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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sasquatch Ritual?

The following email was quite strange and, I felt at the time, needed further investigation. The email was written as a draft including an outline that was added with other notations. It was an odd format...but the information was verified when I contacted the submitter. I was asked to write the commentary since they felt that they were not able to compose a story that would be understood by the readers.

I forwarded a copy of my final composition to DD which was approved. I inquired about the witness' (the cousin) willingness to be interviewed but that notation was rebuffed since the information sent to me was done so without the knowledge of the witness. All specific personal and location disclosure was agreed to be kept in confidence. Here is the transcript:

“During the recent holidays (Christmas 2010) I was able to talk to a cousin who lives in the Pharaoh Lake area in New York. He is a conservationist and an advocate for nature conservation. He recently made a discovery that is fascinating but pains him since the information would most likely lead to Bigfoot hunters decimating wildlife and pristine forests.

While hiking and camping in a fairly remote forest in Essex County, NY (the most specific location he will give) he came across what he describes as a "Sasquatch ritual burial".

One evening while he was making his way back to camp he heard "muffled grunting" coming from his right. His attention was directed toward a thick stand of sugar maple trees. He crouched down behind a large fallen tree and witnessed 3 large hairy bipedal figures...Sasquatch standing around a large tree stump. It looked like a large female who towered above her companions. He estimated that she was 8 foot+ and that the others were about 5-6 feet tall. Each one of the figures was "swaying' and "grunting". This activity continued for almost 10 minutes when they suddenly stopped and started to run in the opposite direction. He was fearful that they had noticed his presence somehow. Since it was now getting dark he decided to continue to his camp and return the next day.

The next morning he anxiously made his way back to the site where he had seen the Sasquatch. When he reached the site he noticed a 4 foot high hollow sugar maple stump with 4 gray squirrel tails attached to the top edge and suspended outside the stump. It looked like a "sort of decoration". He also noticed a terrible stench that reminded him of very strong urine. He looked into the stump - it was empty, but there was some dark fur, a few blood stains and a large piece of old deer hide.

He surmises that the Sasuatch may have "buried" a small child or infant in the stump and that they either came back to move it after noticing him or that a scavenger took it during night.

Do you or others believe that this could have been a Sasquatch 'funeral' or ritual burial?” DD

NOTE: When I originally post this commentary, I received responses from several doubters...but no one was able to offer an alternative reason for the actions of these Sasquatch. Is it possible that Sasquatch conduct spiritual rituals? Any information would be welcomed...Lon

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