridized and they can resist all earthly diseases. They have never had the flu since their first abduction at age 8.

They say they can also breathe under water and capable of releasing their souls to fly around the entire Earth. They also note that they are not alone, that there are hundreds of thousands like them whose genes were modified to be superior to standard homo-sapient.

Debbbie states:

"the goal is to create a work force that will produce everything for the wealthy families around the world and give up organs as they are needed by sick wealthy individuals" "bodies will be harvested for parts essentially." "They will have a united world army that will continuously snatch people at will and bring them to Texas, and the strong healthy bodies, young of course, will be the preferred selections."

"We met our kids on a recent pickup, we no longer call it 'abduction' because we are now family of these people, and we were really freaked out at their enormous size" "I mean they are about 9 feet tall and heads twice the size of ours." "It was freaky but amazing and wonderful"

"Our ET kids have now grown up and their task is to stop the sinister plans of the global government." "Our kids have super powers that you just have never seen." "I watched Bosti, that's the name they gave my son, fly over a mountain and the whole thing just literally crumpled. It was amazing."

The following regression sessions with Audrey Hewins were conducted by researcher Budd Hopkins:

January, 3rd 2007

I can remember some of what happened this night. I lay down to bed around midnight. I would say suddenly I got the familiar hee-bee gee- bee feeling. I knew this feeling all to well. I was very scared and tucked myself tightly under the covers. I had my window opened a crack because my room gets really hot. Suddenly the shade started making a noise as if wind was coming through briskly. I was terrified and ran to the window and slammed it closed, then jumped back under the covers and hid. At that point I decided not to hide; I wanted to "see" what I had dreaded for as long as I could remember.

I knew they would be arriving soon. Suddenly I snapped up as if awoken, my legs were tingling and going numb, and I could hear the familiar steady buzzing sound, like a generator sounds in the distance. My room began to fill with a pale blue/white light, and what appeared to be vapors of the same color. I could no longer move any thing but my eyeballs and was terrified. I then closed my eyes tightly in fear and started to feel the familiar touches on my bed and blankets. I then reopened my eyes to find 2 black hooded beings to my left by my bedroom door, another at my right shoulder, and one at the end of my bed.

I panicked. My heart felt like it was going to explode. Some how I managed to move, and was able to grab the being on my right by the throat. When I touched him I heard in my mind "watch out for the mother". It was then that I let go and actually made it to my door, fighting the paralysis and trying to scream. I opened my bedroom door to find one waiting on the other side. That's when they swarmed me. I felt a pain like electrocution. The next thing I felt were touches all over me and the feeling of being lifted up. Then I woke in bed with the buzzing numbness feeling taking longer than usual to fade from my body.

January 20th, 2007

Ok, here we go again. It's the same hee-bee gee-bee feeling as before. This time I was ready, or tried to make myself believe I was. Here come the lights and the room filled again with the blue white light and vapors.

This time I wanted to see how they came in. I could feel a presence and concentrated on the energy. It was at this time when I noticed they were "in" the energy somehow, waiting in the shadows, sneaking around. They saw that I saw them, and would quickly move out of my vision disappearing back into the energy field as if trying to stay invisible to me. I was on to them and chased them around the room with my mind and my eyes, soon to find out they frown on this.

Suddenly the same being I grabbed by the throat last time came out of nowhere and hit me on the right side of my head. Then, after an extra "juicing of energy", I was being lifted again. This time when I awoke in bed I was not neatly and nicely tucked in. I was naked above the covers upside down as if tossed back to bed.

I can remember a field of long yellow grass, with ships every where, dropping and picking up people. There is an abandoned farm house in the distance, boarded up, and the porch collapsing. I saw a little boy being lifted and grabbed his leg but could not hang on to him.

February 2nd, 2007

Ok round 3. I know now, before I even get into my bed, that they are coming to get me. I was waiting for them this time. I now lay in bed and start speaking out loud. "Come on guys, can we please just get this over with?? I know you are here, the energy fills my room." I talk to them and tell them I am really going to try not to be scared but they are scary mother fuckers!!!! I can't help my natural reaction of fear. I then ask them to please not hurt me this time. I will cooperate, and that I will do my best not to panic.

My legs start to go numb and the twitching starts all over my body. I breathe deeply and tell myself over and over again not to panic. The numbness climbs my spine and the pulsating vapors move my body with every pulse. I close my eyes and am lifted again. I remember being on the ship this time in and out of consciousness. I then see the machine that is sending out the pulses and vapors.

I was surrounded, cocooned if you will, in something green. I could see someone else getting wrapped up the same way. I also see a cow on the ship, a small cow not fully grown, and a human like creature messing with him, not sure doing what. I remember many beings scurrying around doing what seemed to be a hundred different things, all very quickly as if pressed for time.

I can remember 3 of us cocooned, all green in color. Then that's when they realize I am watching. I then feel a VERY, VERY painful burning pain in my right butt cheek. The burning travels till my whole body is on fire. I then wake up again, tossed into bed. The clock when I left read 12:28 A.M. When I awoke in bed it read 3:33. My left nostril was throbbing, my left ovary, the only one I have left, seemed to be in pain. My right ring finger had a painful numbness that traveled up my whole arm. I have a sore raspy throat, gassy feeling in my stomach, and right eye pain.

The name Todd stood out in my head and a man's B, one syllable name, Ben, maybe Bruce. I lay there in recovery for a while and got up at 4:30. Then I bitched my ass of to my wonderful friend Matt Moniz, my nose bled steadily all day. - MUFON / Budd Hopkins

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