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Saturday, July 05, 2014

'Shadow People': Intentions & Effects

I recently received the following correspondence & query:

Late Sunday evening, my husband and I were enjoying a nice Indiana summer night by sitting outside talking and having a bonfire when from across the back yard I happened to notice a dark shadow hovering around one of the trees behind my parents home. My husband and I live in a garage apartment about 50 ft away and we were sitting behind that.

There were lights on, enough to see, but nothing to make that kind of large human shaped shadow. I caught it standing there behind one tree, peeking around, and knew it was watching us. I suddenly told my husband about "there's something black over there." I did not have to say spirit or anything because he knew what I meant.

He glanced over to where I was looking and jumped up. He is a believer and very into Native American spirituality even though I am the one who has the full blooded Cherokee great-grandmother. He ran over to where I had seen it and a bit farther around the side of my parents house, then he returned.

I looked at him and said, "Well?"

He stares into the fire strangely, "You can see normal shadows."

I frown, "That was no animal."

He looks at me, "You're right, That was no regular shadow. I felt it too and it's not good. But I chased it away."

I had actually never heard him speak of chasing spirits away before. I was torn between having a sick feeling in my stomach knowing that bad things were coming and feeling safe that my husband had done such a thing.

It was not long before the crap hit the fan. My sister-in-law went into labor on Tues, morning (two days later) and had to have an emergency C-section. Her temp spiked at 108 degrees and the baby's heart rate was 187. They are okay now but it could have a tragedy!!! My husband and I both were secretly terrified. She was taken into the OR around 10PM, and the baby delivered not long after. That was about the time we had seen/felt the shadow person.

On Wednesday night, and I KID YOU NOT, we live out in the country, and a Texas Longhorn cow got out of her pen and was running up and down the road near our garage apartment. My husband and I actually was allowed by the local police officer, who had responded to the call, to HELP round the thing up. This was just about an hour or so later from the time that we had seen and experienced the evil shadow person on Sunday night. The cow had huge horns, and could have easily gorged any of us. She came after my husband and me both several times. We laughed about it at the time, but later I got VERY scared. As long as we have lived here, NOTHING that bizarre has happened, and the police office just let us join in, no questions asked!! I mean, REALLY????

Then on Thursday morning at 6 a.m. we heard fire engines go by. My husband is a professional firefighter but also used to be a volunteer with the town's department we live in. Regardless, he still goes on runs with them now if he happens to be home, even if he isn't on the roster anymore. I jumped up and ran outside and could see smoke bellowing pure black to the south. I have been a FF's wife long enough to know that when you got that much smoke, the structure is probably gone. Well come to find out, the house belonged to my nephew's own Little League coach. Once more I was STUNNED. This was at least not the same time frame but only about six hours later.

So we've seen three bad things happen to people around us, either close in family, to the family/David's work, and in close in location. Guilt is setting in but there is NO WAY on Earth we could have prevented any of these events.

Is it common when one person sees the entity for the spouse to be able to feel it and chase it (or believe they chased it) away? How can one be sure? KR

NOTE: I truly believe this may just be a case of coincidence. If all three of the incidents would have occurred closer to the family and/or involved tragedy, then there may be a connection. Couples can both feel the effects of spiritual energy...good and bad. These 'shadow people' energies are wanderers...searching for favorable locations to occupy. They seem to prefer homes with emotional strife, dysfunction, sick children, elderly in poor health, etc. These beings are a conglomerate of evil and malevolent intent...void of spirit. It's sole ambition is to feed on the subtle energy (or life force) of the particular, those who are too weak to fight back. May I suggest you read Living With 'Shadow People'. For those who need personal advice, I can be contacted at Astral Perceptions - contact Lon

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